2 Awesome Weekends in a Row?!

I dragged through last Friday. It felt like the longest day OF MY LIFE. BUT! They celebrated Jesse (my co-worker) and my birthdays, which made it go by much faster :).

Jesse's and my birthday cake at work :)

I also had a ton of errands to run after work, like buying the hot water hose for the washing machine and the new plug for the dryer from Home Depot. Then I had to buy a blouse, because I was out of clean clothes and had nothing to wear for Jesse’s party that night.

We were late, as always LOL. And almost DIED on the way there. There was a long line of cars that were stopped at a green light on 10th street and we had to stop and then swerve out of the way in like, 2 seconds. I had Emily’s carseat loose in the back and it came flying forward and hit me on the elbow >_<. I was kind of in shock so I didn't feel the throbbing pain till about 15 minutes later! We hung out at Russo's for Jesse's party for a bit with the work peeps and then headed to Longhorn Steakhouse. We sit down, excited to have a drink...only to find out they close in 10 minutes. Oh well. I had a quick Watermelon Margarita which was AWESOME! I'd never had one of those before!

Watermelon Margarita from Longhorn Steakhouse. The BEST!!

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings right after and had a very late dinner >_<. It was super good though; I'd never had the Spinach & Artichoke Chicken on Flatbread! Now I wanna make some at home. But I was doing my research and making Flatbread at home takes AT LEAST 4 hours! I wonder if I can buy some good, healthy flatbread? Mario had the kids that weekend 🙁 and my babe was at work but I managed to keep busy. I cleaned the house, unpacked and organized (I love that everything has its place!), bought groceries, visited Gramma (who is super nearby now :D!), and made the Spinach Artichoke Dip I was contributing to Harvey and Evelyn's potluck going away party. They're a Winter Texan couple who volunteer at the Chamber :). They're leaving for the spring and shall return permanently during summer and they invited a few of us to dinner, aww :). I hurried through the dip and then got in the shower. My babe called that he was on his way home, yayyy! I rushed over to Harvey and Evelyn's, where Michelle, EZ, Maritza and Teo already were. It was nice talking and laughing with my co-workers :). The food was GREAT! And everyone loved my Dip :)!

Potluck going away party for Harvey and Evelyn :)

I left home and then made some lasagna for everyone at home. I had a teeny piece since I’d already stuffed my face at the party. We went to sleep semi-early and tried our hardest to sleep in but NOPE! We were up by 9 and then again at 10 hehe. I made omelets for us and eggs for the boys and Mom. We ran errands at Target, Walmart and Home Depot, did some little home-improvement things here and there and we dug out the bird feeder. I’d bought that fairy bird feeder back in 2001 when I sold Avon!! And I finally had a yard and tree to call my own and hang it from :). Next we need a hummingbird feeder to attract them!

Finally hung up my fairy birdfeeder!

We were cleaning up the yard so we changed…and promptly had a waterhose fight :). I only wish my kiddos had been there to have fun with us, but we will soon :). Mario came to drop off Emily and all the other kids wanted to stay so I told him I’d drop them off :). It’s so nice watching them sprawled all over the house, comfortable, being able to run and play as they please. I’d waited so long to see that :).

My babe’s friend and his son and daughter came over and the kids all played wonderfully together. I made dinner and we sat outside on the patio while the kids played tag and then ate. It felt like time had gone by so quickly; by the time I knew it, it was time to take the kids home :(.

It was such a wonderful weekend :). Jaylen’s birthday was Monday and I got to see him for a bit, but we’ll hopefully celebrate this weekend. This week is a short work-week so I’m keeping the kiddos since Thursday night :).

I passed out last night (those Tostadas I made were so delicious I went into a food coma LOL), and my babe stayed up late assembling our dresser and the last bunk bed ♥. Even though I slept 3 hours, then woke up and showered and slept 4 1/2 more, I felt refreshed, got ready on time and made my babe some breakfast. We had our first next event’s meeting today and had to take the dreaded picture for the paper >_

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