A Bulleted Entry

This will be quick, because it’s almost 1am and I need to shower!

– *Finally* fixed that Flickr album error yesterday. Darn thing!

– Work was interesting. The excitement of the day was a homeless, dressed-too-young elderly lady (no really, you could see her wrinkly buttcheeks =X!) with a shit-ton of belongings trying to get a Marriott hotel shuttle to pick her up…and host her at their hotel. For free. Eventually, she did get a Fairfield shuttle to pick her up. I wish her the best =\. Interested to know what happens to her.

– It started to rain, which is my favorite weather, ever. Not so much my favorite traffic, as everyone flips out and comes to a complete halt on the Expressway. Thankfully, I made it to pick up the kids in one piece.

– Saw a double rainbow on the way to Burger King:

Double rainbow

– Ate with the kiddos and stayed within budget, thank goodness. I had the newish California Whopper and it was SO GOOD! I had asked for the Jr., but the guy charged a Jr. and gave me a huge burger. Eenan helped me with it, though :).

– The kids were hyper so we went to the park to burn off their energy, heh. They were all on the slides, then the swings and then the girls wanted to go for a walk, so we did :).

– Dropped them off with their father. Grandmother. Because Father was nowhere to be found, of course.

– Picked up dinner for my love, who was at home watching the game with his buddies.

– Clipped coupons :).

– Sat outside with the guys while I was on my laptop. Started thinking about the glazed, chocolate & sprinkles Krispy Kreme donut I had around 3pm. And my California Whopper. And the strawberry muffin I had for breakfast with my coffee (which seemed innocent at the time but I didn’t know I’d eat so much other crap throughout the day =\). And the sips of Jorge’s extremely sweet Mango tea. I decided: THAT’S IT, FATTY. Time to get on the ball again. I started watching P90X results videos on YouTube to get hyped up and motivated. Even my babe was watching over my shoulder during commercials and we decided Sunday is the day. Sunday we start FOR REAL. I gotta get the meal plans and videos off my external harddrive and start planning things out. I don’t think we’ll be doing all the videos, since time doesn’t allow, but we’ll incorporate jogging and whatnot. I’m excited :D.

– I jogged/walked on the treadmill for 37 minutes and burned 250 cals while watching “Something Borrowed” :). Love, love, love that movie ♥!

– Did some push-ups and Ab Ripper. Ok–SOME of Ab Ripper. I am severely out of shape! But that’s all gonna change :).

– We got a random knock on the door from PD asking if someone was screaming in our house. I was like, “Wha?? No.” I was out of breath from working out and then Jorge is walking down our extremely long sidewalk from the backyard. The cop shines the light on him and says, “Do you know this man, ma’am??” I say, “Him? Oh, he’s my boyfriend.” And they bombard Jorge with handshakes and ask if anyone lives in the house next door. We say no, people moved out. They ask if the gate is always open like that, we say no. I remember hearing something like a baby crying or a howl while I was jogging, but I thought it was another TV in the house. Really strange.

– Babe came in and told me about his day :).

– And now…it’s 1:14am and I work in the morning and I should be in the shower by I’m HYPER and NOT SLEEPY!!

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