A New Year & Remembering 2004


Hope everyone’s New Year’s Eve/New Year’s were great! I thought we were going to have a crappy, just-like-any-other-day kind of day, but it actually turned out wonderfully. The boys and I lounged around all day, spent some time at Mary’s with her and Bonnie (who’d be sleeping over), and then Mario called at around 6:30 that he was out already. He picked John up and they got here. Mario was feeling really, really sick…he was congested and was beginning to get a fever, so he laid on the couch most of the night . Yazmin was here and had her Elf movie, so we watched that until Cata, Annie and the kids arrived at Mary’s. Mario and John stayed here watching the movie. Mary and Yadira had gone to H-E-B to get the ingredients for Shimp Cocktail & some fireworks and when they got here Yadira and I got to chopping/boiling everything. It was SO good! I need to add that recipe to the site because everyone should try it! The kids all had pizzas, and after eating his Jaylen sat next to me and had a little bowl of shrimp. He loves seafood .

Cata, Annie and their kids left since they were going to spend some time with Annie’s family, too. After stuffing our faces, we gathered the kids, and placed some chairs in a row for everyone to watch the fireworks. Since Mario was sick and indisposed, Mary, Yadira, Noey and I would be lighting the fireworks for the kids. I swear the little tanks had it in for me . I almost got shot in the face at least twice–and that’s because Mary was pointing them the other direction. The kids all had so much fun. Jaylen especially loved the fireworks. I don’t think he had a break at all between the sparklers and the roman candles . During one of the times I was getting a break from lighting stuff, I was sitting next to Yazmin watching the kids. We hear Grandpa mumbling, who was sitting a few chairs away from us. We slowly turn our heads and notice he’s asleep. Everyone else (Yadira, Mary, and Sonia) all knew he talked in his sleep, but Yazmin and I didn’t. He spoke so clearly! He was arguing with someone about how they were causing problems at his house and how he was being passive and calm with them LOL. Then he just stopped and we sat there with our mouths hanging open. Yazmin then whispered, “More Grandpa, more!” LOL. It was quite an interesting story.

After we finished off every last firework, we cleaned up and quickly scurried inside since it was almost time for the morons in the neighborhood to start shooting their guns. Sure, we live way out here in the boonies, but we do live within city limits and shooting is not permitted. There’s so many kids and people out there and then these idiots decide to fire their automatic riles. Yes, we heard an automatic rifle fired twice. The cops even came by because the neighbors reported gun shots. A few people got killed last year sometime (not in our city, but somewhere else…Donna?) because of stray bullets falling into their homes…don’t they learn??

We chilled out for a while and right at 12am Mario and I kissed Happy New Year (well, I kissed him on the cheek since he was sick LOL), and then we went outside to watch the huge fireworks the neighbors behind us were shooting (and hopefully not get shot ourselves). John, Mario and I were out there (Eenan was with Mary–he doesn’t like the really loud fireworks) and from where we were standing/sitting we could see all these huge fireworks. I think the church was also having some kind of display or something. It was a great night .

As for yesterday, Mario actually had a day off. We went to get hamster and rabbit food from Pet Smart then chilled out for a while. Mario had a few things to fix on the car and I cleaned just a bit (though looking around now, it hardly seems like it!). Mom called around 6:30 and told us Linda, her boyfriend, Jessica and Justin had all gotten there and we could go over anytime. We went over around 7. It was so nice to see them! I hadn’t seen Linda in over 4 years! Jessica is cute as ever. We sat around and talked for a while. They were very entertained by Eenan and Jaylen LOL. I wish we could see them more often. I really, really miss Linda, even though she was a bitch to me sometimes LOL. We met her boyfriend, Tommy. I’m glad she moved on from Joe. It sucks that he never changed .

We came home after our visit and left the boys with John. Chris invited Mario over for some shrimp and fish and Mario took me along. It was nice. Chris is such a good cook and the food was really good! It was really mellow and nice. I even got to hold some of Eddie and Chris’ cats LOL. They’re all so much nicer than freakin’ Choco Cat. She’s a little snatch all the time . When I was getting ready to leave Chris told me to bring some shrimp home. I’ll be having that for lunch in a bit, buahaha! Mario stayed for a while longer, I had to get his lunch for work today ready and had dishes and laundry to do…and it was 11pm! As I was saying goodbye to everyone Eddie says my site’s cool and I should put some pics up of everyone. I was so flattered! I had no idea he read my site . Gotta take my camera over there the next time we got over!

Today, I’m just here…finally sorting through my e-mail and of course typing this up. I have mail in there since July ! I’ve been thinking about “New Years Resolutions” and what I want to accomplish this year. I was going through my entries from last year trying to find my resolutions, but I don’t think I even had any! My computer had been in and out of consciousness around this time last year, so it must have slipped my mind. As for this year:

1. Start eating healthy and excersize! I need to–not so much lose weight–but get back in shape.
2. Get over my fear of driving in congested traffic and finally get my license! Then I can see Gramma and Mom whenever I want!
3. Stop procrastinating. I need to do what I need to do on time, such as chores!
4. That said, I need to be more organized!
5. Treat each day like it’s the last. Tell my family/friends I love and appreciate them every chance I get.
6. Finally finish remodeling the bathroom.
7. Split the bedroom!
8. Keep in touch with friends and maybe get in touch with some old ones.
9. Successfully potty train Jaylen before he turns 3 (April 18th!).
10. Teach the kids to keep their room clean .

That’s all I can remember for now…I know there’s more but I drew a blank . 2004 was a whirlwind of a year. It definetly taught me to be grateful for what I have: a roof over my head, food, clothes on my back, and most importantly my family. Mario losing his job, Gramma getting sick and put in a nursing home, Mom and John moving away, Mario getting a new job he enjoys, and greater things like all the hurricanes, the war and now the tsunami and all the lives that have been lost really put things in perspective for me. You just never know. Here’s hoping 2005 will be a better, prosperous year for everyone .

on Sunday, January 2nd, thevelvetsky@msn.com“>Amber said:

Glad u had such a good new years! Happy 2005!

on Sunday, January 2nd, leila said:

happy new year! sounds like you had fun!

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