Alaethia’s 10th Birthday

Alaethia’s birthday was on the 24th. She was excited to be turning “double digits”. It was during a school night and their dad gets to take them for dinner the evening of their birthdays so we would officially celebrate on the weekend. But I did get out of work early to pick up her cupcakes and drinks to have her little birthday party with her classmates.

Her dad met us there and he surprised her with a giant sloth, balloon and candies. We passed the cupcakes and drinks out and then Aly’s teacher let them go out to the playground. I was on sloth-carrying duty and it was quickly becoming hot out 😆 .

School was out for the day but we waited for Emily to let her know we’d be waiting for her at the library. I gave them book fair money and Alaethia wanted to spend hers (Emily already had earlier). She looked around with Audrey and Maddie and found a Pusheen book. It’s so cute!

We read it while we waited for Emily and then we went home. She couldn’t wait to open her birthday presents.

That totes adorbs Pusheen came from the Wish App! I was thrilled that it arrived much sooner than anticipated. We hung around and the girls played with the new toys until their dad picked them up for dinner. Joked around with the boys a bit before they left, and then I tried finding something to do for 2 hours till the girls returned. Alaethia requested a cheesecake for her birthday, but since she was stuffed from dinner, we opted to wait till Saturday, when we’d celebrate her actual birthday.

Saturday came around and she and Emmos tagged along with me to go grocery shopping (but I’m on to them: I know they went with me to hoodwink me into taking them to Claire’s!).

Alaethia spent some birthday money and we made our way to 5 Below to get Emmos some ear phones since her school ones broke, and I ended up getting Jorge and I some work-out gloves and 5 lb. weights…because having to start working out from square one again has made me realize I’m wimpy and 8 lb. weights kill me 🙁 .
Anyway, so after an exhausting trip to HEB for groceries (and spending wayyyy more than I anticipated *sigh*), I got home, made dinner and then all the kids piled into the truck to go to Sky Park, Alaethia’s request. They all had a blast!

Have to get a group pic, even though some protest these days!

It was a great time and now the other 2 little ones want to do the same thing for their birthdays in February. These months are passing by in a blur!

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