Author: Yajaira

Starting Over…Again

So…here I am, starting my blog from scratch again. I could have shot myself when I deleted my Greymatter folder yesterday. Yes, I deleted the darn thing *smacks forehead*. I guess I should mention *why* I deleted it…

Welp, I was going to try and reinstall my Guestbook…but felt lazy and didn’t want to completely install it again. So, I had my guestbook backed up from before my hosting went down the last time, and I just uploaded it all. It wasn’t working–had a whole bunch of internal server errors and I realize “Damn, I don’t have the CHMOD numbers…” so I deleted the guestbook files from my cgi folder. Only, I didn’t just delete the guestbook files, I deleted all of Greymatter .

I almost died. I was quick and saved my 7-8 entries I’d written up since I got the site back up and thank God too because when I reinstalled Greymatter and rebuilt my files, all the archives were gone. I was so pissed that my templates were back to the originals–it took me forever to fix them the last time. Granted, the templates still don’t look the way I wanted them too…and my smilies aren’t clickable (nor do I even think they’ll show up at all), but at least I can blog. Please remind me not to do anything stupid like that again, kthx.

I put all my archives for this month in my journal entries page, since I got two anonymous form mails asking where the old archives for this month were.

We went to see Gramma after we picked Mom up on Saturday. John finally went with us. The rehabilitation/nursing home is all the way in Edinburg…super far from where we live. It was tough getting there since there was a thunderstorm…we could barely see anything in front of the car. The kids were so scared they ended up falling asleep, poor things.

Gramma was really happy to see us . She’s doing well, thank goodness. I was a bit worried about her lip…the bottom one looked a bit swollen for some reason. I’m starting to think what Mom and Aunt Nora were saying is true…that she may have had a mild stroke when she got sick . I fed her while we were there, and we just talked and caught up. She was so happy to see John…I noticed she lit up when she saw him. We only stayed for about 45 minutes, but I’m glad we got to see her. At this place, we may be able to bring the boys…she’ll be thrilled to see them .

Got word from Aunt Nora today that she’ll be at that nursing home for about 22-25 days for some reason. She was supposed to be moved to the one that’s closer to where we live, but I have no idea what’s going on. Aunt Nora said the lady didn’t even know what she was talking about when she asked if Gramma was going to be transferred yet. It’s gonna be tough going to see her .

Yesterday, we went to Yazmin’s birthday get-together. Her choice of dinner was Pizza Hut pizza, and she wanted a Strawberry Cake and flan. Yum .

Since Eenan had been staying up a little later than usual the past few nights, he had a really hard time falling asleep last night. He didn’t fall asleep till 11:30! When Mario picked him up today, the teacher told him he’d been falling asleep in the morning and again when he was waiting to be picked up. He was exhausted when he got home, but I didn’t let him nap. He ate dinner tonight, I gave him a shower, he brushed his teeth, I read them 3 stories and then he was out like a light. Mustn’t let him stay up late anymore…not even on the weekends!

This morning, we took John to the dentist to get his 4 wisdom teeth pulled. He was miserable at first, but he quickly cheered up and had minimal pain. Thank goodness. I thought it was going to be so much worse. A nurse called to check up and she said the swelling would be at it’s worst on the 3rd day. I hope he recovers well, and soon. It’s the last week of their grading period at school!

Mario’s at Eddie’s right now. I wanted to watch a movie before we went to sleep but I think I’m gonna call it a night. We watched Paparazzi a few nights ago. It was pretty cool. I want to watch A Cinderella Story next .


Ugh *stabs self*

I just deleted my entire Greymatter folder. Thankfully, I didn’t put my archives in that folder or else I would have lost the few I have since I bought new hosting. That explains the weirdness of the blog layout. I can’t believe I did that. Stupid me for trying to re-install my guestbook. I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID THAT! Sure, I got it up again in a few seconds, but it’s the template changing process that took forever the last time. Grr.