Yesterday was boring. I don’t remember doing anything but the usual (waking up, getting Eenan ready, cleaning, cooking, picking up the kids from school with Mario, then just lazying around here all day). I did make lasagna for lunch though…and I made it right this time! There was enough meat for the very top layer (unlike last time ) LOL. It was SO good! There weren’t even leftovers this time. We all got some (Mario got two huge servings), then Noey came over with her friend Amber and ate some, Big Mario and Ricky had some, then Mary, Mom and John had some. It was SO good! I could so have gone for some leftovers right now *sigh*.

Rejeana gave me a link to a game called The Crimson Room so I spent a while trying to figure it out. It’s too damn cool…I was determined to figure it out even though it took some time. John came home and I told him I figured it out and his mouth dropped…he said one of his classes last year spent the whole year trying to figure it out and he was amazed LOL. If anyone else figures it out, let me know in the comments! I tried figuring out the next two rooms and gave up, got in the shower and when I came back out, Mario had solved them both–using a walkthrough! After seeing the steps though I don’t think I could have passed those other two. Too darn confusing!

Today we woke up, got ready, and dropped Mom off at work. Then we went to see Gramma at the new nursing home she’s at. It’s pretty there. It looks like a huge house. She was so happy to see the boys, because at this place they let the whole family visit, and there’s no limit on visitors. We gave her the Diet Cokes and sugar free candies Mom got her (found out today that she indeed does have diabetes…she got two insulin injections yesterday–so we know I’m screwed and will definetly get diabetes later on). We talked with her and met her “neighbor”–the lady who shares the room with her. She was thrilled to see the boys and Eenan already has a stack of pictures he drew for her to put on her very empty walls. She also wants plants (she dropped hints when she pointed out the pretty mini rose bush the lady next to her has). We’ll hopefully visit her again tomorrow.

We came home, ate lunch, went back for Mom, brought her home since she’d be babysitting the boys for us, picked John up and then we left for the movies. He and his girlfriend’s anniversary was a few days ago so they wanted to see eachother and made plans to go to the movies. We didn’t want to drive all the way back twice, so Mario and I watched a movie too. I finally met his girlfriend, she’s a cutie and they look nice together :). We watched Taxi, which I thought was going to suck but it was pretty damn cool. I laughed so hard I snorted once …and there were people on both sides of us…

We were joking and cracking up on the way home…then Mario made me mad ’cause he wouldn’t stop at the Joy Dollar…we finally have one near by! I’d of gone myself, but the Sentra doesn’t work, I can’t drive the van and John’s car goes crooked because it needs new tires and I’m scared of driving it…blah!

I hope we do something tomorrow. We should go see Gramma again and hopefully go to a Jamaica (festival? fair) they’re having at the church. Goodnight.

on Tuesday, October 19th,“>Cndy said:

Hey I beat the room and didn’t cheat once. I was even on some sleeping pills when I did it..hurray to 😀

on Monday, October 18th,“>Stephanie said:

Hey Yajaira! If you like the Crimson room, you should try this link [http://www.albartson], it’s really similar, but a lot longer. I couldn’t finish the Crimson room because it said the code I found in the yelow room wasn’t right.. :confused: but it was fun anyway.

on Sunday, October 17th, Rejeana said:

aww, wish i could have come over and we could have had our usual girl talks and watched movies and played with the boys. lol i was just talking to monica yesterday about jaylen. lol TOO cute..i told her how much i have to die when i go over there. (for those of you who don’t know this about her cute boy, she loves to play “shooting guns” and if you die once..its a constant replay of your death over and over JUST to see him laugh. and it doesn’t stop even if you stop, stands ther with his little toy shooting and shooting while i’m having conversations with yaya lol). Anyways, its wonderful to hear yuor grandma’s in a new place too. ::mumbles softly to self about how stupid those security gaurds were). BTW, you should get a babysitter and come visit meeeeeee! lol we could sit around together, draw, scan, and vector! lol

on Sunday, October 17th,“>Gonzo said:

Hey! I beat the Crimson Room! I had to use the walkthrough though. Teehee. :hblush: I’m such a cheater. Glad your Gramma got moved to a nice place and the boys can see her now. But it sucks about the diabeties. >.< Sorry. <33