Busy Bees


It’s so important! Please make time to go out today if you haven’t already and vote!

I already voted for Kerry. Let’s see what he can do. I have faith and am seriously crossing my fingers. We can’t stand to lose another 200,000 jobs in the next 4 years. We can’t afford to go through another war if heaven forbid, terrorists strike again. Shit, we can’t even afford GAS! That said, can we get a president up in here who will actually pay attention to intelligence? Thankyouverymuch. [/edit]

It actually feels cool outside today! It’ll probably be back to the 90’s by noon, but it feels really good out there right now. I hope it starts getting cooler soon…I’m tired of it being 100 degrees out all the time!

After dropping Eenan off at school yesterday, Mario, Jaylen and I went to pick up Grandpa. I agreed to go with Mario since we were only going to drop Grandpa off. Or so we thought. We picked him up, picked his scrubby, alcoholic friend up , went to pick up his check at the post office, went to his other house which they’d be fencing, then he asked Mario if we could give a ride to some other scrubby man (who smelled like WEED!), we dropped him off, then went all the way to Mission to cash his check, then he went to get some cans recycled, and then we dropped them off. He still wanted us to take him to buy the fencing (which would not have fit in our car now that I think about it) and then take him back and probably have Mario help. Mario was a bit annoyed because Grandpa had told him he only needed him to take him to his other house and that’s it, and I was a bit annoyed because I didn’t know we were going to have to be driving around either. We got some breakfast at McDonald’s, came home and ate, watched Saw, which was an incredibly good movie! Much better than The Grudge–it actually had a point, then went to deposit money at the bank because I need to make my hosting payment and domain renewal. We were going to go see Gramma at the hospital, but Mario was tired from sleeping very little the night before and driving around all day, so we’d be leaving it for today. I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and tidying up the bedroom, which I still have not finished.

While watching the episode of The Biggest Loser I had taped last week (didn’t do it on purpose to inspire me or anything, I just hadn’t gotten a chance to watch it LOL), I jogged on my tredmil. I jogged for a good 30 minutes. I am so out of shape. When I first started I had to stop every 5 minutes or so because my legs were on fire. I’m actually not sore this morning, so that’s good. I’m planning to jog each day for about 30 minutes and then starting workouts with light weights.

I guess I should get back to finishing laundry up and sorting out more stuff in the bedroom. I still have to tackle the closet . We emptied it out last time we had a garage sale but I *know* there’s still crap in there we don’t need that I’m holding on to. I wish we had more closets. Or a garage where we could put all our storage boxes. In time though. I hope.

on Wednesday, November 3rd, Julie said:

I’m not old enough to vote yet, and don’t live in the US. But if I could, I’d def. vote for Kerry. I don’t really agree with him on a lot of points, but he’s way better than Bush.

on Wednesday, November 3rd, Jolene said:

Hey haven’t been here in awhile, beautiful layout. I remember when we used to talk alot, damn it’s been awhile. I voted for Kerry, but i have been watching the news since 8 and Bush is wining. 😥

on Tuesday, November 2nd, Lauren said:

i forgot to register this year.. gasp i was a lazy bitch and i totally regret it, i was just going through some rough times when the voting registration ended. :angry: if i was to have voted, it would have been for kerry.. definitely. 😀

on Tuesday, November 2nd, Yajaira said:

Yay Amy :D!

Amen to that, Vic. I couldn’t agree more!

on Tuesday, November 2nd, Vic said:

I voted Kerry too, you knew that was coming LOL. I was, without doubt, the youngest one voting when I went in. I’m glad that people under the age of 18 can’t vote yet. I think 18’s too young too, but what can you do right? They haven’t even experienced the real world yet but want to make decisions about how things are run. If you make less than $200,000 a year, why would you vote Bush? I can’t answer that for anyone. He does not benefit the working poor whatsoever, and that’s the majority of America. *sigh* I can’t stand him.

on Tuesday, November 2nd, Kayla said:

I’d still have to say that if I was old enough to vote….I’d vote Bush…but every one is intitled to their own opinion…I’m just expressing mine! 😛

on Tuesday, November 2nd, Amy said:

I voted for Kerry. :gasp: Heh. Yay for voting!!