Busy, Busy

I have to pick Eenan up in 20 minutes, so I’m going to try to type as fast as possible. The last time I posted Jaylen and I went on a walk to Eenan’s school to pick him up. It wasn’t as lovely as I was hoping it was going to be. I ended up having to take the humungous Eddie Bauer stroller since the little one was in Mary’s van. It was my fault since I should have gotten it out the night before. It started getting REALLY hot too: 85 degrees and breezy, my butt! We get there and Ms. O. sees us and brings Eenan to us with a really sullen look on her face. I ask, “How’d he do today?” and she said, “Not good. He put gum in a little boy’s hair while we were at the graduation practice.” I lectured him, once again, grounded him and he felt really bad, especially since the little boy’s one of his good friends. He ended up getting a referral (Eenan) since it was put in the little boy’s hair. I was a bit upset that they didn’t do anything to the little boy, since he did start it all by putting the gum down Eenan’s shit. I politely let the teacher know how I felt about it the next day, but I didn’t want to make a big deal about it. Hopefully Eenan learned his lesson and behaves the rest of the year. I don’t even want to know what’ll happen if he gets a 3rd referral (the first one was for when he kicked the little boy in the nuts .

It was Mario’s day off yesterday and we literally just chilled out all day…didn’t do a thing. It was kind of nice not having to have any errands or anything. We did finally take apart the bunk beds and threw them out…the room is MUCH spacier now. Hopefully now I can convince Mario to finally split the darn bedroom, but I doubt that’ll happen what with hardly having any days off.

We went to Jorge and Maggie’s last night and the men chit-chatted over beer while we chit-chatted. It was nice to finally see her. Hopefully we’ll go over again tonight and maybe go to the new Wal-Mart together buahahaha .

Jaylen was too cute last night. Justin and Jorgie had already been put to bed and he was outside with us (Eenan was sleeping over at Mary’s). I saw his legs from under the back of Jorge’s Explorer and I called him over. He says, “Hold on Mom, I’m getting a froggie.” He ended up actually catching the huge frog and was just holding him and talking to him. He was using him as a little airplane and was “flying” him around when he dropped the poor thing so Mario convinced him to take him to the back of the house. I was so afraid the frog would “pee” on him but he actually didn’t. They never pee on him now that I think about it. Yet, when I get them they’re franticially whizzing everywhere!

Okay, it’s time. We gotta go if I want to be one of the first ones . I hate waiting there for an HOUR!

on Tuesday, May 3rd, Momo-chan said:

Hahahaha…haha…ha…Hey, ever put a bag of marshmallows in the microwave? Man, it’s awesome.

on Sunday, May 1st, Julio said:

Ooh, your son’s story reminds me of my niece. She’s been in many arguments at her pre-school and she’s only 2! She even beat up her best friend about 2 weeks ago. But she’s been attacked too. I think they bit her twice and then that’s when she started to bite others. I guess they learn it from the other kids.

I hope Eanen doesn’t get another referral!

on Sunday, May 1st, Jessica said:

Wonder what’s up w/ Eenan? I hope he doesn’t get another referral too – but the year is almost over, so that’s good. Those froggies always pee on me too. :/