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Right Place at the Right Time

I’ve decided to give this Spring Cleaning thing a serious try. I loved the two Rubbermaid storage boxes Mary got me at Walmart on Sunday, so on Monday after we’d picked up Jaylen from school Mom, Jaylen, Alaethia and I made a quick trip to Walmart and got the other two I’d seen. The ones I’d gotten the previous day were brown and orange and the ones left were just brown ones. At $2 a pop, beggars can’t be choosers, so I quickly tossed them into the cart, as if someone were waiting around the corner just waiting to snatch them out of my grasp.

I slowly scanned the clearance isle just in case I saw anymore storage boxes and lo-and-behold, there were two canvas totes–a purple and beige one–but they didn’t have UPCs.

I walked around looking for an employee and I found a man in the garden isle. I told him about the boxes I wanted, but that they didn’t have UPCs. He said, “Oh…man, I don’t think we’ll be able to sell them to you then.” I sort of pout and say, “Darn. Okay,” and start walking away. He says, “What would you pay for them?” I turn on my heel and look at my mom for help and I get an idea.

I point to the baskets in the cart and say, “Those are on clearance too, and are for $2 each.”

The man nods and says, “$2 then. Let them know at the front and tell them I gave you the price.” Woo!

Bargain Organization

We looked around in the kitchen isle to find cereal canisters, perferably thin, rectangular ones to save space. I like to buy the huge generic bags of cereal (instead of, say, 3 boxes for double the price) and we have them all over the place since everyone likes different cereals and they don’t fit in the cabinets. They were sort of expensive, so I decided to wait.

On the way home Mom suggests checking at Joy Dollar. I’d never checked there, so we stopped. As we’re walking in I notice a little girl’s just staring at me. She looks really familiar and then it hits me; she looks just like Ricci’s oldest daughter, Belinda. I wasn’t completely sure, but we smiled at eachother anyway and she ran off so I continued to look for the plastics isle.

Mom had wandered off, so I began to look for her and when I go into one of the isles I notice Ricci’s standing there with a baby girl in her arms and another baby girl in a cart. She turns and I say, “Hi, Ricci.” and she says hello, too. I ask her if the infant is her new baby and she says yes, that she’s 6 months old now. She looks just like Goyo. She notices the bundle wrapped up in my arms and says, “Who’s is she?” and I say, “Mine!” We get into a half-hour conversation about what’s been up in our lives, how we parted on bad terms, and she invited me to Rachelle’s birthday party this weekend. She’s turning 2 and she’s standing and walking around. The last time I remember seeing her she had short hair, was barely pulling herself up and taking a few steps. I can’t believe the luck that Ricci has. Granted, it’s still the situation she’d been in before that’s caused all her misfortune, but it’s still horrible that she has to go through all that crap. Especially horrible for her girls.

Everyone I’ve told about getting back in touch with her keeps warning me to keep my distance. I appreciate the concern from everyone, but there’s no way I’d let myself get into the situation we were in last year. Never again.

Getting back to the boxes I was looking for, I didn’t find them LOL. Which is weird ’cause I used to see those around all the time. I’ll have to go back for the ones at Walmart later.

I’m hoping to get started on going through my closet and the boys closet sometime this weekend. Mario’s off on Sunday, so hopefully he’ll help me move the furniture around in the bedroom. I started going through the stuff in the living room closet, but there’s so much crap in there it’s going to take me forever to finish!

I’d love to get a small corner desk for the computer since our 6 year old desk from Walmart takes up so much darn space. I’d also like to get a smaller, less obtrusive entertainment center or TV table, since the one we have doesn’t have much in it anyway besides the TV. We’ll have to find a new place for the turtle tank, since that’s where we have it right now =\.

I was watching Oprah on…Tuesday, was it? It was about organizing small spaces and they made over a 250 sq. ft. house! The drapes and patterns weren’t exactly my taste but I do love how everything had it’s place. Even the cat’s litterbox was nicely concealed in the bathroom! I have to say the kitchen was my favorite.



Isn’t that amazing? Our place is much bigger than that (okay, not by much probably) and I can’t organize it for crap! But then again, it takes money to become organized and I don’t have that much money, heh. Here’s the link if you’d like to see the before and afters. I love what Nate, the designer, did to his own small apartment, too.

We went to Target yesterday to get Alaethia some diapers and saw the sweater I wanted to get her last week on the clearance rack. John made me put it back because I told him to help me refrain from buying anything I didn’t “need”. (Noticing a trend with me and clearance items LOL?) Well, I found it there again yesterday and saw it as a sign that I must get it since nobody else had bought it yet. I also found another little cream-colored blouse and bought it for her. The sweater was $4.98 down from $9.99 and the blouse was $6.38 down from $9.99 as well. I LOVE bargains. She won’t fit into these till she’s 9-12 months, but that’s pretty cool. I’ve gotten her lots of things (mostly on clearance that are super cute) that she’ll use as she gets older.

It Was Waiting For Me

Cute Blouse

We stopped by Mary’s work as well to pick up a gift that Irene had bought Alaethia. It’s a super cute dress that I can’t wait for her to fit into!

From Irene

I’ve had all week to get around to doing everything but haven’t had the chance since Alaethia’s been requiring lots of attention now that she’s spending hours awake at a time during the day and on Wednesday we got sad news that Mario’s aunt, Alicia, passed away :(. She’d suffered a heart attack since before the holidays and never recovered. Jorge is down from California for a few days. We’ll be attending the funeral tomorrow afternoon.

I’ve also caught yet another cold. Or it could be the one I already had, getting worse. I felt achy and gross all day Wednesday and now I’ve got the runny nose and dry cough. Alaethia’s been waking up every two hours at night since I try and go to sleep with her by 11:30, the latest. Last night though, I tried putting her to bed in her bassinet because I didn’t want to get her sick and we were up till 1am. I was so exhausted I just put her on my chest like she usually sleeps and the little booger fell asleep right away! I’ve noticed that when she goes to sleep late, around 12:30 or 1am, she’ll sleep for 3 to 4 hours straight. I wish it were like that when she falls asleep early, too :(.

Thank goodness Elda offered to drop the boys off for me every morning. I don’t have to risk getting into an accident for driving around while I’m sleepy and I get to get Mario’s stuff together. Well, most of the time. I didn’t get to put his lunch bag together this morning since Alaethia was screaming her little head off. I can’t wait to feel better–I miss smooching her already!

She’ll be 1 month old tommorrow! How time flies!


I just made myself a jug mug of coffee, as it’s almost 11:00 which means I’ll have 25 minutes before I need to pick up Jaylen from school. Alaethia, adorable little snugglebug that she is, fell asleep with me around 11:30-11:45pm after I had my shower, woke up at 2:20, went back to sleep at 2:45 and woke me up for another bottle at 5:30. Which, after feeding her, would leave me with half an hour to sleep before I had to wake up at 6:30 to get the boys ready. At least we weren’t up till 1:30 or 3:00, right? I have to admit, though: she does much better than the boys did, who were up every hour to eat since they were both little fatsos.

I asked Elda to drop the boys off for me and I’m just praying Eenan didn’t piss off Jaylen, which would mean that Jaylen would scream, which means that Eenan would get frustrated, Jaylen would throw himself on the floor in the middle of the hallway at school, and Eenan would ultimately drag him all the way to their hall. It happens that way at home all the time. I don’t expect any different when they’re alone at school *sigh*. Let’s pray that that’s the complete opposite of what happened.

So yeah, Alaethia’s big eyes have been fluttering their long eyelashes since around 8:45, which just so happened to be the time that I dropped John off at work and came back home, excited to swaddle Alaethia in her receiving blanket and jump into my warm bed with her and get some extra sleep. She’s had two 2 ounce bottles since, spit up about 3 of those ounces and patiently crossed her little hands on her lap and looked out the window while surrounded by her Boppy. And now, at 11am, when I’m getting ready to pick up her brother, she’s sleeping happily in my mother’s arms and laughing in her sleep. She’ll pay for this when she’s a teenager and wants to sleep till noon, buahaha.

Trying to Stay Awake

I can’t believe I’m typing that. I’m trying to STAY AWAKE, can you believe it? I stupidly forgot to set the dryer to dry so now I’m stuck waiting for the white clothes to finish drying and then I have to put the jeans in to dry. Grr.

Mario got home from accompanying his mom to pick up his Dad a few minutes ago and now he went to pick up some Sprites from Aziz. I need to take a shower before Alaethia wakes up screaming. She’s been colicky all day, poor thing. She’s spent more time awake today than she has asleep, so hopefully we’ll both get some good sleep tonight. I’ve been saving the gas drops for tonight.

I did nothing today, just like I’d planned. Well, except for when I drove John to work to check what time he goes in tomorrow. Other than that I cleaned the kitchen table (although now that the kids have played and eaten there, you would never be able to tell), did laundry, cooked meals, of course; read and spent some time online. Then I accompanied Mary to Wal-mart, along with all my kiddos. Mary’d promised them a toy and they never forget so she figured we should go now. I got two boxes to organize my closet and I’m regretting not getting the rest of them. They were on clearance for $2 each! And I didn’t even pay for them; Mary got them for me since I bought Big Mario some staples he needed yesterday. Woo!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where I want to live when we’re ready to build our house. At first I wanted to live in McAllen, but I know housing over there is much more expensive, especially where I want to live. Then I thought Mission, but I do not like the Mission school district. Mario’s mentioned a few times that he wouldn’t mind living where we do now and I always wrinkled my nose at the idea. Lately, though, I’ve actually been considering it. We’d be close to our parents, we wouldn’t have to pull the kids out of school and away from their friends (I, personally, was never happy after I moved away from McAllen, thus bringing on my trust issues), housing is much cheaper over here and even better: the economy is sure to boom after Wal-mart is built in Peñitas. I hate having to drive 15 minutes just to go to Wal-Mart or Target. Having something nearby will be great. I know for sure Mario will still have to commute to work every day and I probably won’t find a job around here, but I can actually say I don’t mind living here anymore.

Thinking about all this and all the new stores and shops that are being built around here got me thinking about the Sharyland Shopping Center and I went searching for the site plans to see what else will be built. I knew for sure they were building a Ross (um, YAY) and a TJ Maxx (which I’ve never shopped at, but I hear it’s cool). I found this. I can’t tell you how excited I am about all these new, much closer stores! And there’s still 6 more buildings that are available, so you can bet I’ll be checking this thing out every day!

I didn’t find anything on the new Wal-Mart, but I read on the Mission city forum that the shopping center over there’s going to be like the one in Palmhurst, so that’s pretty damn cool. I hope they build a Wendy’s over here, too!

Okay, Mario’s home now. Time to shower!