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2 Weeks Old

I live for after 9pm. I love the silence. I love that most of the time, not always, everything that needed to be done for the day has been done and I can relax. I love that my ears get a rest from the screaming and giggling of 7- and 4-year-old boys, even though I do love to hear that giggling when the sun’s still out. I love that I can now dim the lights, turn on the TV for some white noise, check my favorite blogs from bed and snuggle up with my Little Bean while we wait for Daddy to get home. I just love it!

Today wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had some coffee in the morning to guarantee my awakeness on the way back home after dropping off Noelia at work. As extra insurance, I dragged Mom and Alaethia with me so Mom would talk to me and keep me entertained. We got home around 9:15 which gave Alaethia and I plenty of time to nap. I gave her a bottle, since she woke up as soon as we got home, and I kissed her little silky face until she closed her eyes. I felt like I’d just fallen asleep when I was jolted awake by the cutest laugh I’ve heard in my life. She laughed again a few minutes ago. She’s going to have a great laugh :).

The time came to pick Jaylen up from school and we came home. I was about to eat my microwaved left-overs when Mario calls and asks if we’d like to meet him for lunch. Of course we’d like to. I covered my food with foil and shoved it in the fridge and we were off.

It took much longer to get there than usual because of lunch-hour traffic. We had an hour to eat since Alaethia had her 2nd physical appointment at 2pm, so we picked up some Taco Bell and went to a nice park nearby. It was such a nice day; warm and breezy. Jaylen had lunch at school, so he ate a few Cinnamon Twists and played on the slide. Alaethia slept, well, like a baby and we ate our Fake Mexican Food, as Mario likes to call it. We finished up and I rushed home as fast (and carefully) as I could so we could make it to the appointment. Got there 16 minutes late and they saw us just as I had to leave to pick up Eenan and Brandon, but Mom stayed with her and we got another clean bill of health. She’s 2 weeks old, now weighs 7 lbs. 5 oz., is still 19 inches long, the little red dots she’s developed on her chin are normal, her belly-button hasn’t completely healed, but that’s okay; and the white stuff on her tongue is milk like I’d assumed and some water will clean it right up. It’s amazing that this is my 3rd child and I still don’t know it all, have forgotten common-sense things and still have dozens of questions to ask.

I waited till Eenan did his homework, which he didn’t finish till 5:30, and then John, Alaethia and I left to the mall so I could make my JC Penny payment and so John could buy a DS. The boys didn’t want to go, as usual, so they stayed with Mom at home.

We spent a good hour and a half at the mall only to find out that the darn game stores didn’t have anything John wanted to buy. The boy finally makes a decision to buy something and they don’t have it. Alaethia was great the whole trip and while we were at the mall. And her stroller? Best stroller I’ve ever owned, ever. It’s super easy to manuever and is really light. Eenan’s Graco one and Jaylen’s Eddie Bauer were so hard to turn and weighed a ton. This is a nice change :).

We made it home at 7:45 and Alaethia woke up for a bottle. I fed her, burped her, laid her down in her bassinet and got the boys into the shower, made dinner and after feeding the boys put them to bed. And now Mario’s here and it’s almost 12 and I should have been in bed an hour ago. At least I don’t have to go anywhere in the morning, well besides dropping off the boys, and can cuddle up with Alaethia to get some extra sleep. Who knew transitioning into a family of 5 would be so awesome?

P.S. Windows vista isn’t bad at all. I love that it’s got a Google Desktop bar on the right side with a note pad, a little window that updates me on blogs I’ve visited and how long ago they updated and the weather’s there, too! My battery had run out a few minutes ago and the computer shut down on me. I was about to rip my hair out thinking I lost my blog but it’d backed everything up when I turned it back on! I don’t know if all other laptops do that or not, but that’s pretty damn awesome.

At Least I Showered

Now that I’m driving again (and I shouldn’t actually be driving till after Wednesday) the past two days have been OMG-Kill-Me-Now hectic. I try and sleep after I drop the boys off at school and Mario’s left to work, so I get at least two extra hours of sleep (from 9am till 11am) but I totally skipped my nap yesterday. John and I went to the bank, to get milk at the corner store and to pick up his paycheck at work (which wasn’t ready, grr). Picked up Jaylen, came home and got everyone else in the car (Mom and Alaethia) and left to town.

We were supposed to get a “price adjustment” at Circuit City, where we bought our laptop. Since Best Buy had the exact same one for the same price and had instant savings instead of a mail-in rebate, they told us to take the ad in and we’d get the $130 in cash, at the store. We go, and what happens? The laptop isn’t the same dontch’a know? All the specs are the same, looks exactly the same but the model number’s off by two letters. I thanked the girl that was helping us for wasting half an hour of my life and we left. To Target (where I saved $2 on Huggies diapers–oh yeah!) where I returned a curtain rod I’d bought on Sunday and some Link Sys thing we didn’t use. We went to Wal-Mart afterwards where I got a new curtain rod I’d seen (but still not too happy with) and undies and sports bras, since, for the life of me, I can’t find about half of my old underwear O_o.

We rushed home and got Mom, Jaylen and Alaethia off since we had to pick Eenan and Brandon up from school and there was no way we’d all fit. We go home, Eenan does his homework and we go back to town so we could give Gramma a visit. We hadn’t seen her in almost 3 weeks!

I was feeling the effects of skipping my morning nap; I was literally nodding off at the wheel, which I never do, no matter how tired I am. We get to Gramma’s and she’s just in love with Alaethia. We arrived just as they brought her her dinner and she said she’d forgotten how hungry she was now that Alaethia was there. She said she’s got rosy skin like her :). We sat around and talked for a good while and then we left home before it got dark since I’m having a harder and harder time seeing when its dark. This time John made me laugh the whole way home, so the endorphins or whatever was floating around my body helped wake me up. I stopped to make our storage unit payment and then we really went home.

Alaethia was a doll and let me bathe the boys without a problem. Mario called to tell me he was on his way home (two hours earlier than usual) so we could put the bunk beds together. I’d been calling around looking for prices on twin mattresses and had little to no luck. Most places were closed. Mom comes over to watch the kiddos for us while we went to Wal-mart, since we were going to exchange the bunk beds we got at Kmart for less expensive ones (the exact same ones). We ran into Paul and Norma and their kids, which was a huge coincidence since Paul had just called that morning. We talked for a while and then decided we’d leave straight to Kmart to get the bunk bed mattresses they had that went with the beds.

We get there and it’s probably one of the worst customer service experiences we’ve ever had. Omar, the guy I spotted and asked for help left us standing there like idiots for 40 minutes while he “checked” if they had the mattress. Everytime we’d ask if he was almost ready, he’d give us the run-around and would say that yeah, they were bringing one out. We’d had enough, so we left.

The boys had eaten at home, but we were starving (all I’d had for lunch was a bitty cup of mac-n-cheese and a green apple). We stopped at Burger King, where they welcomed us with, “Welcome to Burger King. Can you hold on, please?” and never came back. So we left that place, too. We ended up going to McDonald’s and I actually ordered a quarter pounder with cheese meal. We get home and Mario scarfs down his food and so do I. We ate at the couch while we watched The Guardian and when we were done and Mario was taking our trash to the trashcan I tell him, “Man I was hungry. Did you notice I actually ate my fries?” He says, “Yeah! I thought, ‘Since when does she order a quarter pounder?'” It was delicious I have to admit. I’ll try not to make it a habit though. Don’t want to gain all my pregnancy weight back XD.

Today was just as hectic. I know I forgot details from yesterday because I could have sworn I did more shit than that. We went to sleep late last night since we watched the movie and Alaethia woke up twice so I got mmmm, about 5 hours of sleep. I dropped the boys off, made Mario breakfast and after giving Alaethia a bottle and eating some Cheerios, I snuggled up with her in bed and we fell asleep till 11am. It felt so darn good to sleep. I picked Jaylen up while Mom watched Alaethia (bless that woman) and from then on I had stuff to do, like go to Mary’s to get copies of the mail-in rebate papers and receipts, bought the mattress for Eenan’s bunk bed ($99, best price and it’s not too crappy) then we rushed back, picked up the other two kids then went to the bank to withdraw money. Poor Vito was in a car wreck this morning. Apparently, the truck that hit him was transporting illegal immigrants and they fled the scene. Left the truck there, but they ran off. There were choppers patrolling the area and everything. Vito was fine, thank goodness, but his car’s a total loss. We all pitched in some money so he could get himself a little car he’d seen for $500. I felt more than obliged to help; he’s always helping us out, whether it be rescuing us when one of our cars breaks down or picking up the kids for us when we desperately need it, he’s there for us.

Mario had me mail off some speakers to his Nino, Jorge, and I mailed off the rebate. I hope I did everything right and that we actually receive the rebate. Rebates make me nervous, like I’m never going to see the money.

I got to bathe the kids with no problem, cleaned up a little, folded clothes and did 3 loads of laundry and even got to make dinner while Alaethia slept. I got the dishes ready to wash and got the cups washed and rinsed and then she woke up. And stayed awake. Mary called around 9:30 asking if I’d do her the favor of dropping Noelia off in the morning around 8:30. I was pretty bummed I wouldn’t be able to sleep, but all was forgiven when they took Alaethia to their house for a bit so I could take a shower. I thought I was going to have to go to bed stinky since it’s Tuesday and Mario’s having a night out with the guys. I hope the boy went to Jorge’s to get his cellphone. He left it there when we went over Sunday night.

Now that I’m clean and Alaethia’s actually sleeping I should get to bed. Life’s pretty much back to “normal” now that I’m pretty much back on my feet. My Snuggle-Bug’s got a big day tomorrow: a doctor’s appointment. I’m a little nervous that she might have to get immunizations. I can feel the lump in my throat already.

Family of Five

Life as a family of five (OMG) has been pretty darn sweet. I’m not even sure where to begin, since I’ve gone so many days without updating and I can only remember so much, but I’ll try and recall things as best as I can.

Let’s see…going back to Thursday, the 25th, we were released from the hospital around 2:30, which was great because Jaylen would already be home and Eenan would be arriving from school around the time we would. They kept threatening to keep Alaethia at the hospital, which was the exact same thing that happened with Jaylen, because she refused to take more than an ounce of formula during her feedings. All she wanted to do was breastfeed, which we were thrilled with, but the nurses weren’t for some weird reason (I really didn’t like that hospital–well, the postpartum part of it anyway). We ended up getting our way though, thank God.

Mario drove under the speed limit all the way home, and even flipped a guy off who was tailgating us and then cut us off when Mario refused to go 80 MPH. He was trying to be as careful as possible with our precious cargo.

We had a quick stop to make at Dollar General, since it hadn’t occured to me that I’d need a pack of extra large pads (ah, yes, the FUN part *sarcasm*). Mario offered to get them for me, willingly, all by himself. NEVER, in our almost 10 years together, has he offered to go buy me pads. They didn’t have the brand I use, but he found another brand and guess what? They were even better than the ones I used to use, I kid you not. Extra points for Mario.

We got home and Jaylen ran to the car, with ‘Welcome home, Alaethia!’ written on his Magna Doodle (with help from Mom, of course). He was so anxious to see what she looked like; he was almost in disbelief that this new little person was “his” and was real. I can’t even count how many times he said, “Aww, Mama, Alaethia Wohse (Rose) is so cute!”

Mario and I were exhausted, so we headed straight to our bedroom while Mom and Mary organized our bags and put them out of the way. Eenan got home and jumped on the bed to see his new sister. I’d been breastfeeding her and if I remember correctly I think he said something like, “So that’s what they’re for!” LOL

Brandon and Noelia came over to see Alaethia, and after everyone was gone, Mario took a nap and Alaethia and I tried taking one, too, but it didn’t last too long. I’d been getting horrible cramps since the night I had her and they weren’t getting any better. The more I breastfed, the more it hurt. I don’t remember ever having that kind of pain with the boys. I don’t remember them hurting even more than actual labor pains, either. I kept getting up to warm up my Rice Sock to get a little relief from all the pain I was feeling.

Yadira and the girls and Matthew came over later that evening to meet Alaethia. It was nice sitting and talking to everyone and relaying our experience. We got the boys ready for bed and everything went without a hitch, thank goodness.

That night, Mario took the first shift with Alaethia and let me rest. I’m telling you, this man is an angel. He said he was more than happy to take care of her since he got to sleep in the afternoon and I didn’t. When it was my turn to feed her that night she did so well and let me sleep about 6 1/2 hours (woke up twice during the night). Mario got up and got the boys ready and took them to school. I was already up making Alaethia a bottle at that time, so I helped him out a little but he did so good on his own. Model father, he is :).

Mario was home from work that Friday, the last day :(. He helped me as much as he could; picked Jaylen up from school and Eenan and Brandon, too. Mary made dinner for us that night, which was such a huge weight off my shoulders. She’d also done laundry for us while we were gone. She wanted to help out more with Alaethia, but couldn’t since she had pneumonia (and Noelia had bronchitis, Mom had a cold and so did Elda and my boys!)

We watched TV that night after we’d gotten into bed. At around 11pm, I started getting sleepy and Mario told me to go ahead and sleep, he’d watch Alaethia if she woke up. I could hear her crying around 1am so I got up to get her. Mario quietly told me not to worry about, he’d take care of her. I felt so bad since I knew he was going back to work the next day and needed his rest but he told me he was fine. He fed her and I drifted off into sleep again. A few moments later I could hear her crying so I opened my eyes and saw the most wonderful thing ever: Mario was changing her diaper–something he said he’d never do! I thought it was so sweet and wished I had my camera with me to capture the moment. I fell in love with him all over again :).

I stayed quiet and watched him fumble with the diaper and wipees and I hear him whisper something to her like, “I don’t know what I’m doing, Baby…” and he caught me looking at him. I asked, “Do you want help?” and he said, “Yes! I don’t know how to clean her!” I finished changing her and then went to sleep. She did pretty good that night, too.

I woke up Saturday morning to engorged breasts. I thought my milk was never going to come in and boy did it, with a vengance even. I was in absolute pain by night time. Mario’d told me to buy a breast pump and I didn’t listen. I was counting on WIC giving me one because Alaethia’s eligible for it but the woman who supposedly called and said she’d even make house calls never answered or returned my calls when I tried getting ahold of her. I was so desperate I called Mary and asked if she’d take me to Target that night to get one and a few other things I needed.

I got ready and to my horror realized I still needed to lose a few inches before I could fit into my jeans. I put on a pair of before/after maternity cargo pants I had and looked pretty decent. Mary even commented as we entered Target, “You look so skinny already!”

I got the pump, a First Years one, and some bassinet covers and I can’t remember what else. As soon as we got home I washed the pump and pumped away. I immediately felt better, but the darn pump didn’t work too well. After using it a few more times it definitely wasn’t working right. $25 down the drain. And since I’d begain pumping, the cramps I’d been having got worse once again.

Aunt Nora came over to visit on Sunday morning. My hair was a frazzled mess and I was still in my PJs and pumping my boob when she arrived, but she didn’t mind. We (Mom, Aunt Nora and I) stood around the bassinet where Alaethia was sleeping and oohed and ahhed at her cuteness and talked about our experiences with each of our labors. Aunt Nora even brought us Christmas presents. Mine was a gorgeous red/pink set of gloves, hat and scarf and an even more gorgeous silver jewelry set. Aunt Nora was here a good hour and a half or so and after she left, Grandma Ofelia stopped by.

She kept saying how pretty and alert Alaethia was. She said she looked really good for being 4 days old; not wrinkly and asleep like most newborns LOL. She gave me some advice about taking care of myself and we talked more about the baby and then she left to the church where she’d be meeting some friends for bingo :).

Sally was going to stop by and visit next, so after putting Alaethia in her bassinet once she started to get sleepy I took the opportunity to put some clothes on, brush my teeth, wash my face and for the love of God, brushed my hair.

Sally arrived and she told me how cute Alaethia was. We talked about Thursday, the day after she and Pete had visited us, and then had fun looking people up on Myspace and freaking out over how much some people have changed. We had great conversation, as always, and after an hour or so Annie, Cat and their kiddos came over. Annie kept saying how much she looks like Jaylen, and even resembled John, which is what a lot of people say about Jaylen, too.

Everyone asked about her sleeping patterns and if she was a good baby and I had nothing but good things to say. I must have jinxed myself because that night we had lots of broken sleep and I was up with her from 1am to 5:30am. I’m not sure if it was that night or not, but one night she had terrible constipation and the next she had HORRIBLE diarreah, probably due to the high-fiber diet I have to be on according to my doctor. It didn’t get any better, so I stopped breastfeeding :(. I gave it a two-day break, just pumped and threw the milk out, and she got better. When I resumed breastfeeding she got diarreah all over again so I stopped again. I haven’t breastfed her and she’s fine. I feel kind of disappointed and just really bummed that my milk could do that to her :(. I was so thrilled that I finally had a baby that latched on right and everything and this goes and happens.

I was freaking out the next day over how I was going to make it to my appointments but thankfully John got out of work early and picked Jaylen up for me, picked Eenan and Brandon up and took me to both appointments. At the doctor’s office I ran into a girl, Fabiola, that I’d met there and become friends with during my pregnancy. Her little girl is 3 months old now and is adorable (she was 9 months pregnant with her when we’d met). We talked about our babies for a good while until they called me in.

I weighed 122.5 lbs., which is 2 lbs. more than my scale at home (but the one at the doctor’s is correct since that’s the one I went by the whole pregnancy.) My iron was great; it was at 15 and I think 11’s usually the average. Alaethia still weighed the same as she did at birth, 6 lbs. 10 oz., but Dr. C. said that’s fine since they usually lose weight after birth (so not the case with her brothers, the eldest of which DOUBLED in weight at 2 weeks!). He said she looks great and I pointed out the little white “dots” she had on the roof of her mouth and he said those were calcium deposits, which are normal in some babies. I also pointed out the funny way her bootie “starts”, but he said we’d wait it out for a few months before getting X-rays or anything done. He says he thinks she’s just fine though. Thank goodness :).

The next couple of days are sort of a blur now, but I remember the boys got dropped off by Mario each morning, Jaylen was picked up by either Vito or John and Brandon and Eenan were picked up by John, too. I also got into the swing of my evening routine, which is helping Eenan with his homework, cleaning up a bit, tending to Alaethia, bathing the boys around 6pm and starting dinner around 6:30. I feed the boys, hopefully feed myself if Alaethia permits, get the boys ready for bed, serve Mario food when he gets home from work, bathe while Mario watches Alaethia and then get ready for bed myself. It’s been pretty easy; not as stressful as I thought it would be.

John got out of work early again on Thursday and our income tax refund check had come in so he took me to pick up and cash that and to get Alaethia some formula. Later after we picked the kids up from school and dropped them off with Mom, we dropped money off to Mario, who wanted to get some headrest TVs for the Equinox. John was supposedly going to get an Xbox 360 but changed his mind at the last minute as always, so we went to buy groceries instead.

Mario stayed at work a little late that night installing the TVs with his co-worker, Mario Z’s, help. He got home and asked me to go out to see the TVs and they looked fabulous! He even installed wireless headphones so the kids can watch TV while we listen to the radio or the iPod!

Friday was the first day I woke up at 6:30 to get the kids ready for school. Mario needed to be up to drive them at 7:45 and then had to drop Noelia off at work since she’s car-less at the moment and I knew he wouldn’t get much time to catch up on sleep since he had to pick Jaylen up at noon. So, I got up. I don’t remember how much sleep Alaethia let me get that night, but I did get sleep and I didn’t feel tired so I got up while I could and got them ready and then woke Mario up to drop them off. I came back to bed with Alaethia, who needed to be fed and then we slept.

After Mario picked Jaylen up from school, we went to pick up his paycheck and he drove around all over the place looking for a good, inexpensive magazine for his new gun (still so creeped out about having a gun in the house, but he’s got locks and stuff all over it and has it in a safe place. But still…guns…ew). We stopped by Mary’s office to show off Alaethia and spent a good amount of time there. Everyone was gushing about how cute she is and I got complimented on how nice I looked for having her a little over a week ago. That makes me feel so good about myself :).

We picked Eenan up from school that day and John went with us so he could buy some stuff from Target (which he didn’t end up doing, again!). We wanted to take Mom with us, but we had no room in the truck now that we have Alaethia’s huge carseat. We bought some movies at Target (The Guardian, Open Season, Talladega Nights) and then met Mary at Applebee’s for dinner. I was so disappointed to find out that the Friday’s in McAllen was CLOSED. I loved that place :(.

I ordered the Shrimp and Steak something-or-other from the 3-course Menu and Mario had the Chicken Fiesta one. He HATED it. Threw a fit about it and everything and I felt really bad, especially since we spent a huge amount of money. I enjoyed my plate at least–it was delicous. I even had the brownie dessert, yum. Alaethia was a total doll and behaved wonderfully. The boys were so well-behaved, too. Well, until they both suddenly needed to go poop and made Mary take them each to the bathroom for about 10 minutes, but other than that, they were great.

When we were walking out, an elderly lady reaches out and gently grabs my arm and says, “You’re a great mother.” I felt so good that someone, a stranger, noticed that I’m a decent parent and was on cloud 9 the rest of the night, even if Mario was in a crappy mood. He appologized before bed that night though, so all was forgiven.

Eenan needed to be at the school by 6:45am Saturday morning for their last UIL meet. He was one of 3 chosen to go. I’m not sure if it was 3 for Storytelling or 3 out of the whole school, but he was thrilled to be going. We found out later last night that he placed 2nd DISTRICT-WIDE!! I’m so proud of my little dude. He’s going to get the trophy he’d been desiring all year!

Elda and Jose got married for the 3rd time yesterday, only this time it was through the church. After Eenan got home from the UIL meet, I made him change his clothes and the rest of us got ready. Since Alaethia’s little umbilical cord stump fell off but it’s still not fully healed I can’t bathe her yet, but I did give her a washcloth bath. I was in such a hurry, but I managed to get all three kiddos ready, plus myself. I managed to fit into my pre-pregnancy nice black slacks and nice shirt. Shoot, I think I look better in them now that I did when I was working (when I bought them). I even wore the beautiful, expensive BCBG Max Azria sweater Mario bought me off of Eddie :). According to my scale, I now weigh 116, which is really 118. Yay!

Although the ceremony was sort of all over the place (they didn’t even let them rehearse or anything) and we all forgot our cameras it was nice. We got home and had Pozole that Elda had made and later had wedding cake that Annie had bought for them. We spent a good long time together just talking and laughing. Love days like that.

We woke up sort of early today and Mario picked up Burger King for us for breakfast. Mom watched Jaylen and Eenan went to CFF and church with Mary while Alaethia, Mario and I went to town to pay bills and buy things. We paid off most of our Home Depot credit card, since our interest goes up in March and it’s super high. We also went to Best Buy to get a $499 Toshiba laptop but of course, the whole 5 they had in stock had been sold in like 5 minutes, to the people who come from Mexico. Thankfully, Circuit City had the exact same one on sale, but with a mail-in rebate so we went and got it. Mario got down by himself at the store, since I was feeding Alaethia, and once he took half an hour I knew we’d gotten one. I’m updating from my bed at this very moment. The only reason I’m updating at all LOL.

We got the wireless router from Target, some curtains, a nice curtain rod and some toys for Alaethia. Not that she can actually play with them or anything; when I showed her one of the little toys that hangs from her carseat handle her eyes immediately crossed :P.

We went to Kmart next, where Mario wanted to show me some nice bunk beds he’d seen. We wanted new beds for the boys, but the ones we liked were huge and probably wouldn’t have fit in their bedroom. I loved the bunk beds so we got them. Now we only have to buy Jaylen a twin mattress.

We got home and started messing around with the laptop then went to Yadira’s where Elda and Jose were having a little get together in memory of Anthony’s 20th birthday. I still can’t believe he’s been gone for so long :(. I can’t believe he’d be 20 already.

We spent a few hours there and then went to Jorge and Maggie’s, where they were having a Superbowl bar-b-q. Maggie presented us with a huge colorful basket full of gifts for Alaethia. She bought the whole Fisher Price line with pink butterflies on it! I told her she didn’t have to–she seriously went all out but she insisted that she wanted to get her something nice. She really wants a little girl. I hope Jorge gives in ;).

We talked and I had a great time. Manny, their neighbor and Jorge’s good friend, kept saying that it didn’t even look like I had a baby. I’m hoping I can stay looking that way. The last time I got compliments like that, with Jaylen, I let it get to my head and I stopped watching what I ate. If I can help it, which I can, I’m not going to let that happen this time.

Okay, so now that it’s 12:25 and Alaethia’s been asleep for about half an hour I should get going before I’m up till 2am like yesterday. I’ve got so much to do tomorrow now that I’m going to start driving around again (well, I didn’t get the O-K till Wednesday, but what’s 2 days going to do? Now watch my uterus fall out *knocks on wood*). I’ve got bills to pay, appointments to make, things to return and a Gramma to show a new granddaughter to. I still can’t believe it. I gave my Gramma a granddaughter!