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I Love You, But…

Mario got the day off yesterday. I spent the morning watching American Idol and Medium episodes I’ve missed, and when he woke up, we got ready and went shopping. We returned some jeans he’d bought at Target and browsed around. We ended up buying some Play-doh for the boys, Mario got a few little tools he needed and I got a Gentle Heart Lamb beanie. I don’t have any of the “new” lambs, so I got that one but he’s not too cute LOL. He looks strange . And this time, they had the Cheer Bear Cub…dammit.

We went to eat at Whataburger, then went to JCPenny. Mario got some more jeans, 2 shirts, we got two dress shirts for his Tio Cata since his birthday’s today and I got 4 shirts. I had the hardest time picking stuff. Not stuff I like, but stuff that won’t make me feel self-concious. I tried on one of the collared stripped ones I got and the woman in charge of the fitting rooms was just staring at my chest and her eyes were about to pop out. She even made a comment about how I should keep the large because it would shrink (even though it was huge and hanging off of me). I didn’t ask her for her opinion. I wish I could just wear the clothes I like without worrying about who’s going to be looking gawking at my chest. I didn’t ask to have them!!!!

Anyway, everything we got was on sale and didn’t even know it! I love when that happens .

I have to go back Saturday for some shoes Mario wanted, so I’m planning on getting two white tanks, some sleep shorts (all of mine are OLD) and maybe another shirt or two. Or a skirt.

We went straight to pick Eenan up after that, then realized we had time so we stopped by a store to pick up some stuff for Mary. We went back and Mario and I complained the whole time about how the parking for that school is ridiculous. He hadn’t suffered through that yet and I don’t think he realized how much of a pain in the ass it is when I told him about it.

We got home after picking Eenan up and I collected all the plastic totes and baby stuff we were taking to the storage unit–all without Mario’s help. I wanted to disassemble the bunk beds, but of course he wouldn’t help me with that either. Mary had stuff to put away too, so we stuffed everything in the van and left. When we get there Mario notices he doesn’t have his keys and I didn’t bring mine because I just never carry them, so we didn’t have the key to the unit. Great. Mario was all pissed of course, because the storage place is FAR from the house. We go to H-E-B to renew John’s plates and they didn’t let us since Mario didn’t have his license (he always carries it in the car and well, we didn’t have the damn car ). We went back home, Mario throwing fits left and right, got the keys and went back–without him. I was worried about how we’d get the boxes out of the van because some were REALLY heavy but Mario ended up getting there a while after we did. He helped us and then we went back to H-E-B to get the plates updated and Mary needed groceries. They almost gave me crap about Mario not being present, but I told the girl I spoke to the other girl and she saw who my husband was and blah-blah-blah. So, she did it.

Mario wasn’t exactly sunshines and rainbows when I got back home, but we were being a bit more peaceful. I can’t believe how annoyed we’d get with eachother. First time that’s happened in AGES. We didn’t say super mean things to eachother, but we were just getting frustrated–and over little things even. By the end of the night though, he was holding my hand and being sweet. Good thing too, I was ready to kick his ass .

I fed the boys and then he told me to get ready since he wanted to go to a movie. Eenan would sleep over at Mary’s and Jaylen went with us. When 9pm finally rolled around, we left. We watched Constantine (my 2nd time) and Jaylen did pretty good. I kept trying to rock him to sleep since he was sleepy anyway, but he wouldn’t. He watched it all and only jumped twice LOL.

So tonight’s Cata’s birthday get-together. We’re having shrimp cocktail…yay! I hope Mario doesn’t get out too late and makes it to the party. Right now, I should make lunch since we’ll have to leave to pick Eenan up in an hour. I can hardly wait *sarcasm*.


Oops, I Did It Again

I went days without updating again…and that sucks because the darn entry gets super long. But, who cares .

Mario didn’t get out early that last Thursday, which sucked. He hasn’t had a day off. Friday was really laid back too and I spent a lot of time on MySpace. I found two of Mario’s cousins on there and John even made an account. I also saw someone whom I was really surprised to see. Let’s just say it brought back bad memories LOL. Nobody else I actually know offline is on there…where the heck is everyone?!

I picked Eenan up from school that day. I *hate* their new pick-up system. Before I’d leave the house at 3, drive into the parking area (which is too damn small) and park and wait till he got out. Now, I have to leave at 2:30-2:45 (he doesn’t get out till 3:25) and WAIT IN LINE IN THE STREET till they decide to open the gate. Yeah, the street. So we only leave one lane open for the people driving. If for some reason I’m ever late to pick him up, I’m going to be waiting in this ridiculously huge line. Gargh, I just despise that school’s brilliant ideas. At least the new principal didn’t send out a memo like the one from last year did notifying the parents about how the school’s not “responsible” for the kids before and after a certain time.

Speaking of school, and because of another event that happened this weekend, I realized I need to learn to speak more Spanish. I’ve mentioned it a thousand times before: I can understand it perfectly, read it, write it (somewhat) but when it comes time to having a conversation with someone, I fumble all over my words and end up forgetting what I want to say. It’s embarrassing. I’m just about the only parent at that school that doesn’t talk to all the other moms. They all speak Spanish (most ONLY Spanish) — even the moms who are close to my age. That’s another thing, most of the moms are much older than I am. They all gather together and talk to eachother and I just feel uncomfortable standing there so most of the time I wait till Eenan gets out to get out of the car. It’s not super important that I don’t talk to anyone there–I don’t think I’d have much in common with anyone–but I just really need to speak Spanish and that just sort of confirms it.

Anyway, when Mary got home from work we went to watch Pooh’s Heffalump Movie. Aww, it was SO cute! I even cried a little. Lumpy was the sweetest. I just didn’t really like how they didn’t pay much attention to Eeyore . The kids loved it…they actually sat through the whole thing.

We ate at Burger King afterwards, where I had a shrimp salad. I take forever to eat, so while I ate Mary took the boys to play in the play park. After a minute, I start hearing screams and started to worry. When I was done I go over there and sure enough, it was my children screaming . Jaylen had gone up the tubes with Eenan, but he went a different way and Eenan didn’t notice. So when Eenan came back down, he realized Jaylen wasn’t there and started screaming. Then Jaylen panicked and he screamed. Eenan had already gone up twice and couldn’t bring him back down. A little boy Eenan became friends with ended up going up there and leading Jaylen back down. When Eenan saw Jaylen he grabbed him and hugged him. He kept telling me, “I don’t know what I’d do without my Jaylen. I’d be so lonely!” .

When we got home John was already here (I’d left him the keys). We watched videos on till Mario got home and then we got ready to go to Jorge and Maggie’s. Mario brought pizza so we ate, and then went to Mary’s since Andy had come over. Mario and Mary hadn’t met him yet. Everyone thinks he’s really nice–so far, I think they all like him the best (out of the boyfriends Noey’s had).

The boys wanted to stay, so we left. I was so surprised Jaylen actually stayed without me LOL. We drank margaritas and just had a good time at Jorge’s.

Mario left to work the next day and John watched the boys while I went with Mary, Sonia and Yazmin to watch Constantine. I liked it–I like those types of movies. Could have done without some of Keanu’s stares into the camera and the ending could have been faster, but other than that, it was good .

We went to eat at Jesse’s Mexican Food after that and then to Target where I got a Bedtime Bear Cub. They had them on sale for $9.98!! I really wanted Love-a-lot or Cheer Bear but they only had Bedtimes, Funshines and Wish Bears. I want them all now–they’re so adorable !

I got those Hello Kitty stickers on Sunday at Party Universe. I’m already planning a layout around one of them buahaha.

We came home and the house was a disaster. I don’t know *what* John does when he’s “watching” the boys…because it doesn’t really seem like he watches them. The house is in shambles everytime I get back. So that’s what I did for the next hour–cleaned and made the boys help me clean. Mario got home from work, ate and then told me to get ready since Chris was having an engagement party. Chris and their friend Jorge seemed really happy that I went with Mario. They sent me off with the other wives/girlfriends who were all inside. It was one of the most awkward moments of my life. Most of the women there spoke only Spanish (story of my life!) so of course I sat there for most of the 3 hours just wishing the ground would swallow me. I only spoke twice the whole time I was there. Everyone was quiet the first two hours though. If I spoke more Spanish (or they spoke more English) I could have gotten along with them much better. I was just glad it was over when it was but felt a tad bit guilty when Chris and Jorge thanked me for coming and said they’d love it if I’d accompany Mario the next time there was a bar-be-cue or something . I’d love to go, as long as the women and men aren’t separated. It would be MUCH less uncomfortable.

The next day, I saw Mario off to work then went with Mary and the boys to Pet Smart, Party Universe (they have Ninja Turtle stuff for Jaylen’s party!), and then to the longest kiddie party I’ve ever been to in my life. The boys weren’t exactly “behaving”–hadn’t been all day–and the length of the party just made it worse. They had fun the first hour of the party though.

We left the party after two hours (and it still wasn’t over) and I was just so glad to be home. When Mario got home we dropped John off and Aunt Nora gave us some lamps and Mom had left me a bag of stuff. She gave me a Clinique make-up bag with all kinds of stuff . I didn’t get to see her though . She was still at work. We went to rent some movies (Wicker Park & Cellular) and bought Mean Girls for $7! It’s previously viewed, but hey, it works! Then we picked up McDonald’s and chilled out and watched movies. It was nice just being here with Mario.

And that was my weekend. Yesterday was spent cleaning and doing laundry–as is every Monday. Gonna feed Jaylen and myself before we have to go and spend that ghastly hour in line, in the car .


*Rips Eyes and Ears Out*

Why, oh why, are they showing Jennifer Lopez videos non-stop on MTV??? I could turn the channel…but I can’t find the remote . Yeah, I’m lazy like that.

I watched two My Super Sweet 16’s last night. Nothing else to watch. I can’t stand how arrogant and spoiled those little girls are. They kept talking about how beautiful they were *gag*. If they ever have to step into the real world (which I doubt with Daddy handing them a wad of cash) they’re in for a big disappointment. The only nice one in all those episodes was the brunette from the first episode. OK, I should stop…before I say something incredibly bitchy .

I’ve actually been watching American Idol . The four people that got booted last night sang so well, especially the first girl. I think it’s so screwed up how they tell them they’re out of the competition and then ask them to sing . The one girl who didn’t sing too well that I thought was going to get booted, didn’t. I almost feel like going out and buying the very first season of AI, just to see how they sounded since they keep talking about how this group’s “the best” out of all. But anyway. My favorite singer so far has got to be Carrie Underwood. I LOVE her voice. I also loved the Maynard triplets. I’m still quite upset that they didn’t make it. They sang better than people who are still on the darn show. I saw them on Good Day Live a few days ago and think they’re too cute. Stupid Simon…calling them fat. There were people bigger than them who made it in…but what does it matter anyway and what does that have to do with their singing?! I think they look just fine *hmph*. *edit again* I’m watching the guys’ performances on AI since I missed it Monday and I have to say my favorite boy is probably Bo Bice. He has a great voice! Wow…a lot of the guys sing VERY well.

I hate the way they say Mario Vasquez’s name. *stabs* It’s VAHZ-KEZZ not VAZ-KWEZ. Oh yes…and Mikaela Gordon — or however you spell her name –annoys me. I thought she would have gotten booted too.*/edit*

Thank you all for the comments on my previous post. I went to bed thinking about it last night, and woke up thinking about it. What I forgot to mention was: I haven’t even taken my TASP, or ACT’s. I’ll probably have to take those and I know I won’t pass the math part and God forbid I have to take remedial courses and crap like that. I don’t know if I want to be in school for 4+ years. I was talking with Mario about this last night and he said, “You just don’t worry about it. You go to school.”

I want a house. I want to go to school (for a little while) find a good job and then get a house. That’s all I want is my house. I know going to some course that takes 9 months won’t get me as good a job as if I went to school for 2+ years. That’s also what makes me worry. But I really want my house. If Mario and I were both working we could get a house. Yes, I have house issues. I’ve never lived in a nice house and I want one. I want my dream home. I have every single thing in my dream home planned out. But I can’t just be thinking about how I want to rush and get trained for “some job” because then I’ll be unhappy and that’s exactly what I don’t want. But we’ll see.

Gosh, Mario never called. They told him to go in at 9am this morning so he could finish up this car he was working on and then after that, he could come home or stay. It’s 11 and he hasn’t called yet. I really hope he can get at least part of the day off . God, that’s another thing. I want a job where I’ll get to see and spend time with my family. And have weekends off . That’s not asking too much, is it? Buahaha.

Allllright. I need to go through e-mails and return visits, comments and so on. The house is clean, Jaylen’s asleep and I have free time!