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Live Journal-er Killed Mother?

*edit* Apparently it really wasn’t a hoax. I followed up the article on the Anchorage Daily News and found this link. The two 24 year olds admited it was the 16 year old, Rachelle, that instigated the plot to kill her mother. They were doing it as a favor to her for sleeping with them, how sick is that?? What could have been so terrible between her and her mother’s relationship that she had to have someone kill her? I know, from what I’ve read, that her Mom would pick on her because of her weight, and she was very strict about her having all A’s in school, and she wasn’t too happy about her dating one of those 24 year olds…but that’s it. My Mom was very strict about us getting all A’s too, and my cousin would poke fun at me about my boobs and would point out when I was gaining weight, but I wouldn’t murder them for that! I don’t know…I guess I’d have to be in her shoes to understand her reasoning . You can’t know everything that’s going on with someone by just reading their journal. But I still don’t think that justifies her wanting her mother dead. They mention in the article (linked above) that someone deleted the entries from September to November 18th on her LJ. I would have thought it was Live Journal, but I don’t think they think so. I do have all the entries, which I got from the second link I posted in my previous entry below. She just seemed like a normal, “emo”, teenager who wrote about normal things like school and how her parents were bugging her, just like all the other teens on LJ do. She seemed so…normal. I’m still just in…utter shock! */edit*

Is this for real? At first I thought it was some sick joke, but the more I read about it, the more I believe it. A 16 year old girl who had a Live Journal allegedly killed her mother. Or she got people to kill her mother, something like that. Her LJ’s been wiped out. Her calender shows she had entries up until November 18th, but the most recent entry shows up in March. (Quite the investigator I am, no? ) I’ve found this link (which includes a picture of her?) and this one. I can’t believe someone would do this–if it’s even true. And to write about it on your online journal?? And if it’s not…shame on whoever started the damn hoax…SHAME!


Just 5 Minutes…

I hope darn Greymatter doesn’t mess up. Lately, it’s been removing the music and mood fields, even if I type something in them. My emoticons don’t show up sometimes, even though I have GM set for them to show up always. Grr. Anyway…

Mario went and got his tooth fixed. He was eating catfish yesterday, bit down too hard and chipped his tooth. He was in pain. My teeth hurt just thinking about it! But yeah, his tooth looks normal again, thank goodness.

When he and Mary got back, Mario and I cleaned out all our rodents’ cages and then went with Mary, who was treating the boys and us to Peter Piper Pizza. We ate and then the boys played games. Jaylen only ever gets on the little car and bus ride. He was too cute…there was a little girl just sitting in the bus (he was in the car) and he gives me a token to put in so she could ride it…aww :). Eenan played games and after being there a while got a bit grouchy. Then Jaylen got grouchy so we decided it was time to go. We picked Mom up and Mario and I had a little argument since he didn’t want to drive all the way to Edinburg to see Gramma…but Mom and I ended up calling her on the phone and she’s doing well and was laughing at John’s jokes and everything. So that made us feel a bit better. I was mad at Mario up until we got here. Then he starts making faces and making me laugh. I hate that he can do that. I can’t be mad at him for as long as I’d like LOL. We started joking around then decided to watch a movie. Mary and Noelia invited us to go watch The Forgotten, but since we were mad at eachother and I didn’t want to ask Mom to watch the boys (even though she offered to), we didn’t go. I really wanted to see it! But we made some popcorn, opened up a lil can of nacho cheese (love to dip the popcorn in it!), got some baby pickles and some iced tea and watched The Princess Diaries 2. We didn’t really watch it…the children decided to run in front of the tv every 5 seconds and fight with eachother constantly, so it took an extra hour to watch it…but what I got to watch was OK. Not as awesome as I thought it’d be.

Gotta wash dishes, put the kids in bed and then get myself ready for bed. I’m going to the huge indoor flea market tomorrow :D. I’m so excited. We didn’t get to go last month since the flea market was the day we left to Florida, so I’m really looking foward to this. I’m even taking a few of the things I have on my For Sale page and HOPEFULLY I can sell or trade them. I had NO money what-so-ever, so Mario and I painted the doors and the last few things that needed to be done at the apartment yesterday and I made $20 :D! The new rentors already paid Mary the deposit and got their utilities connected. I think they’ll be great rentors (unlike the previous ones…).

Man, I’m tired. Going to bed at 12 and then waking up at 6:45 is catching up with me. Last night, I fell asleep at 9:30 and I woke up at 9 and I was STILL sleepy. *yawn*