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Mario never got home. I just want to take a shower and go to bed, but I’ll be damned if I leave the kids here alone, whether I lock the door or not.

That prank-caller called again last night. Or this morning, I should say. It was 3:16 when I first heard my cell phone ringing. At first I thought, “Great. I bet it’s that idiot calling again.” Then I thought, “What if it’s a friend or relative and it’s an emergency!”

I run and grab the phone just as it stopped ringing. I flip the phone open and my heart sinks when I see that it was indeed the prank-caller. PRIVATE it says on the display. How I hate seeing that word on my phone.

I couldn’t sleep after that. I kept hearing these noises, then Rocko started barking and thought, ‘What if this psycho finds out where I live?’ The first thing I think about is the kids; I’d kill anyone who tried to hurt my kids. I was freaking out so much that it took me about an hour to finally get up and go pee.

I don’t know why someone would want to bug me like this. What’s the point? To scare me? Yeah, you succeeded in that, but what the hell are you getting out of it?

I would love to know who the hell it is. I got that thing I was waiting for from Sprint, to retrieve the number, but it’s so much trouble! I wish they’d just tell me who this person is.

So yeah, that’s why I’m waiting for Mario. It’s already 11:30 and he never got here. He said he’d be here for dinner and instead went to Jorge’s. One thing’s for sure: I’m not serving him his darn dinner. He can do it himself. I’m stressed enough, thank you.

This evening’s been a stressful one. The boys started acting up at the same time. They got clumps of Mario’s Zest in their hair that took forever to get out (after they washed it with their baby shampoo). My chicken didn’t come out as flavorful as I thought it would. I had to make Mario extra lunch for tomorrow since the chicken wasn’t enough for dinner and lunch. I have tons more laundry to fold/hang and nowhere to hang it. I used the last of our “meats” so I have to go buy food tomorrow whether I want to or not. Either that, or I can make spaghetti tomorrow night without meatballs and go to the groceries after Mom’s appointment on Thursday. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

Well, I called Mario again to see where he was and he said, “I’ll be there when I’ll be there.” Oh, really? Apparently Jorge needs help setting up his precious surround sound. Doesn’t he have Hiram to do that?

I’m NOT in a good mood.

Holy Mole-y

My mole removal went much better than I thought it would. I had visions of bleeding to death (as Mom would tell me when I was little when I’d be messing with any mole), the Doctor inserting the needle of anesthesia into my Jugular and I’d die, and many other morbid thoughts.

I even Googled “mole removal” and “mole removal complications” and was freaking myself out. While Googling I discovered my “mole” wasn’t really a mole…it was more of a skin tag, which is still gross. I guess Mario is right. I am a hypochondriac :(.

So I get to the doctor’s office and wait patiently while playing Solitaire on my phone. They call me in and I feel like I’m going to throw up from how nervous I am. They take my vitals (I’ve gained 2 lbs. already–eek!) then usher me into my room. The doctor comes in and greets me and asks what my visit’s for. I tell him I’m there to remove the mole. His eyes light up and he says, “So you’re going to do it? Great!”

He examines the mole and tugs and pulls at it. He asks if I had any other concerns so I show him the mole on my hip and he says that one’s not a problem at all. He says, “You know, I won’t even need anesthesia for it or anything. We’ll just cut it off.” I laugh and when I notice he’s not kidding I get nervous again.

He comes back in with a nurse (the nice nurse my Mom likes). As the doctor was writing something down we start talking about the mole. He asks how long I’ve had it and I said most of my life, but I noticed that in the past few years it started getting bigger. I told them about how Mario’s always teasing me about it and how he has a pet name for it.

The doctor laughs. “What does he call it?”

I look down and feel my face get red-hot. “Juliet.”

The doctor and the nurse both laugh and he says, “Well, at least it’s a pretty name. You poor thing!”

I was standing against the table as he approaches me with some sterile tweezers and scissors. All of this was happening in slow motion of course. When he gets near enough to where he’s actually going to grab the mole I jump foward and say, “Wait, wait, wait! Explain to me what you’re going to do. You’re just gonna cut it?” He tells me to sit on the table and says he’s just going to snip it. The nurse assures me that I’ll be fine. She says, “I had one removed just like that. Not as big, but it was hanging by a thread like yours. It didn’t hurt at all. You’ll just feel a little sting.”

I sit on the table and tell the nurse to hold my hand. The doctor cuts the mole off in about 2 seconds and all I felt was a tiny prick of pain. They were impressed that it didn’t bleed at all–it still hasn’t. The nurse put it away for me and said I should scare Mario with it. We joked around for a few minutes about how I should put it on my nose or my forehead. Dr. C. said I should put it on his plate when I serve him his dinner, buahaha.

When we stopped joking around I asked about their OB/GYN procedures: when do they see the patients, what do they usually do during the very first office visit and so on. They say they take vitals, draw blood and do a sonogram. The nurse told me I should start seeing them for the pregnancy and they won me over. It was totally different at the other office. They didn’t even do vitals, which I found really strange. I also didn’t like that a whole bunch of different doctors would be seeing me and whoever was on call the day I was ready to give birth would be the one to deliver. At this office, Dr. C. would be my sole doctor and would deliver when the time came. He also explains everything in detail, which I like.

They gave me a sonogram right then and there. I saw my 7 1/2 week old baby and I felt so relieved to see that little heart beating. I don’t know how it is for other pregnant women, but for me it just doesn’t feel totally real until you hear/see that heart. It’s a tiny speck of a baby right now and they assured me that it’s just one ;).

They drew blood right afterwards and I left the office feeling really good. I’m glad I’m going with them for my prenatal care.

I’ve got the rest of the day to relax and do chores, like finishing laundry. I also need to remember to ask Big Mario to measure the room so we can start buying the materials we’ll need. I hate being a bother though, he’s always so busy.

Hmm, I was thinking of posting before and after pics and a pic of the mole but I think that would be too gross :P. Yeah, I think I’ll pass. I changed my mind. Click only if you don’t feel like barfing or feeling nauseous!