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Home & Computer Monitoring Improvement

We were up so late the night before that Mario didn’t go in to work. And neither did Jorge LOL. He’d already hinted to me when we were over at their house last night that he wouldn’t be going in, but I didn’t tell Mario till the morning, after he’d already called in. Jorge was kind of upset, but there really wasn’t any work.

We had lunch and went to Home Depot to pick up some pipes and other material so Mario could finally—after 6 years—install the exhaust in the kitchen. The funniest thing was we ran into Jorge and Jorgie. Mario was ahead of me and I was pushing Alaethia in the cart. I see Jorge spot Mario and he starts quickly chasing him with his basket. I started laughing loudly so Mario turned around and saw Jorge. I asked him why Jorgie was with him and he said they were all taking a family day, aww.

We left Home Depot right on time to pick up the boys from school. Mario started working on the exhaust as soon as we got here. I finally have a working exhaust!

After dinner I turned on my computer to look for something and for some reason I scanned my computer. I left the scanner running before we went to Jorge and Maggie’s again.

We got home and I was up at 2am trying to remove the stupid Trojan (Trojan.Brisv.A!inf to be exact) from my laptop. Mario and Alaethia were already asleep. Boo. And what pisses me off is that I didn’t even get this on my own. It happened either when Sammy asked me to download and put songs on his MP3 player, or when Mario had borrowed my computer to download some stupid Scottish song. Grr. This is the last straw; no more doing favors for anyone on any of my computers, like uploading music to everyone’s iPods or MP3 players. Our desktop is in the boys’ room and all the kids go over there to borrow it. Well, not anymore. I’m setting a password up on it and no one–not even my own children—will use it. All I need is for them to become as screwed up as Mario’s laptop. But that’s a whole other story.

Back to the Grind

I didn’t have to go into work till 8:00am, but I was up since 6:30. I brought Aly with me to the living room. She fell back to sleep, thank goodness, or else it would have been really hard to leave her had she started crying for me to stay. I got ready and made breakfast (French toast for everyone) and left to work. I’d kept telling myself to refill and take my water bottle with me but I forgot it. Oh well. I’d get a water from work.

We had the usual Workday meeting in the morning, and caught up with everyone over tacos. When the meeting was over I went to the library and started checking in books. Of course the boss stayed out talking to people and didn’t come to the library for another hour, but I had more important crap to do than stew and get in a bad mood. I ran tons of copies and then laminated crap after lunch. I ate lunch with a few teachers and the nurse. I spent the rest of the day using the die-cut machine to make letters for the bulletin boards. I really don’t know why I bother, though. They rip off everything anyway, sadly.

I finished a bulletin board in 10 minutes and then it was time to come home. We all chilled out at Mary’s where I shared the story about Alaethia and her poop. After everyone stopped laughing Mary and I went to pick up some chicken from Church’s. When we were done eating I cut the boys’ hair. I figured I’d start doing it myself because the lady never does it right. I always have to fix it when we get home. She once left these long, over-the-eye emo bangs on Eenan. Grr. It was dark already so the boys were giving me trouble because they wanted to spend the remainder of their time playing, but they lived through it. They took showers and then I took one and made lunch for the next day and washed dishes.

My feet. Are. Killing. Me.

Mario and I were in the kitchen talking when I grabbed a glass and was about to pour myself a glass of water from the cooler. Before I push the pump I notice there’s something on the spout. I lean over and ask out loud to no one in particular, “What the hell’s that?”

Mario leans in and says, “I don’t know.” Horror rises through me when I notice that it’s POOP!! Alaethia must have tried to “wash” her hands the night before during the whole poop fiasco!! Mario got this really sick look on his face and softly says, “I had a big glass of water last night…” I almost rolled over and died laughing!! Good thing I forgot my bottle in the morning and was just barely getting my first drink of the day at home!

Last Day of Vacation

It’s so sad that it’s my last day of vacation today. I’m so not looking forward to going back to work; not because I feel lazy but because I just don’t see how I’ll make it through the day since I’m exhausted by the end of the day and that’s because right now I’m at home! Granted, I’ve been sort of overdoing the housework and am constantly on my feet, but I’ll probably be on my feet and running errands all over the place at work, too. We’ll see. I just have to keep telling myself it’s only 4 days this week, then 3 weeks and that’s it!

I didn’t want to go anywhere today but, like I mentioned in my previous blog, I have to visit Gramma, have to deposit at the bank for my online bills, have to get milk and a few other things like trash bags, and as for home: I still need to do laundry, sew the valance (at least) for the kitchen window, and mop. Although I didn’t get to paint Alaethia’s room pink like I’d wanted to, I can always get that done during the almost-month that I’m going to be off before I have the baby. I’m hoping to finish painting the trim (white) for the kitchen and all the doors. I feel pretty darn good about everything I managed to accomplish in the last week.

Later…we visited Gramma and she’s doing just fine. She was laughing with the kids and we even talked about Aunt Sylvia and some stuff Aunt Nora told her about when she visited. Mom had seen me searching for sometime a few days before and I got the guts to tell her I’d been doing research and found out what her father’s name is and I was going to get in contact (again—she doesn’t know about the first time). She told me no, that I had the wrong name, but when we were at Gramma’s she asked her and Gramma gave me a knowing look. I nodded inconspicuously and she told her the real name. And Mom took it well!

We stopped at H-E-B for a few groceries and then I rushed home.

When we got home I left all the kids with the in-laws and then rushed to the salon to get my hair cut. It was down to my waist and the pregnancy hot flashes were becoming unbearable—I HAD to get it cut. They let me in even though it was late and I asked the lady to hack my hair up to my shoulders. It’s still a little longer than I wanted, but it’ll do.

I had so much to do before I went to work the next day and I was so tired. I still had to shower and straighten my hair and Mario decided that he was going to go to sleep early. How convenient. I hate when he does that. He fell asleep on the sofa and Alaethia sat on the other sofa watching Noggin’. I asked her if she was okay and she said yes. I told her to pound on her daddy’s head if she needed something. I took the quickest shower in history and when I was done I peeked my head out the door and told her I was almost out. She said okay and turned back to Wa-Wa-Wubzy. She starts knocking on the door while I’m drying myself and I ask her to please hold on. She knocks two more times and tells me something about her diaper. I’m thinking the worst. She starts jiggling the door handle and I finish putting on my clothes. I come out and look down at her and she gives me that sweet smile that only means she’s up to no good. I lift her pajama top and sure enough: she’s naked…and the most putrid smell starts wafting in the air. I scream, “OH MY GOD!!!” and Mario, of course, is woken from his sleep. But does he move? No. I’m running around cleaning her up (hands, feet, butt) and realize the offending diaper’s nowhere to be found. I ask her, “Where did you take your diaper off? In the living room?”

She tilts her head to one side and says, “I dunno….um, yes!”

I ask again, “Or did you take it off in the kitchen?”

She smiles again and says a happy, “Yes!”

Gosh. I had no idea where it was. There wasn’t anything on the floor in the living room, but once I’m in the kitchen I see little toeprints of poop. Lovely. I lug my tub of Lysol wipes around with me and clean up the whole floor. There’s a trail all the way to the trashcan. Thank goodness, the diaper’s in there, but it’s empty. Upon further inspection I notice that she’d shaken her poop into the trash can and managed to drop some on the floor and scooped it back into the trash. I re-washed her hands for good measure and remembered that she’d been messing with the door handle so I wiped that and re-washed my hands as well. It was now 10:30pm. I was so angry. And Mario just sat there all drowsy looking not saying a word!

He got up and took a huge drink of water. I wanted to hit him, but quietly blow-dried and flat-ironed my hair. What a night!