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I had a dream about Ricci last night. I never have dreams about people unless they mean something, so my guess is that she had her baby. I kept thinking about her all day and even felt guilty and almost regretful that we’re not friends anymore. The scene on that last day we talked kept repeating in my head; watching her sob and say, “I’ve never felt this bad, never,” and just standing there not knowing what to do or say sends a pang of guilt into me. I feel horrible knowing that I was part of what made her feel that way. I’ve never wanted to make anyone feel that way and I’d certainly hate for someone to make me feel that way.

I still think if Kimberly and Jennifer hadn’t gotten their nosey asses involved things wouldn’t have been this way. All I wanted to get across was that I couldn’t give her rides in the afternoon anymore and let her know how bad it made me feel everytime she brought up the incident we had–that was it. I was annoyed with everything she had me do for her by that time already, but I didn’t think we’d stop being friends.

I wonder how they’re doing. How her baby is. Is it healthy? Did she have a boy this time? Are she and Goyo still doing alright?

I think they are still together. I passed by her Grandma’s today as I was going to the store and their white car was outside the house. She hadn’t been speaking to her Grandma at all, so my guess is they’re still together and they were over there because she had the baby. Maybe they even moved back in with her? As grouchy as her Grandmother is, I’m hoping they did move in. It was the most secure place they’d ever lived at.

Anyway, Mom got her new hearing aid this morning and John and I were shocked when she got into the car and she was actually speaking lightly. Usually, because she can’t hear herself, she’s yelling at the top of her lungs, and because she can’t hear, we’re shouting at the top of ours to talk to her.

Mom and John needed groceries so we went to do that and now we’re just home. My head hurts from the nap I took (never fails to happen) and I feel so tired and bored. I need to mop but I hate that I mop and 5 seconds later (or less) the darn dog decides to pee again. Grr.

I have no idea what to make for dinner, again. Yep, it’s barely 5:23 and I’m already thinking about that. I whipped up a great meal yesterday: breaded fish, corn and Ranch Style Beans (from the can, I love those!). I didn’t even know we had fish. It was hidden behind the thousands of popsicles. All we have is stew meat and ground beef left. Let’s see what I can make.

Pleasantly Surprised

Last Wednesday, after having yet another frustrating day at school with Quickbooks, I went to the post office and ran into an old friend, Jessica, from my OSM days. We caught up (she’s married, has a little boy, one on the way) and found out she’s been living 3 streets away from me for the past 4 years! What a small world we live in. I knew I’d seen her at the Dollar General once and she swears she saw me walking down the main street with a stroller (ah yes, when I was actually making an effort to lose weight) and at Wal-Mart. We talked for a while on Saturday; I need to remember to call her back.

Sometime at the beginning of last week, Aunt Nora called and asked if we’d like her old bedroom set since she was buying a new one. I remember LOVING her bed, and ask, “Is it the one I said I liked?” and she said, “Yup, that one.” Score. She gave us the drawers and bedside table too. The dressers she’s had since she first got married () but the bed is brand new. It looks beautiful :).

Mario was going to take the Sentra Saturday morning, but when he tried to turn it on, nothing happened. Turns out the starter died. All I could think about was my final on Monday and how we were broke, couldn’t afford a new starter and HOW WAS I GOING TO FINISH CHRISTMAS SHOPPING??

Mary came to the rescue and bought the part for us (we need to pay her back *adds to long list of debts*) and Mario waited around all day for someone to help him out to no avail. Finally, later at night, Jose came home and fixed it with the company of Mary and Big Mario. Mario was too upset to go out there.

Brushka had her second litter of kittens yesterday. Panthy-Poo (who’s solid black) was the one who mated with her, yet she had black tabby ones (probably from Panthy), gray tabby ones like her, and a WHITE ONE. I told Mario, “Aww, she’s so cute! If she’s got long hair like Artemis, I want to keep her.” And to my surprise he replied, “I kinda want to keep her too.”

Booka (as Jaylen calls her) will be staying indoors until we get her spayed. With all these new kittens, that brings the total to 14 cats and well, I’m too young to be a crazy cat lady . I hope we can find them good homes (Booka’s last litter: Bah, Enchilirido, and Goop, were all given to Ricky and they disappeared a week later since they had them outside. He lives in a ranch–I’d hate to think what animal, like a coyote, could have gotten to them). I gotta get Choco Cat spayed and John needs to get his cat spayed, too.

I went to school all by my lonesome today. Ricci moved to Mission, so she won’t be going with me to school in the morning. I gotta say, I’m so used to going everywhere with her it feels strange without her there LOL. I’ll be bringing her with me afterschool and dropping her off at her Grandma’s, where Goyo will be picking her and the girls up. I’m really glad they got their own place–they really needed it.

We got to school and I tried explaining to Ricci and Romeo how to do a few things (that I could remember) in Quickbooks when Mrs. C-R suddenly asked us to sit and get ready for our final. She said, “Your final is your assignment from Friday. There’s 3 cheat sheets, each one’s 5 points off of your final if you ask for it. There’s also a bonus you can do. If you get it right, it’s 20 extra points, if you don’t, it doesn’t affect your grade.”

My mouth dropped. I stayed an extra hour after school on Friday to finish that assignment because I JUST HAD TO get it right. And I did! When I was about 1/4 ways done with the bonus Company, Mrs. C-R places a letter on my desk. It says that I already had a 100 for that class (yeah baby!) and I could take the bonus if I wanted to. She also said she was proud of me (aww ) and to always keep my head held high. She left a P.S. that said, “Thanks for always helping out your classmates.” I was beaming and smiling from ear to ear. I gave the bonus a shot anyway (I think I messed up on a deposit though ) and thanked her for the letter. I’m going to miss her when I graduate .

I was so worried about that Final. I was sure I was going to bomb it. I even had a dream–no, a nightmare–Saturday night that I’d set my alarm wrong on Sunday night and woke up at 12:20pm. I totally missed class and Mrs. C-R wouldn’t let me re-take. I woke up with my heart beating a mile a minute!

I went to drop Mario’s lunch off at work since he forgot it and Mom, the boys and I went downtown to get Tio Arturo’s gift and to this Japanese store I’d always wanted to go to. After 30 minutes of looking for parking we went over there and I’m in love. Mom bought me a little Lucky Cat snow globe and I think I found my inspiration for decorating the living room. I’d always wanted an Asian theme and now I know where to go for all my decor :). They have gorgeous vases and such pretty paper lanterns.

Welp, I should get to baking those Snickerdoodles. I’ve got TONS of baking to do before Thursday!


My Poor Baby!

My poor computer’s infected with a virus called Trojan.Vundo. It’s a hijacker/trojan and it’s been making my life miserable. First, it would redirect certain sites (or just pop up at random) to download sites for things like WinFixer and crap like that. Norton never detected it before, but the past few days, every time the computer would boot up, it gave us a warning. We’d just have to click on “Ok” and it would delete it, though. (Or so, we thought it was deleting it.)

Last night, however, Norton kept popping up and just wouldn’t stop. I was actually going to update on time for once and lo-and-behold, something had to come along and screw it up for me. I went to Symantec, downloaded the fix for it, ran it and it’s STILL there! My Norton trial’s about to run out in 4 days–all I know is, after bills we BETTER have enough money to buy a new copy. I’ve been looking up tutorials and stuff to help me get rid of it, but most of the ones I’ve seen ask you to remove lines from the Registry and that looks incredibly scary. I’m afraid to mess something up. I need to back up my computer–at least my pictures and website stuff. You know, I had a feeling last week I should back up my stuff since I hadn’t done so in a while, but never had the time. Why don’t I ever listen to myself?? I should have MADE the time!

I guess I’ll update a little since I’m at school and might not get the chance to update again from home *swallows down the lump in her throat*.

Ricky was going to take the three kittens yesterday . Eenan and Jaylen started crying and making a huge fuss about it, so we felt guilty and decided to give them a few more days with the kittens. I wanted to keep all three myself, but Mario wouldn’t let me and well, I guess we do have enough pets . I just hope Brushka won’t be too depressed when she finds out they’re not there anymore.

I also made a very hard decision: I gave Cookie to Ricky. I felt so bad for him, cooped up in his cage all the time. We didn’t let him out anymore because he was becoming really aggressive, he’d pee everywhere and we couldn’t use his leash on him because he’d bite if we’d try and get him into it. I think it’s for the best. He was too big for his cage and had no room to run around. Ricky lives out in the ranch and they already have a rabbit cage so I think he’ll be just fine. Ricky and Big Mario both reassured me that he’d be well taken care of, and I know he will be. They’re even planning on getting him a girlfriend .

As for the teeth dream, nothing bad happened and nobody I know is um, deceased. Ricci and I did almost get hit by a car who ran a stop sign on the way to Target, but other than that nothing bad happened. I kept reading the type of tooth dream I had had to do with receiving money though. I was thinking I was about to win the lottery, or maybe the contest on Wild 104, but then I remembered Mary had given me $15 and Mom had let me keep her $10 .

As for school, we got to disconnect the wires from the hard drive, floppy drive and CD-ROM drive and them put them back together. Lucy and I were paired and of course we got it right . It’s pretty cool; I’m really liking this course (PC Hardware).

Something’s up with a certain friend of ours and we really don’t know what to do about it. I don’t know what to say, what to think. I keep feeling like we did something wrong. I dunno. I don’t really want to say much about this situation in case anyone reads this.

I guess I should wrap this up. I think we’ll be starting the new chapter soon. Wish me luck with the Trojan thing ! If anyone’s got any advice on things like that, PLEASE, give me suggestions!