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Busy Bee

Feels like I never get a chance to update. Thank you so much to all who wished my little man a Happy Birthday :). I promise I’ll get back to everyone soon. One of these days this week, I’m just going to spend all my free time online so I can catch up .

I’m so incredibly tired right now, but I’m waiting for The Real World to finish so I can jump in the shower. Then I gotta straighten my hair. I hate having to straighten it. I love how it looks when it’s straight, but it takes sooo long. If only I could find something to help my waves look nice.

Oh my gosh. That’s so sad ! I won’t mention it, just in case some of you haven’t seen the episode, but what happened’s just so sad.

Anyway, we went to Mexico on Sunday after all. Searched high and low for a Yu-gi-oh piñata and finally found one for only $7 after walking 7 blocks after we walked to El Parian (which is this huge marketplace with little shops and restaurants).

I bought some birth control pills, since that’s where I get them, and damn did they shoot the price up on them. I used to get them for $2-3 and now they cost almost $6! I know that’s still cheap for BC, but when I only had $15, and had to save $10 of that for the piñata, it caught me by surprise LOL. We had some tortas and the best milkshake ever, and then we came home.

It took an hour to get back and just today I saw on the news that the reason it takes so much longer now is because they installed radiation detectors. I think it’s great, but damn does it take long and it was SO incredibly hot.

School’s been going great. I love working with Word — I’m a geek, I know. I finished all my assignments early today so I just helped out whoever needed help during the last period. It’s pretty nice knowing people actually appreciate my help .

I’m going to start carpooling with Ricci. Her ride bailed on her so her grandma will drop her off here in the morning and we’ll leave together and then after school I’ll drop her off. We chilled out here for a while — she even helped me paint some of those darn Yu-gi-oh’s, which was so nice of her :). (I didn’t make her help me, I swear!) I went to drop her off after that and I met her grandma, cousins and her little girls who are too cute.

I think there was more I was going to write about, but Lordy I’m so tired. I shall go and bathe now.


I’m Lovin’ It

I woke up at 5:45 yesterday but I had the alarm set for 6. My stomach was churning and I thought, “Oh no, I’ve caught some kind of bug!”, but it was actually just nerves. I got ready within 20 minutes, so I had 40 minutes to wait. I watched the news and just grew more and more nervous. I said my “I love you’s” to Mario and the boys and then I left. I was actually really nervous for Mario too, as he’s never had to get ready “alone” but one other time, and he ended up forgetting his lunch, couldn’t find his belt and other little annoyances for him.

The expressway was actually really calm and I got to school by 7:24. We were to meet at 8, so I waited. When I saw my advisor get there, I went ahead and went in. As soon as I walked through the door I see another girl waiting and I say, “Hi!”. She smiled, said hi back, and we just started talking. I was so relieved I met someone nice LOL. Her name’s Lucy, and she’s pretty cool. Her commute to work’s actually longer than mine, which surprised me. There was a total of 5 of us yesterday and we joined the other group of CBS (computer business systems) students who’d already been there a month. AND I’m not the oldest in the class either. Most of the students are 18-19, but there’s a handful of 22-24 year olds .

We were supposed to have orientation, but I guess they forgot about us because we ended up doing nothing and just talking most of the 4 hours. It’s pretty cool because we get a break every hour for 10 minutes. Time passes by pretty quickly. We’ll be starting on Microsoft Word for the next 20 days and we had our first assignment yesterday, which was just writing down terms and finding their definitions.

I stopped by Mario’s work after school since he wanted to know how it went and I had the cell phone. As I expected, he ended up forgetting his lunch at home and poor thing had cereal for breakfast, which he ISN’T used to LOL.

I’m so happy that I probably won’t be having homework much (maybe except for when we start PowerPoint and have to do presentations…ack!) and can do everything I need to do at home. Even had time to bake some banana bread yesterday! It was awesome…I’ll be posting the recipe soon . Didn’t get to see Mario for too long last night since he got home from work late, but at least I can stay up on the weekends and spend more time with him .

I was much less nervous today. Woke up at 6:10 even! Left at 7:15 and I still got there super early…at 7:33 in fact, and I drove the speed limit. Some cunt almost made me ram into her since I was going 65 (the speed limit) and she was going 45 and creeped into my lane…grr!

A new girl, Ricci, started today and she lives less than a mile away from me. The group of us that started during this session are all pretty friendly with eachother. I think everyone’s nice so far :).

We’re starting with the basics, which is actually pretty boring, but there are some students who don’t know anything about Word, period. We’ve got a really good teacher; she explains everything in detail, so I’m hoping when we start the math courses I won’t have as much trouble as I thought I would. With all three assignments that we did today, I was one of, if not the first, to finish. I am so loving this class. I’ve got no problem with typing for 3 hours :D. AND we get to get out early, too. We got out at 11:30 yesterday and today!

Gotta clean up, yet again, before this place turns into a pig-stye and it becomes overwhelming. THEN I have to paint those darn Yu-gi-oh’s for Eenan’s party. I’ve only completely painted ONE!


Random Thoughts of the Day

I woke up this morning and the first thing that popped into my head was, “Today’s Monday. That means tomorrow marks one week till school starts. OMG.” My eyes were wide open after that so I just got up and ironed Mario’s clothes and made breakfast. The parts for the Prelude haven’t come in yet. We don’t even want to think about what we’re gonna do if the Prelude isn’t ready on time. We’re going to have to face it and talk about it soon though .

Sally hasn’t called. As I stated in my previous entry, I didn’t think she would. I keep thinking, “What if her mom got my number wrong? I should really try calling one more time just in case”, but I’m pretty sure they have Caller ID and I’m pretty sure she just doesn’t want to bother talking to me. Never expected that from her–the others yes, but not her. Oh well.

While cleaning out Cookie’s cage yesterday, he bit me. In all the time I’ve had him, he’s never once bitten me before (unless you count nibbling, but that’s just playful nibbling). No, this time, I was pulling the newspaper out from under his cage, so I was lifting the cage with one hand and pulling out the paper with the other. And then I felt this horrible, shocking pain. Rabbits have HUGE teeth and his huge teeth pierced my ring finger on my right hand. I seriously had no feeling in it for about 4 hours. My pinkie lost feeling too for a while. It wouldn’t stop bleeding; I had to change my bandaids 3 times! Needless to say, he traumatized me and I couldn’t even change his food out without flinching every time he came near me .

Mario bought me a 30 pack case of DVD+R’s from Sam’s last week. They come with the case and everything. I borrowed some DVD’s from Mary and Noelia and have been on a recording frenzy. It makes the computer run really slow, like I’m on Dial-Up, but it’s worth it. Now I own Mary Poppins and Sleeping Beauty! I’d been meaning to get those forever, but never got the chance. I love my DVD Recorder . *pets it*

Hurricane Emily seems to be coming either straight for us, or we’ll be getting the outer bands of rain/wind. With that comes tornadoes and that’s what freaks me out. Mary and I were talking about it yesterday and got to talking about house insurance and all that. Big Mario said we should go to Elda and Jose’s apartment next door if it does come and wait it out there, since the building’s stronger. Mary’s house is wood and lifted up on these blocks. Ours is connected right to theirs, but ours has concrete floors. They’re afraid if a tornado comes that it’ll lift up their house (if it’s even that strong) and therefore it’ll lift up our roof. That sucks. I don’t want to be at Elda’s apartment for however long it takes to pass!

Oh, I just remembered. I drove something other than a compact car for once. Mario’s Tia Dora borrowed Mary’s van, so she left her her Grand Marquis. I had to drive that to Dollar General, where I was picking up cleaning supplies for Mary, and to the Post Office. I didn’t have a hard time driving it at all, and it’s a giganticly long car!

I’m bored. I need to clean the turtle’s tank out. Poor things…they still need their basking light and we forgot to get them one . I’m thinking of changing to WP soon, but the themes/skins is what scares me off. I’ve heard people’ve had problems with their skins on it. Worked too hard to skin the site to f*ck it all up .

That is all.

[edit] 2:41pm. Mario called and told me to call my advisor. She called the cellphone, which he has, and she needed to talk to me about orientation. I call her and she tells me orientation’s cancelled on Friday because of the hurricane. I thought that was really weird because everyone had told me orientation was on Tuesday, the 26th at 2pm on my first day of school. I even asked her, my advisor, and the financial aide clerk about my orientation and they both said it was on Tuesday. She tells me no, it was Friday, but just to go in on Tuesday at 8am. It would have sucked so bad had I missed orientation on Friday!! She’s so nice though. I’m so glad she’s my advisor .

Ack! I love this site:! Saw it on Attack of the Show a few days ago on G4…I hate that channel–it just irks me–even though I’m a big geek myself. John constantly has it on that channel, and I’ve actually seen a few cool sites while watching that one show.[/edit]

[edit 2] 4:31pm. Was transferring pics off my memory card and thought I’d share this picture. That’s Artemis, all laid out and comfortable on the cool, fallen bar-be-cue pit. Cobra T. Bubbles had been laying just like that, but we scared him and he moved LOL.