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Weekend Adventures, Driving & Swimming Lessons

Watching a high speed chase/kidnapping going on in California on CNN right now. I’m so glad it ended peacefully. The guy had two women and a toddler and infant in the car. I wonder what happened? What caused him to snap and do that. WTH? They’re walking him to a patrol car and as he was passing one of the suspects he either tried to kiss her or snapped at her.

It’s been a while since I updated. Mmmm…Got a 20 gallon tank for our turtles on Sunday. Went to Petland, bought one for almost $40. Went to Petsmart to get the rats’ food and found a 20 gallon for $32–I TOLD him (Mario) they were more expensive at Petland–everything there is! So we bought the $32 one and returned the one from Petland. When we returned it, we also got a leash and harness for Cookie . He’s getting huge for his cage, so it’s nice to take him out and get some exercise.

We had to rearrange the entertainment center to put the tank up there–there was nowhere else!

We decided to eat at Fuddruckers that day. I’d only eaten there once before and it was years ago and Mario wanted to try it out. My burger came out to $8.16, and it was a 1/2 lb. of meat! I couldn’t finish the darn thing. I ate about a quarter of it. I should have gotten a kid’s burger! The thing I liked the best was the seasoned fries I ate with nacho cheese . I also ran into a friend from my Mission years–Marissa. She’s kind of cooky and boy crazy LOL.

We met with everyone at the movies and while they watched The Longest Yard, we (Mario, Jaylen and I–Eenan was with Elda, of course) watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It was SUCH a good movie! I had my doubts, but I really liked it. I can honestly say it’s one of my favorite movies.

All I remember from Monday is taking Eenan and Jaylen to their swimming classes. I ended up having to take Jaylen out . This time, there’s a bunch of kids and not enough coaches (there are enough coaches, but I take it some of them are lazy and spend their time hiding in the office–I’ve seen them ). They expect the toddlers to learn how to swim when there’s 3-5 of them with one coach. The coach that had Jaylen and two other little boys could not control them. The parents of the two boys ended up getting into bathing suits and “helping” the coach–hello? I’m not going to be all ridiculous and get in a bathing suit. Isn’t that what they’re being paid for? To teach? If they can’t handle it, shouldn’t they get more coaches out there?

Eenan’s also in a “class” now–Angela’s with him and so are two other boys. Eenan already went through the 1st session and now he’s going through it all over again. So basically I’m paying for the same damn classes again.

That day, they learned NOTHING. I got so fed up watching the coach struggle with all the toddlers (shit, I’m not going to risk Jaylen drowning) I went and got my money back. I tell the old-hag of a supposed “lifeguard” that I want to remove him from the class because he really isn’t going to learn anything like that and she smirks and says, “Well, these aren’t private classes. One coach can have up to 5 kids.” I think that’s totally ridiculous.

The next day, Tuesday, the old-hag lifeguard tells all the parents that these aren’t private classes and that some parents are getting frustrated because their kids aren’t learning fast enough. I glare at Yazmin, who was sitting next to me and loudly say, “Oh, I guess she’s talking about me?”, and sarcastically smile at the old-hag (yes, that’s now her name). She kept going on and on about how the kids may not learn anything what-so-ever, but that’s due to the child themselves. Bullshit. It’s safe to say Eenan won’t be going back to Sessions 3 and 4.

Yesterday, as karma would have it, the pool messed up . Supposedly the kids are going to get to make up for the lost time next week, but I highly doubt it.

We had a busy day yesterday. Ate breakfast, we all got ready (John, the boys and me), went to the bank to cash Mom’s check, then I drove…ALL THE WAY TO MISSION! I had to pay for Mom’s storage unit and really had no choice since it was late. I did alright. I wasn’t even as nervous as I thought I’d be. Next, I shall drive to McAllen .

Took the kids to the library, where they made a little frame out of popsicle sticks and puff paint for Father’s Day . They had fun, but started acting up after being there for almost an hour so we left, went to Dollar General for a phone line, bread, chocolate milk and curtain rods. Then we went driving with John for a while. He drove to Dollar General to pick up some stuff for himself and we came home. He did well. It was SUPER hot outside though, so we cut it short. I started feeling really ill–naseous (couldn’t even watch Food Network without feeling like I was about to hurl!), my stomach was churning and I was getting a migraine. I unwillingly got Eenan ready for his swimming classes and they ended up being canceled so he, Jaylen and Angela played here while I layed on the couch and played Hangaroo with John. I made the kids PB&J sandwiches and laid down again. I felt better after 2 hours so I made dinner. When Mario got home we went to the 3 convenience stores around here to get brownies and vanilla ice cream for I’m Sorry Cake, but 1 was closed and the other two had no pints of ice cream .

Now, I’m here, stalling. I need to clean out the 10 gallon tank and put the turtles in there for today. Mario got some plexi-glass and is going to make a dam-type thing for the turtles. They have a lot of water in the new tank and Sammy and Brandon’s turtles keep knocking down their basking rocks, so they can’t bask properly . I also gotta put clean clothes away and basically clean. I haven’t done anything in 2 days, heh . I should get started or else I never will.

Family Time

Does anyone know any good recipes for a copycat version of the Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino? I just tried one out that I found online and eeewww!

Anyway, things with the neighbors seem to be pretty…calm. The guy must be in jail and the girl I only see at night for some reason. I don’t think anyone’s at the apartment at all during the day, or it could just be I pay attention at night? On our way home from Yadira’s last night, we saw her, her mom and brother (?) strolling down the main street, and it was like 10:30pm, which I thought was pretty weird. I’m just glad things are back to normal and I hope it stays that way.

We didn’t do much at all on Saturday, till the evening. Jorge actually invited us over . Mario picked up a 24 pack of Bug Light, as a peace offering, I suppose. Eenan slept over at Mary’s and Jaylen and John went with us. Hiram was already there (he has a key to their house, don’tcha know??) and I think it was pretty damn uncomfortable for him to have us there. Aww…too bad! The reason we don’t go over there anymore is because of him, plain and simple. He has something against Mario and we have no idea what it is. At one point, Jorge, Mario, Hiram, & Joe (their neighbor) went to check something out at Joe’s house across the street and I asked Maggie, “Does Hiram talk shit about us when he’s here?”. She looked kinda shocked at the question, and almost like she didn’t want to answer. She basically said that yes, he has said some stuff, but that she didn’t think he had anything against us. I told her he’d been acting that way since we went to Albert’s birthday party. I also told her the reason we hadn’t gone over since that last time (March 1st!) was because of him and that whole night, Jorge was bitching about how he didn’t want to bar-be-cue. I told her how shitty I thought it was that Jorge and Mario have been friends forever and for some moron to come in and ruin that friendship–it’s stupid. It’s stupid that JORGE is letting their friendship slip away like that.

Right after mentioning that, the guys got back and she talked about how she wanted to go to the beach for her birthday. I said Mario wouldn’t get the day off (sarcastically, so Jorge would get the point and maybe give him the day off) and the first thing SHE says is, “We gotta get Hiram the day off so he can go.” Grr. Maybe it’s not so bad that we don’t talk to them much anymore?

John had two beers that night, which is a lot for him since he doesn’t drink beer. Needless to say, John felt like absolute crap the next morning LOL.

Maggie made a drink with beer, and OMG that shit tastes foul. I don’t know how she can just chug that stuff !

Sunday I woke up to a moody Mario who quickly ruined my morning. I was so pissed and upset that I made a private journal and just vented until I could vent no more. Still deciding whether I want to give that password out, though. I really need to install WordPress, or some kind of blogging software that has password protected entries.

Anyway, he was going to check his cousin’s system and asked if I wanted to go. Even though I was pissed at him, I decided to go since I didn’t want to be home. The boys stayed with Mary and Big Mario and splashed in their kiddie pool.

We got to Mario’s aunt and uncle’s house and I actually had a good time. Mario was out with his cousin, fixing the truck and I was inside with his aunt, talking about computers, Roadrunner, spyware and downloading. She was shocked that Mario and I knew so much about computers LOL. She was so surprised, she called us outside to tell her son what we knew, because she said, “According to him, he’s the only one who knows about that stuff” LOL. We also spoke about how I can take the basic college courses online and where I can take the THEA (the new TASP). I’m SO not looking foward to taking that. Even John said it sucks. I don’t remember ZIP about math and I know for certain I’ll have to take all the remedial maths. Blah. Just what I need, to be in school forever just so I can get a job as an administrative assistant.

After having lunch and hanging out a bit more with his aunt and uncle, we came home and later went to a movie. Eenan of course didn’t want to watch The Pacifier, so he stayed with Mary. It was a cute movie. Jaylen was super sleepy when we got there, so he was getting fussy. He kept throwing tantrums about how he wanted Scooby Snacks (we’d already gotten him a movie meal, which has candy in it and a pickle) and thew himself on the floor. When the movie actually started he was in a pretty good mood, thank the Lord. He ended up falling asleep halfway through, as usual. I was pretty disappointed we didn’t get to see Gramma again this weekend . That’s almost 4 weeks, I think, that I haven’t seen her!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future, more than usual; about school, about what I even want to go for as a major, what kind of job I’ll have, will we make good money, when we’ll finally get a house, when/if we have another child??? Thinking about having another child in the future got me thinking about how my pregnancy with Jaylen was tough, which had me thinking, “What if the next one’s tough, too? Or what if it’s worse??”

I had a dream that night, a weird dream. I was 6 months pregnant and I had this strange, gurgling pain on my right side near my rib cage. Somehow, I had this pore, or some kind of “hole” where I had the pain and the baby was born through that hole! The umblicial cord was hanging out and everything–weirdest thing, ever. Anyway, SHE was perfectly healthy, looked exactly like Eenan did as a baby, with curly hair, and was perfectly fine for being born 3 months early. I took it as a sign that maybe, if I do ever get pregnant again, I’ll have a girl (heh!) and that my pregnancy will be okay?

Jose, Elda, and the boys got here around 10am yesterday. They’ve officially started their new lives in Texas . I ran a few errands in the afternoon (wasted 30 minutes of my life at the Department of Human Services, where I had to set up an appointment for mom, only to have the evil receptionist tell me since she moved, she needed to go to a new office. Grr!)

We spent the day at Mary’s, just talking. Later in the evening, Mary and I took the boys to their swimming lessons (I took video with my Kodak easyshare this time!) and then we all got together at Yadira’s, ate dinner, and talked, made jokes and were just loud LOL! Yadira realized that our children will all be very loud also–we could hear them scream-talking to eachother across the house . Mario got there after work, we chilled out a bit more and then we came home. I was super tired and STILL had to do chores I didn’t get a chance to do during the day.

Today, I’m hoping to take John for a drive (Mario figured out how to make the darn car work…we have to move the key foward, wait for a “click”, and then we can start the engine–dumb thing.). I also want to take the kids to the library, IF Jaylen ever wakes up LOL.


Nostalgia…and Other Ramblings

I’m doing my searches for my Netbux account and searched for hits of 1997. When I went to pick Eenan up today I was listening to a CD Noelia had in the CD player and a bunch of the songs on it remind me of when Mario and I met and when we were first together. It was so nice, overcast and fresh today (wish it was always like this!) and I was sitting in the driver’s seat, with a sleeping Jaylen in the passenger seat (I was parked) and I was running my fingers through his hair and just reminiscing. It’s funny how songs can just take you back. We’ve been through a lot *wipes tear*. 1996 songs remind me of my friends. I miss everyone. Damn bitches ! I think I saw Jessica (or it could have been her mom) when we passed by her Grandma’s house on Saturday. I almost wanted to call but pfft. What for? Anyway, I plan on downloading every single “Top 40” from 1994-1999. Man, I feel…old!

As for the homefront…Mom’s sick again. She isn’t taking her diabetes medication because she ran out (yet Aunt Nora called me and told me Mom DID have a refil for her meds from FEBRUARY!) and her eye either has a boil or whatever it is that she gets when her diabetes is out of control and is basically swollen shut. I’m so scared for her. I wish her and John didn’t have to have it so…hard. I wish we could just win the lottery and buy all this land and just all (my in-laws, Mom, Gramma and John, and us) just live near eachother. I wish Mom didn’t have to work anymore . I just feel so bad for her all the time.

Eenan got yet another G.P.A.R. for not doing his work at school. Took him almost an hour to do 1-digit addition, when he can zoom through 3-digit addition in no time. He was distracted. I wish it wasn’t so hard for him to concentrate. I’m afraid to even say it but, I think he may have signs of ADD . He’s so incredibly smart…but he’s a chatterbox and loves to play around and it gets him in trouble. Just like his father LOL.

Jorge gets here tomorrow evening and I didn’t even come close to “cleaning up”. I spent most of MY “chore time” cleaning up the bedroom since the boys had toys strewn everywhere. I re-arranged their toy boxes but who am I kidding…it’s still a disaster in there!

Going to go and listen to my songs before I go to bed. I actually found the songs that Eenan sang at his graduation! I’ll be uploading them for your listening pleasure sometime tomorrow (if I get time *crosses fingers*) . Goodnight!