I finally got this layout up. I planned to have it up before February 1st, but never got around to it. Then yesterday, when I was almost done coding it, the lights went out and I lost everything . So I started it all again this morning. Then, since I saved as .gif, the light pink got all grainy so I had to fix that. I added new music (click on the music note on the Quick Menu). Those who’ve been visiting for a while will remember them being the songs I put up 2 Valentine’s layouts (2 years) ago LOL. They’re all songs that remind me of Mario, 2 are “our songs”. I bawled like a baby, reminiscing about our lives together so far, while I was skimming CD’s to find the songs. I just feel so happy, and blessed .

Speaking of layouts, after 2 1/2 years, Lil’ Mama finally has a new layout . I was doing a “random code check” and ended up getting tired of looking at the layout and started on a new one. Gotta finish those code checks soon (so many Mamas are gone ) and then alphabetize the members since I’m not liking the having-to-move-members when I remove people or whatever. I have 91 members, I have a feeling over half are going to be broken links .

As for the potty training, Jaylen ended up pooping the night I last blogged. He proudly called me and pointed to the toilet and said, “I poo-ooped!” I was so happy, and relieved, that he went. It was only a little nugget of a poop, but I was just glad he did something. I made a big ol’ fuss about how proud I was of him and dumped his stuff in the toilet. He got all happy because he flushed “like a big boy”. It was too cute…he waved and said, “Bye poopie!”. Eenan used to do that too . He got really sad once because he had to say goodbye to his poop LOL.

After that, he went 2 more times. Now he’s got the hang of it, thank goodness. He is still wetting the bed at night, but he’s pretty much potty-trained besides that. We need to get Eenan’s toddler bed back from Yadira. Since it’s a plastic-y mattress, it would be so much easier to “clean up”.

Mario had yesterday off, which was nice. We cleaned out all the animals’ cages, picked Eenan up from school, then made lunch and watched movies. We watched First Daughter (was that the name?) which was really cute; The Village, which wouldn’t have been as scary had Mario not been poking at me during the suspenseful parts and yelling, “BOO!”; and Barber Shop 2, which was pretty funny.

Mom saw Angie. She’s a manager…which makes me feel like a failure because she graduated a year after I did. But I know, I know, I have kids and yes, that’s a whole job all on it’s own (I already got lectured). Anyway, Mom said she looked pregnant and Angie asked her if she was my Mom. I wanted to call her yesterday, but I thought, “Well, she didn’t call me to invite me to her wedding, why would she call me to share one of the most important things to happen in her life?” I also felt like calling Jessica, but I don’t even know where to find her. But anyway…

Speaking of pregnancies…since she finally shared the news I can express how incredibly happy I am for Tara and her hubby! She’s 20 weeks pregnant and may be having a boy !!! Awww…she must be so elated!

Okay, John’s here to spend the weekend and wants to set up an account on my site, so I’ll get to that before I get lazy and don’t want to do anything. Then I must clean. I can hardly contain myself.