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President’s Day Weekend

It was so freaking awesome to have today off! I’ve only been at the new place for 16 days and I already had a day off 😀 .

I started my 3-day weekend by having coffee with Sally and her kiddos at Moonbeans. My kiddos were at their other parents’ for the weekend and Jorge was working late, so who better than to spend my Friday evening with? It’d been a while since I’d been to Moonbeans, but was pleasantly surprised that I could order an iced coffee with HWC and Torani sugar free vanilla! I don’t think I’d been there since before they remodeled.

Every time LOL

We chit-chatted, and caught up–I need to see this girl more often! I love hearing her stories and laughing when we get together <3.

The kiddos were becoming antsy, so we drove to Bill Shupp Park just a block away. They played around and Sally and I tried getting the perfect selfie, but we were losing daylight and the kiddos started photo-bombing us 😆 !

It got dark and we went home. Jorge called to ask if I wanted sushi and well…who am I to deny my husband some sushi?? I haven’t been 100% Keto (and you can totally tell by my complexion 🙁 ), but I keep telling myself, “Just this time and then that’s it! Back to Keto!”

But look at that! Ugh. Like, there isn’t even a way to possibly make Keto Sushi with Flamin’ Hots! (Or is there…?? I must look into this!)

After my carb-fest, I passed out on the sofa shortly after trying to watch “Riverdale”. I swear I was on Season 2, Episode 4 for WEEKS because I always fall asleep! This is a show the kids and I got into during Christmas vacation (or was it New Years?) and they’ve all gotten so much more ahead than me!

So Jorge left to work the next morning and I lazied around in bed till I was good and ready to make breakfast.

I FINALLY finished that episode of Riverdale…just to realize it was my last one! So disappointing!

So that brought an end to my lazying, unfortunately.

I started tidying up the kitchen (as much as I can; I need to really give that place an overhaul! We have so many random cups and storage containers 🙄 ) and I started watering and cleaning up my succulents.

Jorge got home from work and I made him lunch, only to get into it about money, 🙄 . Men, I swear. He left and I went about my day.

I went outside to check on my plants and realized my rescued cacti is on drugs…not sure exactly what is going on here LOL.

I filled up my pink Yeti with some Starbucks blonde roast, heavy whipping cream and Torani SF sweetener–this would serve as my “Lunch”. Then, Mom and I left to the cemetary to change out Gramma’s decorations from Valentine’s to Easter. As much as I love to decorate, I just feel…strange? Not even sure how to describe how I feel going to the cemetary. I mean I know I’m “visiting” Gramma’s body, but maybe it’s because I’m with Mom that I feel like I can’t totally just be with her and speak to her. I just miss her 🙁 .

I finished tidying up her space and we came home. I was supposed to go grocery shopping but I didn’t feel like it, so I started tidying up my closet. I love shopping (thrifting, mostly!) and my closet has just EXPLODED with clothing that I can’t put any clean clothes away sometimes, then my computer chair gets messy because that’s where I “store” them. So I got rid of a trash-bag full of clothes that I haven’t worn for over a year, and that bag will probably sit in my garage for a month before they make their way to Goodwill, heh.

I tried sticking to Keto all day, but I started festering anger in my chest about Jorge and my argument earlier (because that’s what I do) and decided to clean up the dining room table, but not before devouring the last 5 chocolates in 2 different chocolate hearts I “found”. Hey, I’m human, and that’s unfortunately how I cope: by devouring shit that’s bad for me and will make my face explode in acne.

Still, I was starting to feel hungry, so I browsed through the fridge. Hmm. Everything required cooking. I just so happened to find 1 Corona, and 1 Michelada picante mix so you know what happened after that:

No regrets. It was the best damn Michelada I’ve had in a long time! (I don’t think anything will beat the one we had at La Jaiba that one time, though!)

Anyway, I happily took my Michi with me to my desk and caught up on my blog posts. Now that only leaves about 5 more that I need to finish! FML.

Jorge started texting me around that time and never really apologized LOL, but we got to chatting about why he exploded. He was feeling run-down and underappreciated in all different ways–but I told him that’s still no reason for us to argue because I won’t hold back lol.

Made us some nice eggs and bacon. Was thrilled until my egg popped 😕 and Jorge rolled his eyes as I bitched about it 😆 . But it was still delish. Does anyone else use their bacon strips as “chips” to scoop your yolk with??

I used to have an obsession with scooping my yolk with Doritos 😆 , so this serves as a substitute.

Jorge and I caught up on a show, and then he had to go in to work. I used the time alone to go to HEB and finally do some shopping to get it over with. (I love to eat and cook but despise grocery shopping. And shelling out $200 almost every time isn’t thrilling either 😕 .) I got home and cleaned and instead of making a nice dinner, Mom treated us to Wingstop instead :D.

Robert M. came over to visit the hubs. They had a few beers outside on the porch and came in later on. We caught up on life and my new job and everything else.

We went to bed when Robert left. I didn’t know what to do the next morning: lazy around and read, go to World Market to use up my gift card, blog, or take a quick run in the morning.

I woke up today to the doorbell. My poor Alaethia had a terrible stomach ache so she stayed home. All the boys were off for President’s Day as well, so poor Emmos was officially the only one who went to school that day :(. Alaethia rested on the sofa and I made myself the best Keto Krepes, ever. I wish I had some sugar free syrup to add to them, but the last time I tried buying some, I realized it had tons of carbs still! But, I just added some Kerrygold Butter on top of these and I finished the whole thing!

Linda and I chatted a while and then I showered and Alaethia and I went to visit my peeps at the Chamber to turn in a box of supplies I still had and the Parks-n-Rec. key for the bathrooms. I got to see Rosie, Sarah (who said, “Quedate!!” Stay!! LOL), EZ, Blanca and Gerry, Beto, Anabel and the new girl they’re training to take over her place (she’d be taking Sandra’s old position). I went upstairs and saw Jorge and we chatted a while, Tom, Michelle, and I chatted with Luis, my old supervisor, for a while. I missed everyone else since it was already noon. As much as I miss my old workplace and my co-workers, upon seeing the piles of papers on my old boss’ desk, I’m kind of relieved that I don’t have to deal with that anymore 😆 . This is the “busy season” and I’m sure I’d need a Xanax or meditation by now if I were still there!!

Alaethia and I finished up at the Chamber and left for lunch. She was feeling better and the first thing she could think of eating was Taco Bell 🙄 . So I called Jorge up and we picked him up to eat lunch.

I tried getting the most Keto-friendly thing possible: a bowl. I didn’t know the bottom layer was rice, so I left it. And then it was time for Snapchat LOL.

We dropped the hubs off and then we headed to World Market, must to Alaethia’s chagrin. She wanted to be home, watching videos on YouTube 🙄 . We took our time looking around and Alaethia loved it. She especially loved the candy section 😆 . She picked some items for her and Emily and I got a mug rack, some coasters for our new nightstands, Martini glasses that were on clearance and super cheap, Torani syrup and another pump.

Jaylen had been dropped off while Mary went to pick Eenan up from school. Emmos got home and then I started chopping up my poor, overgrown bougainvillea. After almost 7 years and Jorge’s constant nagging about how ugly it is, I finally decided to start the process of chopping it down 🙁 . The poor thing has been through hell (when we moved in, it was already ugly and chopped up LOL), but the hail storm in 2012, the roofers smashing it later on and then it cracking down the middle didn’t help. Now grass has taken it over so Jaylen helped me chop it up. I swore I’d be extremely store but I was ok. I had several cuts from the thorns, but I was grateful for Jaylen, and later Eenan, for helping me drag the giant branches to the curb.

I made some Keto Zuppa Toscana for dinner and had enough for leftovers at work, woo!

And then I had some Carb Smart Ice Cream with Lilly’s Dark Chocolate Stevia Sweetened Chips (that’s a mouthful!) for dessert.

(I was sitting at my desk with all intentions of pounding out this blog post, but I get distracted and am–undoubtedly–posting this 2 weeks later 😐 .)

All-in-all, it was a great weekend. Now I’m refreshed for a great week!

What I Do When the Kids Aren’t Home

Since the other parents and us are switching turns with our kiddos every Thursday for summer, I have to keep myself busy when they’re not home or else I become extremely bored, and a little weepy at times 🙁 .

One of the afternoons 2 weeks ago when I was picking Jaylen up after work (he’s going to his dual-enrollment classes during summer), we saw a pile of cacti waiting for brush pick-up in front of a house. When I got to Mario’s, I asked him if he had any old tarps or anything I could pick up a cactus with. He said he had an old pool, so he cut some pieces up and Jaylen and I stopped in front of the house.


We both stood there, hands on our hips, figuring out how to roll the cactus on the plastic. Jaylen said we’d pull the plastic close and roll a cactus with the other plastic and we’d each hold a side of the plastic and place it in the car. As we’re contemplating, the owner of the house walks out. I get nervous, and slightly embarrassed since I’ve never done anything like this, but I wave and smile. He comes over and tells us to pick the ones we want and he put two in the car for us, just like that with his bare hands!

So I had two giant cacti I had to somehow get into the ground, somewhere in the yard!

On one of my trips to Walmart for some cacti soil, I found this adorable baby!


We had a busy week coming up at work, and since my boss wouldn’t be in on Monday we crammed all the to-do’s into Friday, which included finding transportation for a group coming in from Irapuato. So as we’re waiting for someone to assist us at this one car rental place, this kitty jumps on my lap!


Then we stopped by this Mexican candy shop on the way to another place: Dulcerias Pinkies! My first time there, ever, and it was just like the isles and isles of awesome candies we’d buy in Reynosa for the kids’ parties (back when we weren’t scared to cross 😕 ).


We had a photo shoot for Mr. Kirk Clark at 4pm so we rushed over. After the photos were done, Mr. Clark invited us to SALT for drinks and hors d’ ouvres!


I love hearing his wonderful stories and the inspiration behind his beautiful artwork! He invited us all to stay for dinner, but Jorge had just gotten out of work so I thanked him profusely and excused myself. At least my boss and Gerry stayed to join him.

My love got home and we decided to have a date-night that evening. We used our gift certificate, so that was even better!


Tony Roma's

Saturday came around and I decided to make myself some breakfast instead of going jogging or to yoga (again 🙁 ) since I was still pretty sore from my procedure on Thursday. Breakfast on my porch is one of my favorite things, ever. If the darn mosquitoes weren’t so abundant I would have totally done some yoga right there.


I repotted some of my overgrown cacti and my new prickly one into clay pots.



While I was at it, I decided my poor large FREE cacti had waited long enough, and finally planted them (very carefully).


I showered, then Mom and I were going to go visit Gramma and grocery shop. We were talking about plants and she tells me to stop by the nursery near the house, so I oblige, heh.


We found so many awesome plants, and for cheap!

I even got a few extras in one of them!

We dropped them off at home and then visited Gramma and did grocery shopping. I had an awesome lentil soup made for when my love got home from work :).

I cleaned and repotted some plants on Sunday after breakfast.


Bear Paws!! Found at Walmart!

And made us some awesome salmon sliders for lunch.


I took down all my succulents from my windowsill garden in the kitchen and vacuumed/dusted everything. I vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom, too. I always spend all day on my days off running errands and doing housework and then I regret when Monday comes 😆 . But I put on my big girl panties and conquered the entire day, completing all bullets on my to-do list at work. And that deserved some homemade Fancy Ramen when I got home from work, and later, Salty Dogs for the hubs and I.



Jorge and I had actually made plans to go to Suerte Bar & Grill since the weekend on Monday evening since we were kidkess, but when the day actually came…we kinda stalled at getting ready until we thought, why go out when we can have drinks at home? And it was glorious!

On Tuesday, I stopped by Valley Garden Center after work. I needed some big clay pots to repot the cacti from Saturday that didn’t fit in the ones I already had, and ended up getting some adorable tiny cacti!

Aren't they cute!!

And then came Wednesday and along with it the whirlwind of gluttony during work for the next few days!

Follow Through

Mom and I both had doctor’s appointments yesterday. I remember when all I had to do was drive her and wait with her, but now I’m taking the appointment right after hers *sigh*.

It’s been 3 months since my last doctor’s appointment. Got blood work done. I’m really terrified to find out the results of my cholesterol screening, since I haven’t exercised at all since July and haven’t exactly had the best diet lately =\. The positive side is that–even though I FEEL heavier and was eating like crap–I didn’t gain weight. In fact, since my last appointment in June/July, I LOST 5 pounds.

I also asked the doctor about my darn acne. It’s gotten better since June, but I wish it would just GO AWAY ALREADY. He started me up on a pill again and a new gel, so we’ll see how that goes.

We’ll see how Mom’s results are, too. She wasn’t too keen on going, so I’m pretty sure she hasn’t been eating well *sigh*.

By the time we got home from the doctor and waiting for prescriptions it was almost 11am. Being stuck by needles encouraged me to have a healthy breakfast, as much as I wanted that darn Captain Crunch Berries cereal :(.

Oatmeal with strawberries and almond milk
Oatmeal with strawberries and almond milk

I cleaned up my bedroom after (somewhat) and organized my nightstand. Then I got ready for work and took off.

It was a slow day at work. Replied to a few e-mails, organized some bills, dropped off an invoice and that was really it. I was hungry by 2pm so I had a Campbell’s soup drink. Then we get an e-mail from Rosie that a company left us some pastries and fruit from Corner Bakery Cafe. FML. I shoulda just had fruit, but I had a piece of bread, too. No willpower, I tell you!

Someone stop me!
Someone stop me!

My boss left early and then it was time for a grand-re-opening Ribbon Cutting for Kohnami. It’s under new management and remodeled (it’s been forever since we’d gone there; I think the last time was for Michelle’s birthday last year and it still looked kinda raunchy >_<). We did the RC and then they fed us. OMG. Sushi. Boat. [caption id="attachment_2474" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Sushi boat at Kohnami! Sushi boat at Kohnami![/caption]

The food was so good. I only served myself 5 little sushi pieces (I can eat around 10!), some rice and edamame.

Wally and EZ kept Michelle, Marie, Rick and I laughing. It was a blast. I ordered some rolls for my love (50% off, can’t beat it!) and was home by 6pm. I called the kiddos, got a summary of their day (the boys were playing Super Smash Bros together and the girls did the usual, like play Littlest Pet Shop and watch their customizing/baking/Littlest Pet Shop/Minecraft videos on YouTube). I rolled out of bed, where I’d been talking on the phone to the kids, and put on my workout clothes. I had told myself all day I was going to run because I ate that bread, heh. I seriously want to get into a routine again, and since Jorge was working and the kids aren’t here this weekend I had no excuse. So I went outside, where mosquitoes swarmed me, and watered my succulents. It was thundering and turning dark fast, so I went inside.

It took me forever to just START running. I put on Biggest Loser on NBC while I ran. I did 30 minutes (5 of those were spent vacuuming under the treadmill LOL) and I was EXHAUSTED. I couldn’t get control of my breathing.

At least I did something!
At least I did something!

Jorge got home and he ate his dinner while I showered. We watched “The Knick” for a while. I was getting hungry so I made us a snack :).

Cucumber, lime and Tajin!
Cucumber, lime and Tajin!

I managed to stay awake long enough to finish watching “We’re the Millers” and the rest of the most recent Sons of Anarchy episode. I fell asleep when I was watching each one the first time, surprise, surprise!

It was Karina’s birthday party that night at Ice House, but it started at 11pm and I was already falling asleep by 11pm =\. Jorge and I had discussed earlier in the day if we’d end up going.

Can we say homebodies?
Can we say homebodies?

It just seems like such a TASK for me, getting ready, driving, staying awake that long =\. Plus, if I wasn’t already sleepy and I have one drink, I’ll for sure GET sleepy. Had it been earlier, we might have gone. I hope she wasn’t offended :(.

Plus, we had to be up early for the boys games, and they were both far. I was already running late when Jorge barges into the bathroom, upset, because the boys mother didn’t wake up on time to drop them off for their game after a night of partying. I can’t believe that crap. No shame whatsoever!

But anyway. I already ranted about that earlier, heh.

I get to the school and squish my way to the bleachers. The grass was still wet from the rain and mosquitoes were everywhere. Thank God Mary had some OFF. We sprayed the girls and ourselves and the girls had their breakfast while we watched. Poor Jaylen’s teams lost. And since he played the entire game 2 weeks ago (they cancelled last week’s), they let the other boy play the entire time. Jaylen just went in for a while.

But at least I got to see them all :).

My #11!!
My #11!!
My Chicklets!
My Chicklets!

I waited for Jaylen and he told me about his thoughts of the game while we picked up some McDonald’s for him. I dropped him off and saw Eenan for a bit, till the GIANT mosquitoes started flying all over the place. There’s been 2 cases of West Nile in the Valley, so that makes me super nervous =\.

The skies turned gray as soon as I drove away and it started to drizzle. I went to Dollar General to pick up some birdseed. I was actually hoping to find a hummingbird feeder for cheap, but I didn’t, grr. I did, however, find some bags of soil for $0.30 each!

I got home, ate my oatmeal I picked up when I got Jaylen McDonald’s and now I’m here, typing. We need to go see Gramma and then Mom wants to pick up El Pato. Maybe I can convince her to pick up something at Salads Plus!

Going back on this post…I realize my life really does revolve around FOOD hehe!