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I Survived!

It had been a hectic month and a half, what with 3 important, somewhat unexpected events at work. To think they weren’t even large expos or festivals. One was a dinner, the second one was a breakfast and those two were pretty easy. They flowed well. The last–and largest–was the most stressful. It was a 2 1/2 day event and it was my department’s duty to take care of all details (and by my department, I mean my boss and myself LOL). I asked myself daily if I’d actually be able to pull it off. We got tons of help from EZ, Bob, Michelle and Gerry–tons. I was eternally grateful. And in the end, everything worked out, THANK GOD.

The press conference at the airport started late, but it went well. Lunch at House.Wine was perfect; they do such a great job with our groups!

I’m pending a photo from the first evening’s dinner at the museum. Alexis, Michelle and Anabel took over for me and helped me so much that night. I made sure to have everything ready since they’d be taking over for me. Jorge and I had already made plans way before we learned about this event to attend the George Strait “Cowboy Rides Away” Tour. Of course I was on my phone the entire time, making sure the violinists arrived, that the crew ate, that the food was ok, that there was enough seating, etc. I really didn’t relax until George’s encore!

George Strait!!
George Strait!!
The Cowboy Rode Away :(
The Cowboy Rode Away 🙁

I was a little nervous about the concert, as we got to attend last year in San Antonio and it really wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. He didn’t sing an encore, didn’t sing very long, sang a few covers instead of his own songs and at the end, didn’t even sing “The Cowboy Rides Away! BUT. He completely redeemed himself with this one!! He did a great rendition of “Folsom Prison” with a huge gunshot blast and all, had an encore, sang “The Cowboy Rides Away” at the end and sand for almost 3 hours!! It was fantastic :).

Anyway, the most important part of the visit, the ceremony, was the next morning. After that, I headed to the office to double and triple check my RSVP list. I KNEW I was going to get some last-minute attendees, but so far, everything was okay.

After many, MANY visits to shops downtown and HEB, Gerry helped us get the gifts ready and then Michelle, Bob, EZ and I headed to Quinta to set up. After a misunderstanding (isn’t there always one??), we were ready to go.

The finished set-up at Quinta Mazatlan
The finished set-up at Quinta Mazatlan
A beautiful Mexican art curio display
A beautiful Mexican art curio display

Everything went without a hitch, thank goodness. Even after 13 extra people showed up O_O.

Since our crew didn’t get to eat, our boss took us to House.Wine for dinner. We chit-chatted, ate and had dessert. He even gave me a high five. All the weight floated off my shoulders. The last part of the event was the next morning and then, THEN I could relax.

Salmon asiago penne pasta with caper sauce
Salmon asiago penne pasta with caper sauce
Banoffee...OMG. This is heaven in your mouth!
Banoffee…OMG. This is heaven in your mouth!

The Cowboy Breakfast the next morning was a hit and everything went smoothly. I was so glad!! After picking up some vases we forgot at Quinta, I was FREEEE!!! I joked with Jorge that I needed to get a T-Shirt that says, “I Survived SLP Delegation Visit 2014” LOL.

I made sure to ENJOY and relax the rest of the weekend. Well, as much as I could following a 3-yr-old around and vice versa LOL.

I was awarded a gift certificate to Tony Roma’s so Jorge and I planned a date night for Wednesday. It was so odd to have a non-stressful week! But you can bet I appreciated the crap out of it!

My babies were picked up the Thursday afternoon (day of the first event/concert) by their dad and his family. They were taking them to Disney World. I tried my hardest not to text every 5 minutes to ask Mario to please take care of my children. And when I felt that I was missing them to the point that I was going to become depressed, I’d keep myself busy. Mario was nice enough to send me photos of their activities throughout the trip, and I spoke to them every single day, so that was nice and comforting.


Cinderella's Castle
Cinderella’s Castle

I’d been running and eating well for 2 weeks straight (running for almost a month in total, with breaks in between)…until the Wednesday before the event, and after that my diet and exercise went down-hill :(. I keep saying I’m going to start again but Jorge and I started watching Orange is the New Black while our kids were gone so…yeah. You can say it took precedence =\.

Jorge and I finally had a date night on Wednesday. I can’t really remember the last time we had a date night. We eat lunch together often, but we’re usually accompanied, so it doesn’t really count, heh. It was nice to spend time alone together and reflect on our day and talk about ourselves and just everything. The food was pretty darn good, too.

Cucumber Martinis
Cucumber Martinis
Dinner :)
Dinner 🙂

We didn’t have dessert there. Instead we went to House.Wine just to have the Banoffee ^_^. It was a pretty great night :).

Thursday was a pretty easy day at work and I got to take Friday off. I made the most of it, cleaning a little, making myself breakfast and lunch and I finally decided I was going to plant a succulent garden! So I went to Home Depot and picked up these babies:

Various succulents!
Various succulents!

It was a lot of work to find the perfect pot and to get them just right in the pot, and even then I left a few spaces in the pot bald =\. But it was so satisfying to see it come together and it brought such a huge change to my patio table!

My succulent garden!
My succulent garden!

I hope they thrive! I check on them all the time and I even added new cactus soil to my old ones on my windowsill ^_^.

My 3-yr-old succulents :)
My 3-yr-old succulents 🙂

I’m reading up about propagating them and have a few started up already, most of which happened on their own.

Sally and I finally got a chance to meet up on Saturday :). We tried having brunch at Birdie’s but that didn’t work out very well so we ended up at Los Cazadores. We had a nice long catch-up chat; it was therapeutic!

We went to Marshall’s next and browsed and then I dropped her off and came home to be picked up by Jorge, Jr. and their cousin Joey and his wife, who are in town for a while. We went to Cheddar’s for afternoon drinks and this was the continuation of my bad eating (had scrambled yellow eggs, bacon and a pancake at Los Cazadores, then spinach artichoke dip and chips and a Maui Margarita at Cheddar’s). We shared some stories and shared some laughs, it was nice. We headed to a Vape Shop for Jorge and then we tidied up at home since everyone was coming over to watch the UFC fight. I managed to stay awake most of the time, until we ordered pizza and I crashed out on the patio sofa LOL. Poor Jr. wasn’t far away, lounging as well since he was in pain from being diagnosed with gout =\.

Father’s Day was the next day and my babies came home early that morning. They brought me some gifts <3. [caption id="attachment_2247" align="aligncenter" width="253"]Cheshire cat cup and Ariel blouse! Cheshire cat cup and Ariel blouse![/caption]

We all settled inside and I started making breakfast. Took Jorge some breakfast in bed and asked what he wanted to do. He said: nothing. Just stay home and relax and do nothing. We obliged :). Well, until we had to go get a few groceries LOL.

We had the traditional botana from Espi’s and watched movies with the kids. It was a really low-key day, just like he wanted :).

We had a lunch date yesterday at Kumori. We hadn’t been there in a LONG time!! I missed the miso soup and the jalapeño firecracker. MMMmmm.

Jalapeño Firecrackers
Jalapeño Firecrackers
My Fiesta Roll
My Fiesta Roll

We took my truck in to the shop since the air conditioning in the back of the truck stopped working so I picked my love up after work. We did some MORE grocery shopping and we got home to find out poor Emmos didn’t feel well. Needless to say, she had a terrible fever around midnight and I had her sleep with us since fevers at night terrify me. That’s always when they get so much worse. So I held her and gave her medicine and water and took her to pee and refreshed the washcloth on her forehead. We woke up, took Jorge to work and I took her to the doctor. She had a throat infection and the ear infection started as soon as we got home. Since I was already in the office, I got another cholesterol lab done. I was hoping I’d be eating well and exercising–the way I had originally planned so I could get off the pill completely, but I ate like crap all weekend =\. I wouldn’t doubt I still have to be on the darn thing :*(.

My Emmos had fever on and off all day, but she was in good spirits and I’m hoping the fever finally subsided. The only bad thing is, now she’s really feeling the sore throat. I cleaned up since I was home and the boys helped me with the lawn. Made dinner and now I’m beat and ready for bed. Hoping for a much better day all around tomorrow :).

My 31st Birthweek!

Of course I’m typing this up a month later than it actually happened! But it was such a AMAZING birthday I just have to document it! It was especially amazing because we didn’t have anything planned since Jorge and I both worked Saturday and neither of us had gotten Monday off. And my kiddos were at Mario’s for the weekend =\.

This post will be photo-heavy, as our adventures could be told with pics alone.

I’ll start from April 9th, 5 days before my birthday, when Jorge gave me the charms he went and picked at Kay Jeweler’s and Pandora, all by himself during his lunch hour :*). He even paid in cash so I wouldn’t see it on our bank account! He was seriously like an excited kid: jumping up and down and texting me randomly that he couldn’t WAIT to show me my gifts. And then he brought them out that night LOL.

Another gift!! He couldn't wait till Sunday hehe :)

Early birthday present from my love!! What he did during his lunch hour :*). Thank you, @jdbueno!!

Love them! My bracelet is now halfway full!

On Friday, April 12th, the entire staff had lunch at Tony Roma’s, courtesy of our boss and the owner of Tony Roma’s himself. That was pretty darn awesome. We closed down the office and everything.

We got ready to celebrate Sally’s birthday that evening (which is the 13th, the day before mine :)). Carlos had organized a surprise birthday party for her at Kobe Sushi. Jess met us there, too, and we waited for the guest of honor :).

My beffies and I!

She was simply stunning in all her 9-month pregnant glory!

Speaking of, you would have never guessed Jessica has a baby (much less 3!)!!

Jorge had begun the Keto Diet about a week before this, so he was watching what he ate and drank. He ordered sashimi, absolutely nothing carby (well, except a Michelob Ultra, heh). I was being mindful, but I still had sushi and a drink hehe.

Cucumber martini

Jorge, Jess and I chit-chatted; Sally and Carlos were on the other side of the grills so it was difficult to chat. We got to get up and chat once everyone was getting ready to go. The night was still young, so we made plans with Jess to go to Buffalo Wild Wings. We joked that we were starting my birthday celebration early :). We talked, ranted and just had a good time :). I still wasn’t much in the mood for drinking, so I only had one Margarita.

Happy early birthday to me :)!

My honeybuns and I :)

The next day was our BBQ Cook-Off at work. The day went by fast since I switched stations several times and the weather was AMAZING!!

My love and Marco stopped by to have lunch, which was great :).

My love and I ?



5:30pm rolled around and our boss appointed me as “trophy girl” LOL. I wasn’t too into it, seeing as how one of the band’s band members had been staring at me the entire event and eventually told EZ that he wanted my number. To which EZ replied, “No way dude, she’s got kids and is married.” Not even that deterred him -_-.

Luckily, Wally took over most of the handing out of trophies (with the occasional one our boss wanted me to stand in on). Then it was 6pm, clean-up time, time for our 2nd annual group photo and then we got to leave home.

Jorge was on his way home, as it was “Night at the Brew-seum” and his company was one of the sponsors. He’d been working on this for the last few days and he said I was going to be amazed.

After we got ready (surprisingly fast for me!), we left in his car, and when we arrived one of his guys told him they’d forgotten a remote they needed. So back home we go, with Jorge muttering profanities, heh. We got the key to the van that the remote was in and when we opened the van…it wasn’t there! Then Jorge’s VIP tickets hadn’t arrived because his bosses hadn’t arrived. So he spoke to their marketing guy and all was well. Jorge got everything running manually, just in time! And man, was I amazed with he and his guys’ work!! Everyone was!

One of my honey's set-ups

The rest of the night was the complete opposite of our hectic, high-energy start. It was a nice night out, the food was amazing, there was a Vineyard for people who don’t drink beer like me :).

A Night at the Brew-seum

From Alberico Fine Wines

Love House.Wine!!

Best. Ice cream sandwich. Ever!!

I tried so much great food, but seriously, this ice cream sandwich from House.Wine was THE BEST DAMN THING EVER!!

Jorge enjoyed trying all these different types of beers, and we had some good laughs with the guys. I got to chit-chat with Jorge’s bosses for a while, too, so that was nice. Selene congratulated Jorge on such a great job and told him he deserved the day off on Monday!! Woohoo!!!

My love and I at Brew-seum

I also ran into tons of people I’ve met through work, Audrey’s parents, and Jeramie, but by then my darn phone was low and my flash wasn’t working so we didn’t get a photo together :(.

Jorge and I stayed late, since he and his guys had to pack up their equipment, but we didn’t stay for the VIP after party. We were beat! And we had a lunch date with my kiddos for my birthday the next day so we needed to be nice and rested :).

We decided on Dairy Queen. I had my favorite, a Reese’s ice cream cake. The kids loved it, too :).

Reese's ice cream cake!

With my babies on my birthday :*)

My love and I on my birthday :)

We ate and laughed and just had a nice time :). We dropped them off and went home, and I made some coffee while we caught up on The Voice episodes.

Catching up on The Voice with some hazelnut coffee before we head out :).

Jorge said, “Let’s go to the beach. Right now. Let’s get a room.” I had a 20% off coupon for La Copa Inn at the beach from work, so it was perfect! We set up a reservation, packed, and were on our way :). I was already having such a great birthday; I didn’t think it could get any better! I texted my boss that I wouldn’t be in on Monday and he ok’d it :).

We sang out hearts out as we drove. It was great :). It was dark by the time we reached the island and we were starving since we didn’t really have lunch. We wanted to try Dirty Al’s, but they were closed so we went to Daddy’s. The atmosphere changed a lot since they moved locations, but the food was AWESOME:

My plate!

My love's giant plate!!!

We had tons of food leftover. It was safe to say Jorge was “carbing up” that weekend hehe.

We went to our hotel and checked in. The room was so nice!

Our awesome room!

We watched Game of Thrones for a bit and then a movie. Then we decided to take a midnight stroll on the beach :).

A midnight stroll :)

We got back and took full advantage of all the amenities of the room, heh. And it was truly one of the best nights of sleep at a hotel that I’ve had.

We had breakfast at the hotel the next morning and took our time checking out. We drove around a while, visited a few shops like Tuesday Morning, and called to do the horseback riding but were too late for the morning one and a few hours early for the next one. We decided to just take another stroll on the beach to get some exercise.

The Gulf :)



We walked at least 3 miles. We decided that was plenty and were ready to go home. We wanted to catch a movie before we had to get home to the girls.

We hadn’t had lunch, and we’d never been to Padreritaville, so we stopped by to have some appetizers and a drink. Our waitress was so sweet and had such a great time chit-chatting we actually stayed for quite a long while!

It's 5 o'clock somewhere! With @jdbueno

Our lunch hehe



I made a quick trip to the ladies room and by the time I got back, there was a huge slice of chocolate cake and a crown waiting for me :). How awesome!!

Chocolate cake and priness crown on Baylee, our wonderful waitress!!

We finished up, talked about how awful the Boston Marathon Bombings were. We’d been sitting right there when the news started announcing the tragedy.

As we drove home we saw a house with tons of bougainvilleas for sale. There were even some red ones!!

My favorites!

Jorge stopped by and got me my final birthday presents, one red and one medium pink bougainvillea!

We got home to the girls and just enjoyed the rest of the evening :). It was truly one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had, ever!

And it didn’t stop that day. Michelle treated me to lunch the next day and the guys joined us :).


Shells treated me to lunch :)

Again: Best. Birthday. EVER!! So blessed with all the wonderful people in my life!!


Jorge and I were just discussing over dinner last night that one of these days–of course when it’s one of Mario’s weekends–I’m going to just NOT do anything: no housework, no work, no bill-paying, no errands, no driving Mom around. Nothing. I’ll just sit in my sweats, drink some coffee or tea and read and be lazy.

His reply? “You can’t. You just won’t.”

I must admit, he’s probably right. Already I’m thinking of what needs to be done when I get home.

I woke up today and first thing I did was make a call to the bank. I’m still trying to close an account and can’t seem to ever reach a manager!! Got up when I heard the girls’ TV turn on. I went into their bedroom and both were sleepy-eyed but smiling. I smooched and cuddled them. Alaethia snuggled under the blankets and said she wanted to watch the beginning of “Up”, since she missed it yesterday. Emily pattered down the hallway behind me and we had Lucky Charms together :).

Breakfast with my Emmos :). Aly is still being lazy :)

Alaethia joined us and I tidied up the kitchen and living room. We sat down together and I read them 3 of their library books. John came over and handed me his final car payment and some of my mail that for some reason still goes to his mailbox, grrrr. I got 2 calls from work and walked Michelle through some paperwork. I dressed myself and the girls, did their hair (with, thankfully, little whining over hair-knot-yanking) and then made some quesadillas for lunch. I heated up leftover potato soup, chopped up fresh chives, made some peach tea. The girls ate and they loved the quesadillas. My love got here and I served his food. As I’m serving tea in the kitchen he yells, from the dining room, “Oh my God! This is so good! Why haven’t you made these before!!” I don’t know why I haven’t, heh; probably because we don’t buy flour tortillas often. These were only in the fridge because one of the guys brought them during the barbque on Monday night.

We chatted about his work, the girls, the kids’ Christmas presents. I’m still debating what to get the girls, plus we need to take our budget into account =\. And whether risking my life during Black Friday shopping is worth it. There are a few good deals so we’ll see.

We got ready to go since Mario’s mom was picking the girls up since she got out of work early. Mario supposedly couldn’t come after work because his truck was full of stuff and he didn’t have booster seats or something like that but he’s probably going to the gym after work or having company. Same ol’, but whatever. I only didn’t protest because I knew I’d be stuck waiting for Mother this entire time. And I am. 2 hours later. Although now I think of it, I shoulda said no and taken the girls for froyo :*(. Dammit!!!

This is before they left; this was as still as they’d get after 10 takes, heh:

My babies :*)

*sigh* I already went to the bank to make John’s payment and I even took a stroll through the home depot garden center. I want to plant new greenery again…but I’m still skeptical. Like Jorge said, every time I plant something, something else destroys it.

Case in point: the petunias, impatiens & purple bougainvillea? Slaughtered by the hailstorm.

The 2nd round of petunias, celosias and the rebirth of the bougainvillea? All crushed by the roofers repairing the damage caused by the hailstorm.

So yeah. Makes me not want to try anything anymore :(.

Sweet Jesus, I’m becoming antsy! I’ve typed this whole thing on my Galaxy. I wanted to update about our eventful day yesterday, but I’ll save that for my laptop. I guess this will be the time I don’t do anything at all but read, sans sweats, coffee or tea or comfy couch =\.