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Mom’s Day ’05 Recap & Other Musings

Let me start by saying that Bush is a damn idiot. How the hell do you go off planning to spend all these millions of dollars on illegal immigrants’ hospital bills when you don’t even HELP THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ACTUAL CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY!! This country is going to shit. And fast.

I also can’t believe the little girls that were murdered in Illinois, may have been murdered by one of the little girls’ own father. How could someone do that to their own flesh and blood, their baby? It’s just so horrible. They were only 8 & 9 years old . Hence the reason I won’t let Eenan go on playdates yet–he’s already begged and begged. You just never know these days and that saddens me.

*composes self* Anyway, hope all the Moms out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I didn’t get a chance to finish visiting all my mom friends on the ‘net and personally wishing them a Happy Mother’s Day, and I feel very guilty for it, but I do hope their day was grand .

We started the day by all getting together at Mary’s and exchanging presents and having breakfast. Mario made me some eggs and bacon and handed me my plate and gave me a kiss. Everyone “Awww’d”. Later he tells me he was making himself breakfast, but after Annie said to Cata, “Aww, see Babe, [Mario’s nickname here]’s making Yajaira breakfast!”, so he gave me the plate. I said, “You know, I could have gone the day without knowing that,” and glared at him. Then he said he was kidding. I’m still trying to figure out if he WAS kidding or not .

This year, I got beautiful hand/homemade gifts (the best kind!). Mary and Noelia printed pictures of the boys and put them in the center of a plate. They helped the boys paint little hearts and stars around the plate with gold paint–they turned out so nice! Mary gave me a little angel salt-shaker, which she made herself, that had cherries on it to match my kitchen theme. She gave Annie one with sunflowers and Yadira one with cows . She also gave me a frame with a picture of the boys and a poem called, “Walk With Us Mommy”. I couldn’t even finish reading it that day because I was still PMS’ing and immediately began to get teary eyed LOL.

The boys gave Mary her gift, which was a jewelry box with a picture of them in the frame on the lid. I’d painted it white and the boys painted little stars and hearts and then we glued them on the box. She loved it. They made one for Mom, too. Mario and I gave her her gift, which was some DVD’s that she’d picked out herself LOL.

After breakfast, we drove over to the cemetary to visit and leave flowers for Mario’s Grandma, Great-Grandma and visited with Mario’s sister for a little bit, too. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it in the years I’ve been blogging, but Mario had an older sister (about 3 years older than Noelia) who passed away when she was only 3 days old due to being born with only 2 heart chambers .

We came back and chilled out for a while and then left to the movies. Mario’d been trying to convince me to watch that dreaded Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I’d watch it on DVD, but I wouldn’t spend almost $8 to suffer watch it at the movies. We compromised and watched Kingdom of Heaven instead. I can’t say I was thrilled about it .

We went to eat at the House of China on North 10th in McAllen. I so love the one on South 10th…this one didn’t have the crab thingys covered in the fried…thing? I forget what they’re called at the moment, heh.

It was nice though. The boys behaved for the most part and Yadira and I shared our labor stories with everyone LOL. We ended up helping Mary pay for the bill and now we are b-r-o-k-e. Thank goodness Mario gets paid this weekend!

After lunch, we went to visit Gramma at the nursing home and took her our gift. We stayed and talked for a while and then we left to visit Mom. I gave her and Aunt Nora their gifts, which they loved . I talked with Mom for a while and talked to John who’d been laying in bed practically the whole day. I told him to come with us, so he could drive a bit and of course he refused. I don’t know how he can complain about not having a license when he won’t even make the effort to learn or take the car out for a spin on his own. Hell, that’s the only way I started driving. I got a few lessons here and there from Mary and Mario and then I was on my own. Had I not started driving Eenan around on my own and taking the initiative to get over my fear, I still wouldn’t be driving.

We came home and Mario was tired so he was going to take a nap. I laid down with him to cuddle for a little bit and ended up falling asleep for about 45 minutes . I really need to start going to sleep earlier. I went to Mary’s and joined everyone after I woke up and started on a scrapbook embellishment: popcorn! I had little carnival theme embellishments (Sandylion brand) and it was missing a box of popcorn so I thought I’d make one. It turned out really cute. I want to make some candy apple ones but I’m not sure how to go about it. I have these clear sheets of plastic–the ones the stickers come on–and I’m thinking of putting those on some red apple-shaped cardstock to make it look “glazed” and adding a little stick. Hmm…

I scared Mario last night. I wish I had the camera with me to capture his expression–it was priceless! I was washing dishes in the kitchen and he comes up behind me, playfully smacks me on the butt and then gives me a kiss. I step away from him while holding his hands and tell him, very seriously, “I need to tell you something.”

He gets this OMG look on his face, kind of smiling, kind of freaked out, kind of about to PASS OUT and he says, “WHAT?”

“You know how your mom accidentally got me the wrong pack of birth control pills?”

At that point I didn’t know if he was going to cry or scream…or both. I start laughing uncontrollably and say, “No, you weirdo, I’m not pregnant! I’m just saying, she got me the wrong ones. I can’t take these because I’m supposed to take them the first day I “start” and well, I’m about to finish so I can’t take them. I’m afraid I’ll become incredibly naseous or that they’ll ruin my cycle. I’m telling you this because I “want some” after I’m done with this thing so you need to buy condoms.”

He look so relieved and then whined, “Condoms, hell no.”

I rolled my eyes. Though it would be weird going back to condoms after all these years, I don’t think he wants me to utter the words, “I need to tell you something” for at least 3 more years LOL.

Which brings me to the talk we had Saturday night. We decided we’d live here for at least 2 more years. We’re in no hurry to buy a house, though it would be nice–really nice. This lil’ apartment was built just for us, so we decided not to take it for granted, save, I’m going to go to school and then hopefully get a job after Jaylen starts school next year, and then we can buy a house. We could go and apply for a loan right now, but we could only get a small house. Once I start working (hopefully) we can get a bigger loan which means bigger house, which is what we both want. 4 bedrooms–no less, two living rooms, big kitchen, etc. We’ll have either red brick with white trim or cream colored brick. Yup, I’ve got it all planned out LOL.

I forgot to mention. A few days ago I uploaded my Lil’ Mama Clique index to this site. What a mess that was. If it weren’t for Jessica I never would have noticed! Well, not until I updated LOL. Thanks, Jessica :).

Well, I guess this’ll be all. I should get all this laundry hung up and folded. Then I have to clean the bathroom. Fun, fun . THEN, I’ll hopefully get a chance to upload my simple little scrapbooking pages to show y’all.


I Need Something TO DO!

I’m so bored *yawn*. I thankfully don’t have chores to do (just need to straighten up a bit and wash dishes) and am just bored. I tried sorting through my inbox and replying to e-mails but my ADD kicked in and I just started wandering off and now I’m just bored. Ah yes, the blinking lights on my modem are telling me fkn’ Roadrunner’s messing up again. Thanks, buttholes!

Anyway, it’s Friday and we’re probably not doing a damn thing. I’ve been wanting to go somewhere…maybe play pool or even have some drinks somewhere. We haven’t done that since…November! Since Mario’s birthday to be exact. Jesus!

Mario had yesterday off so we just lounged around. In the afternoon we met Mary at JCPenny since she was borrowing our card to buy a dress and some jeans for Noelia. We picked up a Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks while we waited (mmm…I want another ). I got another pair of jeans…since I only have TWO and I’m tired of having to wash them all the time . Now, I need to get more shorts. Those I have enough of though .

Anyway, we went to see Gramma after that, finally. I hadn’t seen her in about 4 weeks already . She was eating dinner when we arrived. She’s feeding herself now–has been for about a month, Mom said. I didn’t know that, I’m so happy for her!

While Jaylen and I were chatting with her I saw this girl that looked really familiar. I had seen her before, when Gramma had just started living there and for the longest time I thought she was this girl I used to work with at Old Navy. To make a long story short, we don’t like eachother because I reported her friend and he got fired. She later quit because her ass was apparently stealing shit, too. Anyway, the girl went in yesterday and was checking Gramma’s, er, roomate’s diabetes and we sort of smiled at eachother when she walked in. I found it strange, since that other girl DOES NOT like me and definitely wouldn’t have smiled. She was still outside checking her cart when Jaylen and I walked out the door and we glanced at eachother–and then it hit me. It wasn’t the girl I worked with, it was my friend Letty from Middle School . She must have thought I was so rude for not saying hi or anything! I seriously thought she was that other chick though. I hope I see her again sometime and say hi and appologize. I asked Mom if she new if a nurse named Letty worked there when I spoke to her yesterday, but she says she’s ‘never heard of a Letty’. I’m more than positive it’s her though. I never knew she wanted to be a nurse! And she probably didn’t think I’d ever be a young mom, either LOL.

We went to get a few groceries after we saw Gramma and Mario made THE BEST sandwiches (with bolios, or rolls) I’ve had in the longest time. Or maybe it’s just because it tastes so much better when someone else does the cooking/preparing ?

Eenan will be graduating from Kinder soon *tear*. After we picked him up from school yesterday, we went to the carwash. On the way there, he starts singing, “The wo-orld is a raaaainbowww! Filled with many co-olors! There’s yellow, black and white and brown…” and I’m not kidding you, I started BAWLING. I remember that song from MY Kinder graduation! I don’t know how I’m going to do it when he’s actually up on stage wearing his little gown and singing…I’m going to be a wreck . Mario immediately shot a look at me when Eenan started singing…he KNEW I was already crying like a baby LOL.

Jaylen’s been a crazy little guy. He comes up with the funniest things–things you wouldn’t expect a 3 year old to say (OMG he’s already 3!!!). A few nights ago, Mario went to the bedroom and I got up from the couch where I was watching TV with Jaylen and followed Mario and we just cuddled on the bed. Jaylen runs over there and yells, “HEY! You know better than that!” I don’t know if he meant we knew better than leaving him alone, or knew better than cuddling without him LOL. I think it may have been the latter, as he quickly jumped on the bed and stuck himself between us. Silly thing .

Well, I guess I won’t be bored in a few minutes. I gotta get dinner ready…I’m making Chalupas tonight! But wait, I didn’t go and get the darn tortillas from the store…grr. Then I gotta make Mario’s lunch for tomorrow. Meat loaf, mashed potatoes and corn it is!

P.S. Thank you to all who commented yesterday . I enjoyed hearing your opinions on the subject .

P.P.S. New layout at Myspace. I’m thinking I may use it for Pixydust, too. Love the colors. I just need to think of a main image. I think I may want yet another Hello Kitty skin . Don’t hurt me!