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32-Week Appointment & Target Love

I didn’t sleep more than 4 hours Sunday night thanks to Alaethia. I had tons of books to check-in even though the library was closed after 8:45 when I was absent Friday. Mrs. V. closed the library since she had interviews that day. She had two more interviews that day and I got to meet both candidates. One of them was a woman who wanted to volunteer at the beginning of the year but for some reason it never worked out.

The internet was so slow that day. I don’t know why it still surprises me anymore. Mrs. Ruiz was there that day so we got to talk all day long. The day passes by much faster when she’s there.

I had a doctor’s appointment that afternoon. I was actually supposed to have it on Wednesday but since I’d already missed Monday and Friday of the previous week I felt guilty taking another day. I still had about 3 more days to use up but oh well.

Everything was good. I weighed 140.4, which is great. I got to see Emily’s beautiful little hand wave at me. It was a quick appointment. They’ll be seeing me once a week after my appointment on Feb. 2nd.

Jaylen had been begging to go over to Aaron’s to play, so his mom and I set a play date for that afternoon. I dropped Jaylen off and then Mary and I picked up Church’s. We ate and then I went to Target with Mom while Mario watched the kiddos. The social committee at work was having a baby shower in honor of Mrs. Saenz and me so I wanted to go to Target to get a few more deals. I was shocked by how much beautiful new stuff was on the shelves that wasn’t there yesterday! Mom got Emily a bunch of stuff.

Jaylen was dropped off with Mario before I got home. They’d gone to a party but he and Aaron still got to play Playstation for a little while.

Eenan kept calling the whole time I was at Target to ask if I’d bought his book yet. He’d been waiting for Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw for months now. I’m glad he’s excited about a book.

I started making chili for our lunch tomorrow. Alaethia’d fallen asleep since 8:20. Grr. I hope I get to sleep tonight!

Productive From All Angles

The 8th grade kids that are usually at the library during 1st period for yearbook got ahold of a kindergarten yearbook. Most of them look exactly the same as they did back then. Too cute. They were all freaking out seeing each other.

I had a never-ending amount of books today. We had regular Reading Renaissance+2 classes+slow internet=headache. I felt like I didn’t do anything all day because I was checking in books all day.

A substitute actually went in to help and Mrs. Ruiz, my life-saver, showed up as well. Mrs. Vela had left some mail out in the open so I put it away in case any of the kids decided to grab anything. She came to my desk asking if I’d seen it and I said yes and took it out of the drawer. She said “What am I going to do without you?” She told me about the conversation she and the principal had the morning before. He told her he’d been angry at her last week for her not convincing me to stay. She told him that as an employer, yes she was pissed off, but as a mother she completely understood where I’m coming from. That’s why she’s one of the best bosses I’ve ever had.

Lunch came around and Mrs. Ruiz and I ordered from Starlight Burger next door. She picked it up and I went to clock out. It was such a great meal. I hadn’t had my morning granola bar so I was starving. When it was time to go back we checked in more stuff and then waited for Kassy and Glenda so we could glue more banners on the computers in the 7th grade hall this time. I’d been dreading doing it since I started making the banners–not just because of the walking killing my feet but I always feel awful interrupting instruction. It takes a while to capture the kids’ attention and just one interruption sends them into a frenzy and you have to do the whole thing all over again. Kassy and the other kids made it tolerable and it went by fast again. I had enough time to go back and shelve a few more books. Mrs. Ruiz had already shelved most of the cart by the time I got back—she’s amazing. I need to get her a nice card or gift before I leave. There’s nothing money can buy that can show her how grateful I am for her friendship.

I went to Vero’s office right when I clocked out to set up a day off for the next day. I signed the paperwork and noticed she had a bunch of stuff for sale that this organization leaves at her office. I ordered the Constellation Sea Turtle I’d wanted for Alaethia and it was only $17! I’d seen it in the Parenting magazine and was hoping to find it for Alaethia to see if it’ll help her sleep in her room. I talked with Vero a while and before I realized it, it was already 3:17! That’s around the time I’m already getting to the boys’ school. I rushed (safely) to the school, picked them up, got home and they did their homework. Eenan had lost his Math workbook a few days before and thankfully his teacher’s letting him have a new one. He’s still grounded from video games the rest of the week for being irresponsible, though. He didn’t complain. He’s maturing; he doesn’t fight me about discipline anymore and when the little ones are acting up (especially Jaylen) he’ll tell them to behave and listen. Aww. My big boy!

Mario and I went to order Aly’s Care Bear birthday cake at the bakery as soon as he got home. I saw one of my students there. When we got home I made dinner. Mary had brought some Burger King so we hardly ate from the food I made. At least Mario had lunch for the next day.

All the running around was really taking a toll on my pregnant body. My boobs hurt, I had a pain right under my belly (for sitting too long, maybe?) and m feet hurt and feel bruised because of my stupid brown Mary Janes. I just wanted to sit and prop my feet up but I had a lot to do before bed. I got the boys to bathe, Alaethia fell asleep, and I finally got to have some much-deserved, long-awaited alone time with Mario.

Wanting to Go Into Hibernation

Tues., Jan. 13th – I promised myself that I was going to conjure up the courage to tell Mrs. V. that I turned in my resignation for the 23rd instead of the 30th. As soon as she came in I followed her around, but she started talking about other things and then the reading period started so I didn’t have a chance till later. Once advisory finished I took a deep breath, turned in my chair and got up to speak to her…and the phone rings. It was already in her office, so I stayed where I stood to give her privacy. Who else was it but the principal?! I hoped upon hope that he wouldn’t tell her what day I was leaving; I wanted to tell her myself. I tried not to listen to her conversation but it’s hard accomplishing that since she has a loud voice and we’re only separated by a wall. It sounded like the principal was asking her why she let me quit LOL. Once she was off the phone I told her and she took it well. Or so, that’s how she made it seem externally. You never know how bad she wanted to strangle me inside.

I started on all the work she’d thought up for me before I left the position. I also started cleaning out my drawers and trying to organize the binder where I kept all my notes and so on. During last period Kassy came over to help me hotglue some banners onto the computers in the 8th grade hall. We picked up Luis on the way (he’d been kicked out of his class) and he helped us out. We did the whole hall in half an hour.

I don’t think I saw Mario at all that day. It was Jorge’s birthday, so he stayed at his house drinking because Jorge and Adan did that for his birthday. *rolls eyes* I told him if he drove home drunk and killed someone I’d kill him myself.

Wed., Jan 14th – I had another long day at work so I planned to do nothing all evening. I just wanted to get home and veg out on the couch after helping the boys with their homework. But nope. Big Mario already had the pit smoldering with mesquite and Mario joined him when he got home from work. We were having yet another impromptu bar-b-q, although I really can’t call them impromptu anymore because ever since Mario created that whole outdoor living room under the Party Porch he and Big Mario are having bar-b-q’s almost daily.

Mario’s aunt and uncle came over to visit, so I had to go out there and say hello, of course. I had no idea Mario’s Tia Marta was absolutely terrified of cats. She’d scream and jump every time she saw one! She even ran to their suburban when they were leaving and jiggled the door handle desperately until her husband unlocked the door because Ash and Alidocious were chilling out under the truck. I’d never seen anything like that.

Aide, Adan, Belle and later Jason, Mirella and Brianna came over. I chilled out with Adan, Aide and Bell for a while when it was just them visiting and then the girls all came inside. Mom of course followed. I felt awful about it, but I took shower while Aide was watching the babies. She insisted through my protests, though. We sat and watched TV when I got out of the shower and since the babies were getting fussy she left home. I started blow drying and straightening my hair while Alaethia watched a bit of Noggin. Brianna came in and started playing with Alaethia and then got tired and asked to have a cup of Ramen Noodles (at 10:15!). It was okay with her mom so I made it. Just as I was certain I’d pass out from exhaustion Mirella came in for her and they left. Then Aly and I finally went to bed.