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Eventful Few Days=Very Long Entry

I’ve totally stalled with the skinning/PHP’ing of the site. Actually, it’s more like I’ve come to a sudden halt. My brain+PHP+HTML=Mush. I thought I knew what I was doing, but I can’t get the site to do what I want it to do; I almost ruined it today . The tutorial I used to skin the site allows Iframes…all the others don’t mention iframes or how to incorporate them into the site. Yet, with the one I used…I’m still having trouble…I don’t even want to think about it right now. But then I really want to get it done . ARGH!

Anyway, as for the past few days…Wednesday was Tommy’s birthday so we got together at their house. I made one of the cakes–Monci took the other one. It was almost like Thanksgiving…Yadira was craving turkey and Tommy thought it would be cool to have turkey so Mary made the works. It was awesome. I made Yadira laugh her ass off when I told her about my little incident at the store. I’d write about it here but it’s a lot funnier if you actually “see” what happened LOL. It was a cool night. After we left the party we went to Autozone to get a part Mario needed and the next day he fixed the Sentra! It’s so good to have my little car back !

On Thursday after we took Eenan to school, I cleaned. And cleaned, and cleaned. The kitchen and livingroom were spotless. Mario even cleaned the bathroom without me asking him to! I still need to give the bedroom a good cleaning. I have to sort their toys once again since they won’t fit into their bedroom if we ever split the room. Here’s a pic of their stuffed animals in a pile:

Cheer Bear’s mine though . But yeah…and it’s so hard to choose what to get rid of because they’re so attatched to everything. They have a gazillion Care Bears. Here’s a pic of their toy boxes:

And that’s just one side of the bedroom . I’ve got my work cut out for me! Is everyone else like this? Do all other parents out there have rooms with toys popping out all over the place? I seriously don’t know how we’ve accumulated so much stuff…we *just* had a darn garage sale and we haven’t even bought the kids toys in forever!

Anyway, that day I took Mom to the store since she needed packing materials and cleaning supplies. I needed milk and got some pumpkin spice scented candles. They make the house smell so good! And they were only $.70 for both!

When we got back, Mario and I cleaned the car from top to bottom. We cleaned the spots on the carpet with Tuff Stuff (it works so well!) and detailed the rest of the car. It looks and smells great . After we were done, we picked the kids up, I gave Jaylen a quick bath since he was super sticky and then went to Jorge’s. We chilled out for a bit then the neighbor came over and we played darts. When it was my turn everyone was like, “Oh no! Here she comes!” I won the first two games I played, and then I SUCKED. I only won 4 or 5 games (compared to the 20 or so I won last time). I was so disappointed. I wanted to play darts so badly, and when I finally do, I did horribly. I blame it on the “new” darts…I couldn’t grip them correctly . On top of that, I started getting horrible pains in my knees, which caused me to focus a lot less. Grr I say. Mario didn’t do too well that night either…he only won 3

That day we also found out Mary had the beginning signs of osteoperosis in her back . About time the darn Surgeon General made it a point to get women checked for that. I wonder how Gramma and Mom are…if they have any signs of osteoperosis. Neither of them are big on calcium.

Friday I cleaned a bit more (I’ve had huge bursts of energy lately…I like it!) and I got out some costumes we had that the kids hadn’t worn before and tried them on the boys. Eenan liked the bee costume, but I think someone had used it before and broke the side tie and it was a bit small on him. Jaylen loved the spider costume.

After we picked the kids up and Mary got home we went on a search for Eenan’s costume. He wanted to be a tarantula from the beginning, but we had no luck finding one. We ended up getting him a Ninja costume he liked from Target. He especially loves the blade he got for it. Jaylen wanted to be a Ninja too, but also likes the spider costume so HE decided he’s going to be a Ninja Spider. He said he needs a sword LOL.

We picked up Chinese at the House of China and the General Tao’s chicken we got was awesome. I think it’s even better than Lotus’, and like, 3 times less expensive!

After we finished eating I went over to Mom’s and helped them pack. I thought they had more done, but nope. We got a good amount of stuff packed/separated for the garage sale. John and I were joking around and laughing our asses off most of the night–Mom kept getting mad at us and telling us to get to work. Just like old times LOL. We even “fenced”…he with a thousand year old duster and me with a toilet brush. I got him a few times LOL. Later Mario came over with Jaylen (Eenan was sleeping over at Mary’s) and he joined in on the jokes. It was fun and we made good progress. We came home and Sonia taught Mario and I how to play poker, so we did. We played a few games. It was fun .

Mario left to Chris’ after that and Jaylen fell asleep, so I stayed up and watched the episode of Life As We Know It that I recorded and the episode I missed and downloaded. I wanted to start watching that show just because Kelly Osbourne was in it, but I really got hooked on it. It’s…different.

Yesterday we just lounged around. I helped Mary make some (very delicious) candy apples for Noey’s carnival at the college and later I made some killer cheese and chicken enchiladas for lunch. Then we got ready and picked Mom up from work and then went to see Gramma. We got there in time for her dinner, so I fed her again. I asked her if she liked it better at this place and she said yes, that the lady she shares the room with is very nice and gave her a roll of deoderant, goodies, and some hair clips. As she says that, she turns her head and shows me her hair and I see a blue clip that’s falling off. I fixed her hair and she looked so nice . I’m glad she’s not lonely and is doing well.

We went home and all piled up in the van to go the carnival at UTPA. Noey dressed up as a vampiress and looked awesome. I was angry at Mario because he didn’t want to go, but I sucked it up and decided I was going to have fun. Mom and John went too. We stopped at a bakery on the way over there and picked up some little cakes Mary’s friend from work had given us once. They are SO good. I’ve never tasted anything like them. That bakery brought back memories of the bakery Mom and I would go to when I was little. It smelled so old fashioned and really nice.

The boys had fun at the carnival. They could only get on a few rides…most were too big. Jaylen freaked out at this inflatable slide thing, but Eenan loved it. Jaylen went on the Moon Jump instead. He only got on it twice, since there were lots of kids who had to take turns, but they did get about 10 minutes each turn. They also got lots of free candy and nachos .

When we got home, Mario got here too. He’d left to Chris’, which pissed me off even more because I thought, “He didn’t spend time with his family, but he can always spend time with his friends”, and he’s always going to Chris’ at night. I normally don’t mind, but I wanted him to go with us somewhere for once. He was going to go back to Chris’ and I let him know how I felt about the whole thing. He just said “Whatever” and walked out. We’d gotten The Grudge (shh!) and I really wanted to watch it since I heard from everyone that it was really scary, and was disappointed that Mario wasn’t here to see it. So I just washed dishes. Mario calls about 30 minutes later and asks if I wanted to watch the movie. I said no, that I wasn’t in the mood anymore. When we hung up, he walked through the door. He ended up making me laugh, as always and we agreed to watch the movie. Eenan was sleeping over at Mary’s again and Jaylen was already falling asleep, so he brought the twin bed from the kids’ bunk beds and put it in the living room. We all laid there and got comfy. The movie though, was a HUGE disappointment! I expected it to be so much scarier than that. Some things were pointless. Noelia watched it the day before and said grown men were walking out of the theatre, so I thought, ‘If MEN were walking out, this has got to be a GREAT movie’. No way. They were walking out because it was WEAK! I dozed off at least 4 times while watching it, no joke–and I’m not one to fall asleep during movies. I’m so in the mood for something scary…especially since Halloween’s right around the corner!

Today we didn’t do much. I cleaned again, then later we picked Mom up and then went to see Gramma and then to H-E-B to get some fajitas for dinner. We took Gramma some pics of the boys. I didn’t have any of Jaylen…we only have them on CD’s or on the computer, so I took a picture of the boys and took my memory stick to Yadira’s and printed out a picture on her Canon picture maker. It came out so nice…I want one of those cameras/printers so badly! Gramma loved the picture . We got there after dinner, so we didn’t get to feed her and I think she missed that. She said, “I already ate…I was waiting for you!” Awww .

Wow this was long…gonna go find Cookie and put him back in his cage. We’ve been letting him run around the house and he loves it. He’s such a little fatso! He is constantly eating. I also have to follow him around and scoop his lil dumplings of poop . Here’s a pic of him resting on the twin bed before we took it back to the bedroom:




Yesterday was boring. I don’t remember doing anything but the usual (waking up, getting Eenan ready, cleaning, cooking, picking up the kids from school with Mario, then just lazying around here all day). I did make lasagna for lunch though…and I made it right this time! There was enough meat for the very top layer (unlike last time ) LOL. It was SO good! There weren’t even leftovers this time. We all got some (Mario got two huge servings), then Noey came over with her friend Amber and ate some, Big Mario and Ricky had some, then Mary, Mom and John had some. It was SO good! I could so have gone for some leftovers right now *sigh*.

Rejeana gave me a link to a game called The Crimson Room so I spent a while trying to figure it out. It’s too damn cool…I was determined to figure it out even though it took some time. John came home and I told him I figured it out and his mouth dropped…he said one of his classes last year spent the whole year trying to figure it out and he was amazed LOL. If anyone else figures it out, let me know in the comments! I tried figuring out the next two rooms and gave up, got in the shower and when I came back out, Mario had solved them both–using a walkthrough! After seeing the steps though I don’t think I could have passed those other two. Too darn confusing!

Today we woke up, got ready, and dropped Mom off at work. Then we went to see Gramma at the new nursing home she’s at. It’s pretty there. It looks like a huge house. She was so happy to see the boys, because at this place they let the whole family visit, and there’s no limit on visitors. We gave her the Diet Cokes and sugar free candies Mom got her (found out today that she indeed does have diabetes…she got two insulin injections yesterday–so we know I’m screwed and will definetly get diabetes later on). We talked with her and met her “neighbor”–the lady who shares the room with her. She was thrilled to see the boys and Eenan already has a stack of pictures he drew for her to put on her very empty walls. She also wants plants (she dropped hints when she pointed out the pretty mini rose bush the lady next to her has). We’ll hopefully visit her again tomorrow.

We came home, ate lunch, went back for Mom, brought her home since she’d be babysitting the boys for us, picked John up and then we left for the movies. He and his girlfriend’s anniversary was a few days ago so they wanted to see eachother and made plans to go to the movies. We didn’t want to drive all the way back twice, so Mario and I watched a movie too. I finally met his girlfriend, she’s a cutie and they look nice together :). We watched Taxi, which I thought was going to suck but it was pretty damn cool. I laughed so hard I snorted once …and there were people on both sides of us…

We were joking and cracking up on the way home…then Mario made me mad ’cause he wouldn’t stop at the Joy Dollar…we finally have one near by! I’d of gone myself, but the Sentra doesn’t work, I can’t drive the van and John’s car goes crooked because it needs new tires and I’m scared of driving it…blah!

I hope we do something tomorrow. We should go see Gramma again and hopefully go to a Jamaica (festival? fair) they’re having at the church. Goodnight.



Found this link at Renay’s site. I can’t believe people still support that man when he lies to our damn faces. Granted, I wasn’t thrilled with some of the things Kerry’s promising to accomplish in this last and final debate, but I’ll be damned if I’ll be voting for Bush. *cough* But anyway…

I woke up this morning and checked the weather outside like I usually do, but didn’t watch the news. I wake Eenan up, feed him, and get him ready. John gets here and I wake Mario up. I didn’t want to go with Mario to drop Eenan off, but thought ‘eh, whatever’ and got dressed. It was 7:40am…he needs to be in class by 7:45. It’s not even a minute drive to the school so we weren’t worried. I call Mom over to watch Jaylen while we drop the boys off and we pile into the car. And it doesn’t start. Great. We’re completely out of gas. Kept telling the husband yesterday we needed to stop desperately, but did he listen? No.

So we walked. I still had my coffee cup in my hand and left that way…you can tell I don’t walk much in the mornings LOL. It was a nice, overcast morning, so the weather was perfect. Jennifer and Tia Alma saw us so they went around the block and picked John up. We were a block away from the school so we kept going. We joked the 9 blocks to the school. Eenan enjoyed it I think. We decided, if we get a dog, we’ll take Eenan to school waking, if the weather permits, more often. I hadn’t taken a walk with Mario since…back in ’98 when I was pregnant with Eenan LOL. He kept joking that he was gonna pass out :p. Eenan was late to class of course, but we explained what happened to Miss Ortiz and she was understanding.

Later on, it actually started getting chilly and it rained! It hadn’t rained in forever and I did not believe the “cold front” they kept talking about was ever going to come. It’ll probably only last till tomorrow, but it’s been nice. Tommy came over and drove Mario to get some gas in a tank (LOL) and then we filled up the car. And it started. I’d never heard a more beautiful sound. We went and got a few things we needed (paper plates, paper towels, trash bags, milk) at Dollar General and then went around looking for boxes for Mom to start packing her stuff. When we got back, the new neighbor was outside and we chatted for a while. He gave me the devastating news that McDonald’s ran out of the Hello Kitty Happy Meal toys . No wonder I kept getting the darn Beanie Baby ones instead. Oh well. It’s…not really weird, but surprising that we’re talking to a neighbor. We don’t really talk to anyone over here…we wave hello, but that’s about it. We’ve never engaged in a conversation with anyone here…well, except for during our garage sale the last time. It’s nice being all neighborly :p.

I made cookies for Mario and the boys this afternoon, then family came over and they all left to Yadira’s since they thought Big Mario had gone to sleep but he was really just laying in his room. The boys went with Mary so Mario and I stayed here alone. He’d already started a fire for a bar-be-cue so we decided to stay behind. It was nice. Mom came over and then later Big Mario joined us. He brought out some liquor…forgot the name…and Mario tried some LOL. I don’t know how he can drink that stuff. Big Mario brought another bottle out and told me to taste it with just my finger and my tongue got numb where I tasted it . He brought some Sprite out mixed with the stuff and I took a sip and OMG–I got heartburn! I’m so not a liquor person . It was nice and fresh out…it finally feels Autumn-y! I wish we lived where the leaves actually changed colors and it was cool the whole fall, then COLD in winter. It feels like summer all the time over here with the occassional “cool fronts”. I don’t even remember it being cold for long last year :(. But then again, I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and I don’t know if I could survive and actual “winter” somewhere else LOL.

The food was great…Fajita tacos with queso fresco and salsa verde…the heartburn was so worth it . We went to pick Mary and the boys up at Yadira’s, I put Eenan to bed and now here I am. We found out Cookie is indeed a boy…so his name is now Mr. Cookie? We’ve been letting him out of his cage and he’s been running around the house. He loves it. He gets all psycho and starts jumping really high too LOL. He’s too cute. I can’t believe he’s a boy though!

Ok…eyelids feeling heavy. ‘Nite.