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Unexpected Rush

Sun., Apr. 26th – Mario and I got up as early as possible (at 8:30) and got ready. I called Mom to watch the girls and Eenan and Mario and I dropped Jaylen off at CFF. We went straight to Walmart to get the red paint for the flatscreen/entertainment wall and then to Home Depot, where we bought more joint compound for the texture on the walls, painting supplies and the taupe paint that’ll go throughout the rest of the living room. I can’t remember what else we bought, but it was, luckily, the last things we’d need to get the living room finished up.

We realized we were cutting it close, so I called my dad-in-law to please pick Jaylen up from CFF. He did and then at 11:30 I gathered the boys and we went to church. Yes. I finally made it to church after, what? A year? Awful, I know.

After church we went home, then I dropped Eenan off at CFF and Mario and his dad were already starting to work on the texture of the walls.

The Nook/Sunroom

When I came back from picking Eenan up Big Mario had set a chair and table with my laptop on it in front of the windows in the nook. I. Loved. It. I could sit there and watch the kids playing on the deck! There was a nice breeze and I sat with Emily on my lap watching Alaethia blowing bubbles. It was the best.

Everything went so quickly! By the time I knew it, the texture was dry so I changed and helped Mario primer the walls. We ate lunch and then Mario went to take a nap. Jorge called about an hour & 1/2 into his nap and told us the Lumber Liquidators place, where he got his laminate hardwood floors, was having a huge sale. Mario got up in a flash and, all paint-spackled as we were, went to the place.

I couldn’t decide what color of laminate wood I liked and then we saw the perfect one. It took some doing, but the guy gave us a really good price! We had to buy 10 boxes; he gave us 5 for $1/sq. ft. and then the other 5 boxes he charged at $2.19/sq. ft. The original price was $2.79–we got a steal!

When we got back home I had the dreaded task of helping Eenan finish his castle model project. I don’t know why I say I “helped” him…I mostly did the darn thing on my own since I didn’t want him to burn his flesh off with the glue gun. We got all the walls glued in and then he had the task of painting it gray. We needed to get a brick pattern going on, so I cut a little square out of one of my new dish sponges and I had him blot the square into black paint and onto the walls in a brick pattern. It ended up looking really awesome. He had to get into bed at 9:30, but I stayed up finishing the details till midnight. I am SO GLAD that I’m not working anymore!

Mon., Apr. 27th – John invited me to Kumori so of course I said yes and got ready. Mom and Alaethia stayed at home happily watching Noggin while Emily went with John and me. I had my Fiesta roll and ordered an Omega roll for Mario and took it to him at work. I didn’t get to chat with him long since we were rushing to get everything done and pick up the boys on time.

We stopped by Walmart and one of the first things I did was pick out the nook wall color. Mario wanted cocoa brown, but all they had were reddish-brown colors. Still I ended up finding one I liked:

Picking the Nook Color

Since Mario wanted cocoa brown I got the Hershey’s syrup I already had in the cart and matched it up to the last one, Sienna Redwood LOL.

It took a while longer to shop around since they’re remodeling the store. I’m assuming it’s going to look a lot like the new one in Penitas. It was hard to find some stuff. Still, I finished up with the shopping and was thrilled that I stayed within my budget!

Emily woke up and started grunting for her bottle as I was paying. She usually does that. I tried fumbling for my wallet and making her bottle until I made John take over. At least she didn’t scream her head off like the last time!

We got home and I unloaded the car, put the perishables away and went off to get the boys. As I was sitting with them watching TV I started feeling a little more and more nervous about the swine flu. Everyone was panicking. I couldn’t even find little bottles of Germ-X at the check-out and I think two cases had already been confirmed in Starr County. Or was it Cameron. Either way, both counties are in the Valley and that was just too close for comfort.

I ripped myself away from CNN so that I could start cooking. I stuck Emily in her sling and cooked and did laundry just fine. My back was hurting a bit by the time I was done, so I handed her over to Mom and washed dishes.

John came over before I was even done with dishes to print a report at Mary’s. Dork kept talking in a Forrest Gump voice and telling me, “Hurry up…Jannay,” because my middle name’s Jannet and he thought it was hilarious. So I started calling him John-nay LOL.

I was running all over the place doing stuff for the kids and Mario and I finally, 3 hours after I made dinner, got to sit down to eat.

I chilled out watching TV and surfing the ‘net that evening with the girls. Mario was off somewhere, probably outside with Adan or at Adan’s. Alaethia came up to me and asked me for milk. When I said she could have some and got up to pour her some she said, “Thanks. You’re a super good friend, Mom.” She says the cutest things, that girl!

Tues., Apr. 28th – Mario was off that day. We woke up late, as usual and Mom was already chilling out outside. She offered to watch the girls since we needed to go to Home Depot, yet again.

First we stopped at WB though, since we hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch. I ordered a WB Jr. with bacon and cheese. I couldn’t eat in peace since the darn bacon smelled weird. Mario said it smelled fine. I pulled most of it out and prayed that I wouldn’t get sick with food poisoning.

When we were on our way to Home Depot I texted John to ask him WTF was up with the stinky bacon at his workplace. All he texted back was: “I tell you not to eat there” LOL

We got to Home Depot and went straight to the lamps and lighting. We needed a nice lamp for the nook area and we found the perfect one. It was actually two of them for $14.87!

We looked around and I fell in love with the bathroom lights I want to install when we re-do the bathroom…again.

We got the rest of the stuff we needed, mostly painting supplies, and went home. I picked the boys up and Mario stayed behind installing all the outlet covers and so on.

Emily had woken up with a little bit of congestion that morning out of nowhere. By the afternoon the cold was progressively worse so I decided to take her in to the doctor before she really couldn’t breathe well at night.

As I’m driving into the parking lot I think, “Shit!” I don’t ever think I’d seen the parking lot that full of cars, and I’ve gone to the doctor when it’s packed. I was lucky to get the last parking space. I walk in and my friend Elisa’s at reception. She puts her hand on her hip and says, “You’re not here because of Swine Flu, are you?” I laugh and tell her no, that Emily just has a cold, no fever. It hits me; no wonder the doctor’s office was packed! Everyone there thought they had swine flu!!

I had Emily in her car seat and the car seat on my lap since there wasn’t any space on the bench I was sitting on to set it down. As heavy as it was, there was no way I was going to put the car seat with her on the floor because there were kids running around everywhere. This woman next to me, with three little girls, kept telling her (mucusy) kids to look at the baby. So of course they began putting their hands into the car seat to touch her. I almost hissed and told them to back off because she was sick, because apparently none of them thought that they were. When I’d finally had enough I texted Mario to please bring me Emily’s sling. I hadn’t brought it with me because it had been in the dryer. He brought it to me and helped me lug all my bags and the car seat to the car and helped me with Emily while I got her in the sling. I couldn’t thank him enough. I’d only taken out the most important things from my bag, left it in the car and only took Emily in the sling, her diaper bag and my book. Much better. And you can bet the kids didn’t try sticking their hands in the sling!

It was the longest wait ever. I even finished Eclipse while I was there! Emily was the very last patient, even though I was 4th to the last to sign in. Apparently the 3 people behind me had kids with fevers so they were taking them in first. We didn’t end up leaving the office till 6:20. They close at 5:30!

Mario had painted the nook wall with the brown color while we were gone. Although it wasn’t the paint we’d originally envisioned for that space, it came out looking pretty sweet.

The South Wall and Nook

Mario tried rounding up some of his friends to start installing the wood floors, but of course that didn’t happen. It makes my blood boil. Mario is always going above and beyond for his friends when they need help with stuff, no matter what it is, but when he needs something, are they there? That’s a big NO. He hates it when someone calls him up asking for help and I start bitching that he shouldn’t help them because of this or that. I hate being so mean and cynical, but I already know how some of his “friends” are after all these years. That’s just how Mario is, though. He’s nice. He wants to be there for people. I just wish some people would feel the same way about him!

The only person who did show up was Chris. He helped Mario install a part of the floor, about 3 rows since it was really late. Somehow–even though Mario works 10-12 hour days–we were going to finish up that floor that week.

Good Start, Bittersweet End

Mon., Dec. 8th – I finally wore my black and white giraffe-print dress and leggings to work for the 2nd time this entire pregnancy. I kept getting compliments and some people found out for the very first time that day that I’m pregnant because of the way the dress fit. That, and I’ve been getting hot flashes like crazy so I wasn’t wearing my sweater in the arctic conditions of the library like I usually do. Mrs. V. was still Star Testing the students so it was another quiet-ish, slow day.

Tues., Dec. 9th – Another regular day at work. I started noticing Mrs. V. is really trying to get me to finish as much that needs to be done before I leave work permanently. I had a list of laminating, signs, more laminating, getting Item Not Found books together to send off, and collecting all the Hatchet books and sending them off also. Too bad I couldn’t do much without someone else there because the library can’t be left unattended.

Mrs. V. was in sort of a bad mood since she got to work that morning. She was late and had “one of those days” since the morning. I suddenly remembered that I’d checked the ISS roster for some reason before I’d deleted the e-mail that morning and realized that Orly, one of the boys I was watching on Friday, didn’t have ISS after all. When he’d come in to visit that day I narrowed my eyes at him—jokingly, of course—and I told him, “Dude! You weren’t even in ISS on Friday, were you? You skipped all day here!” He laughed and with a guilty half-smile said, “Ah, yes I was!” So I told Mrs. V. about it when I saw her and I was in a good mood, joking about it and everything. Well she was annoyed I guess because she turned back, smiled and said, “Well, I’m sorry you feel like you were asked to do something you shouldn’t be doing.”

I just sat there wondering what the hell just happened when she turned on her heel and went into her office. I didn’t mind, once they listened, but this is the third time it happens that I’m “volunteered” to stay with students that are supposed to be “punished” and don’t listen. Had I volunteered for it on my own and then complained about it, it would be different.

When I got home I sat on the couch to relax and started checking my e-mail, Myspace and bank account. I noticed my grown husband and his friend Jorge are buying “favor points” for Mobsters! I texted him and practically told him off LOL. He doesn’t learn; the last time he needed favor points he completed some survey and somehow there was a charge of extra $30 on our Sprint bill!

I was feeling really lazy, tired and just pregnant and was just idly looking into the food cabinets figuring what to make for dinner when my Dad-in-law peaked his head in the door and asked if I had anything for the grill since he started a fire. Heck yes I did! I’d bought those cheddar brawts Mario likes and we had hotdogs. I had a relaxing evening. I tried updating my blog again but was distracted by The Biggest Loser and then, once the boys had their showers, we started cleaning their room, or old room. I’m halfway done; I can see the floor!

Wed., Dec. 10th – It was super cold that morning. In the 30’s at night and at dawn, and 40-50 during the day. There were Grade Levels that day, like there usually is every Wednesday. When Vero came to bring the snacks for the teachers she advised me to drink a lot of water. I told her I had been and asked her why she mentioned it. She said the other pregnant girl had gone into kidney failure and a lot of it had to do with her not drinking water. She scared the crap out of me and you better believe I drank water like crazy that day. (I also peed about 15 times.)

The day was hectic as it usually is during Grade Levels because I don’t want to be too disruptive, but I got things done. All books were checked in and shelved. My feet were killing me by the end of the day and so were the ligaments under my belly. Part of it had to do with overdoing it the night before when I was cleaning the boys’ old bedroom.

I was in a hurry in the evening, running around to the bank, then making dinner, and finding time to raise the hem on a pair of pants I’d bought at JC Penny. Mario fell asleep early, which makes me mad because he decides to do that whenever I haven’t showered early. I put Bridge to Terabithia on for Alaethia to watch (or “Terabithum” as she calls it) and prayed for the best. I locked/closed all the doors and made her comfy on the couch and took the quickest shower in history. She actually stayed still the whole time. I blow-dried and flat-ironed my hair and finally got ready for bed.

Thurs., Dec. 11th – It was cold again that morning, but not as cold as Wednesday had been because it wasn’t drizzling. A few subs went in to help–5 to be exact, but only one of them went twice, even though they’re all supposed to show up during conference times and after school. We had the library closed in the morning due to two meetings which were both later cancelled. We weren’t closed after all, but we still only had a small amount of kids go in. The Subs put books away while I entered the manual checkouts into the system. After they left, I got started doing the little computer banners Mrs. V. wanted done that say No Books at computer during testing!. I made 400–399 if you don’t count the one Kassy ruined LOL. Rudy, another student, told me I was making them in vain because the kids were going to rip them off anyway. Oh well.

The morning went by fast. I was amazed and pretty giddy over how smooth everything was going that day. I always feel guilty when I have free time for some reason, but I decided that I’d read a few stories on CNN before I started working on something else. The first story I saw was the one about that dumb bitch, Casey Anthony and how they may have found her three-year-old’s remains. I’d been following that story since they first started airing it. I had a bad feeling about her from the beginning. I knew she’d done it. What the hell made her do it and how can you even think of murdering your own child?!

I went to lunch and read my book. When I went back to the library I and had a few books to check-in and shelve and then a sub went in. He tidied up the books while I finished with cutting and gluing the banners. Now I just needed to laminate and cut them–yippee. That whole day went by fast.

I picked up the kids and helped with their homework until 5pm. The boys are just like me; they lose their patience quickly. We started getting ready for the Winter Festival, where Eenan would be performing in the chorus. Everything started at 5 but didn’t want to be there for two whole hours before Eenan’s performance so we left around 6:15. I didn’t want to be standing and walking around because my feet hurt, my back hurt, and my ligaments really hurt. I’m truly feeling “pregnant” now.

Before we left I talked for a while with my dad-in-law about the new laundry room. It’s pretty big. It’ll serve as a communal laundry room plus a nice screened in porch during summer. I can’t wait till it’s finished! I wonder if they’ll let me choose the color for it ^_^?

The kids had fun at the festival. As soon as we got there Eenan left with his friends. I wanted him to stay with us and have fun, but I didn’t want to be the uncool Mom, which I was SO being until he pleaded with his eyes for me to stop being embarrassing. I’m so sad he’s growing up. Soon enough he won’t even want to be seen with me.

Mario met us there when he got out of work. Alaethia, Mary and Jaylen played a few games at the cake walk. Jaylen loves cake walks. He didn’t win, though, which is surprising because he always wins. He got his face painted instead, while Eenan won a 2-liter and said he wanted to toast to happiness at home. Aww. That’s really all Eenan wanted was to win a 2-liter, because he usually does LOL.

Mary and Jaylen walked around and bought snacks while the rest of us sat at the seats we successfully acquired. The place was packed, probably more so than years past. We watched Eenan’s lovely choir performance. He’s such a handsome kid; he expresses himself a lot. We sat with Jason and Mirella. I saw one of the counselors from the school I work at and we also saw Norma and Andy but they were far away and didn’t see us. We got home and since it was late and no one felt like cooking, had soups and sandwiches. We watched Grey’s Anatomy even though it was a rerun and I chilled with Aly on the sofa. Mario brought milk when he made a run to the store and Adan and Jason came with him. They watched Iron Man and took care of Alaethia while I bathed. I don’t know why—I guess it must be the fact that Christmas vacation was coming up soon—but I didn’t feel at all rushed and flustered like I usually do on a school/work night. Mario left with the guys, the boys had fallen asleep in their room and Alaethia and I got in bed. She fell asleep right away!

Fri., Dec. 12th – Mario had to wake up at the same time I did since he was working at the Island. I didn’t want to get up at all and that’s because I got a pretty restful night sleep. I slept about an hour more than I usually do, anyway. I’m still having bad round ligament pain. It’s the first week I feel the stretching and heaviness this whole pregnancy. Once Mario was up we stood around talking while I made a pot of coffee and before I knew it I’d lost track of time and left late, as usual.

I prayed on the way to work like I usually do. One of my prayers was to have a good, easy day like the day before. I got to work and ate breakfast and was thinking positive thoughts. The day was not easy whatsoever. I completely forgot that it was the last day the students could reach their goals for the 9 week period, so there were teachers returning/checking out towers of books and kids testing left and right so I had to keep getting up and walking to the lab over and over again—I could hardly walk by the end of the day.

I picked up the boys after school and was startled when Jaylen jumps into the front seat and is almost in tears rambling a hundred miles a minute that he didn’t get perfect attendance and wasn’t going to be able to go on the field trip. Eenan gets in and says that they told him the same thing; that they were going to the Corn Maze in Donna and I’d have to take him myself. I didn’t understand since the boys both had perfect attendance. I turned the car around and parked in the parking lot. I go to the office and ask to speak to someone about the situation, but the attendance clerk isn’t there. The counselor’s clerk is the one who comes to talk to me and becomes really aggressive when I’m telling her what’s going on, even though I’ve kept my patience that whole time. She tells me to wait and comes back with a hot pink slip of paper with a note about the day the kids had Muffins For Mom and how I took them out of school early, therefore forfeiting their perfect attendance because the attendance clerk “warned” me. I tell her it’s bull, that the time to legally remove a student from elementary school without them being counted absent is 10am, not 12 as the woman told me. I even told her I confirmed it with their teachers. She looks taken aback that I knew this and tells me to come back on Monday to speak to the woman. Fine.

Eenan’s teacher isn’t there, so I go speak to Jaylen’s. As soon as I’m walking in and she sees that it’s me, she says, “Did you hear what they’re doing to them?” I tell her yes and ask her what’s going on. She tells me she received the same note on hot pink paper and she tells me she doesn’t agree; that I need to come back on Monday and fight for them. She didn’t have to tell me twice.

Sat., Dec. 13th – I woke up at 6am. I got Eenan ready and took him to the school for his UIL competition. He advanced but, unfortunately, didn’t place. I wanted to go back home and sleep some more since we stayed up a bit late the night before, but I had to have breakfast and drop Mom off at her appointment at the doctor’s at 8:30. She called at 9:30 that she was ready to be picked up and my gosh, what a hassle it was getting back to the doctor’s office! I’d forgotten they were having a parade down the main street and they were all closed off except for one! The doctor’s office is around 5-6 minutes away; it took me about 15 to get there LOL.

I waited around a cleaned a bit and then John came over. Mary said she’d pick Eenan up from the school once he was back from his competition since I needed to go shopping for Alaethia’s Christmas present. John, Alaethia and I left around 12:30 and as we’re passing the school the kids are arriving in the bus from UIL. I pick Eenan up and take him home. We went to Toys R Us and immediately remembered how awful it is in that area during the holidays. I got a huge surprise when I pulled Alaethia out of her carseat and realized she’d peed on just about every inch of her bodysuit. I changed her diaper, removed the bodysuit and just left her jean jumper on her and put a jacket over it. And she’d looked so cute…

Although you could hardly move through the isles from how packed it was, we found everything we needed. Plus I had a 20% off coupon so I saved $20!

I went to drop off John at home and then Alaethia and I went to Annie’s for Catherine’s birthday party. They were serving as soon as we got there. Alaethia only picked at her food while she was being passed around and went to play in the living room. Mom, Mary and Elda were all watching the little ones and talking. Even so, poor Aly got hit on the head with a remote; no one saw it coming. She was terrified after that so Yadira took her home with her since she was leaving early. My poor lil’ one. We went home to drop off the boys and Mom and picked up Alaethia. As soon as everyone was situated Mario and I left for our date to the movies to watch The Day the Earth Stood Still. I wasn’t looking forward to seeing it that much, but it was a good movie anyway. The only part I didn’t like was that it felt like it ended too fast for me.

We went to Walmart afterwards with Mario complaining the whole time. We went to Jorge and Maggie’s since Jorge and Mario had to go to the Dodge Arena to take care of some stuff for work. Maggie and I just sat around and caught up while she beautified and later she did my nails. I hadn’t gotten them done since June, before I found out I was pregnant. I did some research and so far it doesn’t say anything about not doing acrylic nails during pregnancy; just to wear a mask and have good ventilation, which I did.

The guys bought food from Whataburger. We ate and finished my nails and then went outside. We left around 2:30, got home at 3am and I didn’t fall asleep till 4. Alaethia was still awake. Mom said she supposedly hadn’t slept at all. Uh huh.

Sun. Dec. 14th – I love Sundays because it’s the one day I get to sleep late without anyone bothering me.

Well, not that Sunday. Jaylen woke me up early and when I thought I could go back to sleep Alaethia woke up for a cup of milk. Then the phone rang. Then Aly woke up again for a diaper change and as I’m changing her I hear someone knocking really loudly on the door. I figure it’s Mom, who doesn’t really care if everyone’s asleep or not if she feels like watching TV or reading in the living room. As I’m coming back from the bathroom Mary ‘s unlocking the front door and tells me Dad’s over and has been knocking on the door. Great. No sleep for me for sure.

Once I washed up and went outside we sat under the back porch and catch up. He tell me he was worried because we never answered the phone (it hadn’t been working the whole week until the day before) and he had the wrong cell number so he thought I’d gone into labor or something. He asked to borrow money, which was something Mom had warned me about, but I lent him some and he went home.

Later in the evening we went grocery shopping. We got home late and I was rushing around getting the kids bathed, dinner ready, and lunch for the next day ready. I was complaining about having to wash dishes and Mario offered to. I was pleasantly surprised. He helped a ton and kept me from having a nervous breakdown by just doing something so small.

What a Waste of a Good Man

I’m taking time from folding the massive, monstrous pile of fresh laundry that’s eating my sofa to complain about how unfair it is that Heath Ledger is dead :(. Whether it was due to his own stupidity and overdosing on drugs or if there was “foul play” involved…this is just too sad. Even my mother loved him; she could watch 10 Things I Hate About You on repeat all day.

They found him naked with pills strewn all around him. It’s no laughing matter whatsoever, but I couldn’t help cracking up when Yadira said, “Dammit. Why couldn’t I have found him?”