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Nothing Yet

I was uncomfortable most of yesterday, but today, Saturday (well, Sunday now) I’m fine–back to normal and still big and pregnant.

I couldn’t walk the majority of the day because of the pressure I felt down below, my aching back and my aching legs. It was awful. Everyone kept trying to convince me to either go to my doctor or go to the hospital. I started doing research online and about 80% of the sites I visited stated that I was in labor. I had no idea what to do. One, I didn’t want to drive myself all the way to Mission, since that’s where my doctor was on Fridays and two, I didn’t want to go to the hospital and have them send me back. So I waited.

I tried doing chores around the house to distract myself, but I couldn’t stand around long enough to do much. I spent a lot of the day chatting on Yahoo with Maggie and looking at pictures on Flickr.

Rolando came by around 5:30 to play with the kids. I had a houseful of boys (Elda’s were here, too) and I kind of just sat around waiting again. Mary and Big Mario went out for dinner and when they got back, Mary went with me and Eenan to drop off Rolando. Mario got home right after we got back and we kind of just sat around in silence, waiting. I’d already packed most of my bags during the day; now all I needed was our cosmetic bag and for Mario to find clothes for himself, just in case.

Around 8:30 I told Mario I was going to shower. When I got out I started feeling worse and finally listened to Mario’s requests about calling the doctor just to see what he recommended. I kept telling him they wouldn’t be any help but called anyway. A guy answers and asks what I need, so I start describing everything to him. He cuts me off–the bastard–and asks for my name and number so someone can call me back. Grr.

Mary had all the kids. She’d volunteered to have them all stay with her overnight, just in case we needed to rush to the hospital. We were still sitting around, waiting for either labor to really kick in or the doctor to call back. When we’d been waiting around 20 minutes, we decided to pack all our stuff in the Equinox and go to Jorge and Maggie’s to distract ourselves.

We stopped by Stars first to pick up some dinner for ourselves. We got to Jorge and Maggie’s and they were eating also. The guys put on Sex Drive, possibly one of the dumbest movies I’ve ever seen LOL and they watched it while Maggie, Sandra (Maggie’s neice) and myself were looking through Maggie’s nail stuff. She got some new Fimo clay accessories and wanted to try them out. We decided what we wanted and she went to work on my nails first (proper ventilation and masks were provided). It took a while, but they came out SO CUTE!

Yummy Nails By Maggie

I love them. I couldn’t stop staring at them when she was done. I wish I’d stuck around to see how Sandra’s came out, but it was already 2am by the time we left.

Mario and I got home and spent some time together since none of the kids were around LOL. Maybe then I’d go into labor the following day.

But nope. I woke up after only sleeping 6 hours and felt just fine. Emily was moving around wonderfully in the morning and I felt nothing like I did Friday. We got up and ready and got the kids ready to go to Target so Jaylen could get the new game he was saving up for and Walmart for some sports equipment. Mario finally decided he needed to start playing some type of sport with the kids now that we’ve weaned them off their video games during the week.

We got the sports stuff (baseball gloves, baseballs and a soccer ball) from Walmart and then went to Target to try and find Jaylen’s game. They were all out. We went to Home Depot next, where Mario got some stuff to install a proper light switch and outlet outside.

We figured we’d give Game Stop a try for Jaylen’s game, and we did find it, although it was about $6 more. He didn’t care. He just wanted the darn thing already.

We got home and Mario started working on the stuff outside. He’s very handy, but even so I did catch the lights flickering and wondered if he’d electrocuted himself. It was a close call, but he survived LOL.

Alaethia took a nap and I plugged in the baby monitor and just surfed the web outside with Mario. The weather was so nice during the day today I had to take advantage.

Adan and Aide showed up and the guys decided they’d have another beer night. They went to get bread and chips to make sandwiches and we just chilled out all evening under the party porch. It started getting really chilly for the girls (Alaethia and Belle), and admittedly, for us, too, so Alaethia and I have been inside for a while. Thought I’d update while I was still conscious. I’m really tired now.

I’m starting to become a little anxious about when Emily will actually be here. I was hoping it would be this weekend but I guess not. I’m telling you, at this rate I really am going to make it to my due date!

False Alarm

I’ve been up since 4am. I kept tossing and turning and it had nothing to do with how absolutely hot and sweaty I was.

I awkwardly rolled out of bed and went to pee and had the hardest time falling back to sleep. I was in between sleep and consciousness and all I kept thinking about was Is my truck payment due this week or next? Did the walking help? Will I go into labor today? I do have $200 in my wallet, right? For the truck payment? and so on…

It was so annoying.

I woke up at 6am feeling the weirdest pressure in my lower regions. I couldn’t get any relief. Then my pelvis started feeling like it was being cracked in half. Then Emily started festering around, kicking her little feet into my ribs. I finally got up to pee again and check if maybe that’s why I was feeling so much awful pressure.

I went back to bed and just sat there, gently rocking back and forth. My back was killing me and the pain in my pelvis was becoming so strong it was radiating down my thighs. Mario woke up and was completely alert. He’d fallen asleep at 10pm and couldn’t sleep anymore. I told him I couldn’t either, and described my symptoms to him. He just stared at me and said, “Well…today’s the day!” I was hoping he was right…but I didn’t want to count my chickens.

I told him about everything I still needed to do (reconnect the clean canopy to the car seat, reassemble the bassinet, pack my bag, clean up the bedroom and hang up the clean laundry, mop) and he shook his head–because I’m weird like that and would be worrying about mediocre things if I was actually in labor.

We put on our glasses and came to the living room at 6:25am. I kind of just sat motionless on the sofa, willing the pain to subside. Mario played Mobsters and I got my book and started reading. I decided to test myself: if the pressure was real then drinking coffee wouldn’t make me um, visit the bathroom. So I set the pot.

Jaylen came in just then, gave us hugs and asked if we were giving him the $3 for this week’s (prorated LOL) chores. We said yes. He’s been carefully saving his weekly allowance (my in-law’s give them a dollar a day to spend on ice cream or whatever they’re selling at school) so he can buy the new Fire Emblem game. With these $3 we owe him, he’s got more than enough.

I told Jaylen to tell Eenan to come with me before Mary dropped them off so they could take a picture with me. I wanted all of them to be in the picture with Emily (or my belly anyway LOL) but I wasn’t going to wake up Alaethia.

I prepared my coffee and drank it while I read New Moon. Mario beat me to the bathroom about 10 minutes later, followed immediately by me. Nope, still felt the pressure.

I started making Mario breakfast; a breakfast sandwich with bacon. The weird pain was now starting to feel like menstrual cramps in my lower abdomen, complete with the tingly pain radiating down my thighs and back pain.

The boys came in to take a picture with me and then the in-laws came to check how I was doing. I told them about my weird symptoms, but that I was okay for now. Mary told me to call and keep her updated.

Mario was already ready for work and I figured I wouldn’t stop him unless I felt a real contraction between then and 8:30, when he leaves. I didn’t, so he left. He told me to call if there were any changes.

So I’ve been here now…about an hour after Mario left to work and I still feel the same. I’ve already eaten breakfast and I’m taking a break from reading to blog. I wanted to get started on everything I still need to do, but the sleep I’m lacking is starting to catch up with me. If today’s not the day, at least it’s the weekend.

Speeding Things Along

Wow. I really do have pregnancy brain. I’m trying to collect my thoughts so I can construct an entry about yesterday and I really can’t remember what the heck I did. Hmm…

If I remember correctly I had a quick lunch of a Rice Crispies Treat and some pineapples. It’s so weird; I’ve had no appetite during lunch for the past week or so. I have to force myself to eat something since I don’t get hungry at lunchtime, but then I’m eating dinner early around 4:30-5:30.

I also sort of forgot to eat since I was trying to tidy up my messy bedroom. I really need to get Mario to get help me put all the stuff that belongs in the closet in there. The room had been looking so nice after Sally came and helped me with it on New Year’s Eve, and now it’s back to looking horrible.

I made sure the boys did homework after they’d had their afternoon snack (banana bread). Well, Jaylen had already done his at school. Eenan’s was fast. They did some chores (Jaylen really wants to start getting paid for chores; he says he’ll do anything LOL) and then went off to play. They’re doing amazingly well now that we’ve gotten into a routine of not playing video games during the week.

I see a cloudy gap for about an hour after the boys got home. I might have read…or gotten online? I can’t remember. I started getting all the ingredients out for the spaghetti and meatballs I was making for dinner and then I texted Mario around 6:30 to ask where he was (he gets out about an hour earlier) and he said they were already driving in. Jorge was with him. I had chatted with Maggie on Yahoo earlier in the day and she wanted us to go over, but she’d gotten busy so they were going to visit again. No problem for me.

It took forever to work on the food but I called the guys in when it was done, they ate, the kids ate and I followed them outside to eat in the cool breeze. I couldn’t get relief inside the house; the air conditioning is on and the fan was facing right at me and I still couldn’t stop sweating.

So I ate out there and Alaethia played around. Adan and Aide got here with Belle and we just sat around talking. Jorge started feeling really ill, then Mario’s stomach started to hurt and I got like, 4 strong contractions. My contractions went away (poo), Mario felt better but Jorge still wasn’t feeling good at all. When Maggie got here they left right away. The rest of us stayed outside for a while and then came in once the mosquitoes started biting.

We chilled out a while and then Adan, Aide and Belle left. Alaethia was nodding off watching TV so I got into the shower. Mario and I spent some alone time together trying to uh, hurry the contractions along, heh and then we all went to bed. I had to “tickle” Alaethia’s face (run my fingers slowly and softly over her eyes and all over her face) in order for her to fall asleep.

I woke up 5 minutes late this morning and made breakfast. I didn’t know what I was going to make but BACON stood out in my mind. I scrambled some eggs, toasted the bacon, got some slices of cheese out, some refried beans and corn tortillas. I really wanted flour ones but someone seems to have stolen them again. That, or they were used up during one of our many weekly bar-b-q’s.

So I made these really awesome tacos and packed them for Mario along with his lunch. He left and I made myself a glass of chocolate milk to go with my tacos, and opened up New Moon and read for an uninterrupted hour.

Mary called right after I finished breakfast and filled me in on the gossip. I washed dishes while we talked (it always goes faster when someone’s talking with you) and then I texted Mario to let him know about the gossip LOL. I closed up Yahoo and then went to wake up Alaethia. My mistake is laying next to her when I’m going to wake her up so I pass out. Same thing happened again today LOL. I slept for half an hour and then the phone rang (wrong number, I HATE THAT!) and I slept for another half hour before I was rudely awaken by the doorbell ringing about 20 times in a row. It was my dear brother.

I scooped Alaethia up in my arms and forced her awake after that. She had breakfast (not very much of it) and John and I just chatted and then we made plans to go to the mall so I could do some walking. I really want to have this baby on Friday. Not only is it an even numbered day, it’s the weekend! If Mario misses tomorrow it’s okay, and then he has two days to spend with me and the baby. I would be perfect.

So I picked up the boys. Made sure they had their snacks and then Eenan started working on homework (Jaylen finished his at school again). I went to a quick appointment while Mom and John stayed with the kids and then came back and John and I left to the mall.

I parked at Sears, which is on the opposite side of the store I needed to go to: JC Penny. I got some good exercise. I had to return one of Emily’s Carter outfits–because she has the exact same one in the exact same size–but it wasn’t from any of the stores I went to. They told me to try Macy’s, Beall’s, and Toys R Us. I’d rather just keep the darn thing LOL.

I had a $10 coupon I wanted to use (I love those) and found some amazing discounts on PJ’s. I actually wanted to find a nice blouse for after delivery to go with my new black sweat pants, but I found a pink tank and two cute PJ bottoms instead. I only paid $15 out of my own pocket after the coupon :).

We rushed to Mario’s work, because he asked me to pick him up, and then we came home. John had the rest of the banana bread and some lemonade and went home. I made dinner (steak and corn-on-the-cob) and I must say, it was delicious. The steak we got was really tender and just good. Alaethia ate ALL her steak, surprisingly, but left all the corn. Well, it’s not much of a surprise; she’s a meat-eater like her dad.

So after that we just chilled out (Mario and Aly watched George Lopez and I read) and now I’m waiting to put the laundry in the dryer. I’m hoping tomorrow’s the big day! I need to go to sleep early to finish up my chores, just in case *crosses fingers*!