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After giving up and losing faith on the whole job-hunt thing, I got a call from one of the places I really wanted to work at. They called yesterday and we set an interview tomorrow at 2:30. It’s part-time, but I don’t mind at all since I probably won’t stand being on my feet for 8 whole hours. 4 sounds better LOL. And it’s close to home!

I don’t want to get too excited though. I’m showing, like REALLY showing, so I hope that doesn’t compromise their decision (although on the application itself, it said that they didn’t discriminate against pregnant women–we’ll see).

Speaking of showing, I wore one of my maternity shirts today and it fit. Just a few days ago, on the 4th of July, I didn’t look right in it yet and now I do. It’s so weird to me to be “this big” so soon in the pregnancy. With both my boys I didn’t start showing till 4 months. This is quite the change. Thankfully I didn’t have to go through the Awkward Stage (the one where your old clothes don’t fit, but you’re too small for maternity clothes) for too long, though.

Well, I’m ready for tomorrow. I’ve been rehearsing my answers to their potential questions in my head since yesterday. I won’t get my hopes up if I don’t get the job. It’s not the end of the world.

Gotta keep repeating that last sentence to myself.

Oh, and Mom’s appointment yesterday? Her diabetes was at 89 for the first time, ever. It was a relief for us (including the doctor) to see her glucose levels finally controlled!


I wish I could say that I haven’t updated because I’ve been working at my new fabulous job, but the truth is I’ve been running around doing errands and taking Mom to her doctor’s appointments since last Monday.

None of the places that I’ve applied at have called me back. Since we’re doing pretty good right now both Mario and I decided I shouldn’t be too worried about it. I guess I was in a rush to get a good job I’d like and stay with since we’re hoping to sell the property we have and move (probably to an area I didn’t want to move to in the first place). We’ll be remodeling our apartment in the next few weeks (my father-in-law will, actually) so we’ll feel more comfortable and will work with our space. I’m finally (hopefully!) going to have a walk-in closet!

I took Mom to her audiologist appointment on Monday morning. They tested her hearing and she’ll be getting a new hearing aid in a few weeks. The lady that was testing her and I got into a discussion about how her hearing loss may have been a result of the Diabetes, how her eye sight may be in jeopardy and how John and I might very well suffer from those two things also, because of our parents. Great. We talked about our diets and pregnancies and she said I may be in the clear since I haven’t gotten Gestational Diabetes with my other pregnancies. It was a great talk. It would have been great working there. I say that, because that’s the place I was going to have an interview at but couldn’t make it since I was grocery shopping, buying my new high school diploma, and saving John from his monsterous car. The man I spoke to seemed determined to hire me–he kept calling me back. Dammit! It wouldn’t have been too far from Mario’s work either.

That night Mario and I watched movies. After the movies, he went for a drive and while I waited for him to get back I flipped through channels. As I was passing through the community (mostly school district-related) channel, I noticed something about the last day to register kids at Eenan’s school was the next day. So on Tuesday, I took Jaylen and registered him for Pre-K. I was sort of iffy about it, since I wasn’t sure we’d make it because of our income and because all the kid speaks is English (they’re only letting kids who speak Spanish enter Pre-K now–dumb, I know). I gathered all the documents I needed and hoped for the best.

I guess in a way it’s a good thing I’m not working because if I was Jaylen really wouldn’t have been able to register. We made it since we were just under the income limit for a family of 4. The catch is, the first week of school they’re going to be testing the kids and if they know too much English, they’ll be withdrawn. What idiots.

I started thinking about it though and am worried for my little guy. Since he doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish, how’s he going to make friends? Mary assures me he’ll be fine, that kids play with eachother whether there’s a language barrier or not. I just hope he won’t hate it :(. It’s going to be tough to begin with since he’s SO attatched to me :(.

Wednesday was my 2nd doctor’s appointment at the new office I’m going to. This is the one where they wedge me open with a gigantic, icy-cold speculum and scrub me raw with a giant q-tip. It hurts all over again just thinking about it. Before the Pap, I’d peed in a cup and it showed not only Nitrates? (which meant a bladder infection) but glucose. They checked my sugar and thank God, it was at 94, which is really good. That scared the crap out of me though–I was sure I’d gotten Diabetes this time. Since then, I’ve been watching what I eat. I haven’t even been having my daily soda or binging on candy. I’m really trying. I REALLY don’t want to get Diabetes.

They prescribed some (huge) antibiotics for the infection, but I’m not sure if I’m totally over it yet. It still feels like my bladder’s going to explode yet nothing comes out–nothing but a trickle :(. I didn’t even feel those symptoms when they first diagnosed me, it was once I started taking the pills that I felt weird. I even started getting slight cramping in my pelvic area.

After the Pap, they took me into the Sono room and gave me another Sonogram. Telling from my last period and the sono, I’m exactly where I thought I was–10 1/2 weeks. I even saw my little Peanut’s beating heart again, beating at a healthy 155 BPM. And I don’t have Placenta Previa this time :).

Inside the black, kidney bean looking area is my darling little Peanut. She/he is the whitish looking peanut-shaped blob. She/he’s grown a lot since the last time!

Thursday–oh. my. God. That day was spent taking Mom all around the Valley to her doctor’s appointments. The boys were very well behaved, especially for having to sit still and be quiet for 3 hours at BOTH appointments.

The first one was her eye appointment, which took forever for absolutely no reason I could see. They have tons of nurses, and I’m not kidding you, the doctor only spends a total of 6 minutes with you in the exam room. When she finally got called in, they checked her eyes right away and that was that. 3 hours for 6 minutes–it’s ridiculous. Well, turns out she’s got the beginnings of Cataracts and has some retinal damage–all due to the Diabetes. She’ll be getting a new prescription for glasses soon. Hopefully she’ll actually wear them this time.

The next appointment was her Endocrinologist one, the one where you can’t understand a thing the doctor’s saying. When HE finally called her in, he upped her dosage of insulin since she still wasn’t controlled, gave her a new machine to check her glucose, and we both scolded her for not taking her high blood pressure and cholesterol medicines. She said she wasn’t taking them because he told her to stop taking her diabetes medicines. Yes, diabetes, but not everything else. And then she wonders why she feels sick. That woman drives me crazy!

He gave her a refill of one of her diabetes medications to take along with the insulin. She takes a total of 4 medications plus insulin twice a day. I NEVER want to get Diabetes :(.

When we were finally home free we stopped at a pharmacy near our town. She got the prescription for her medication, but not the one for her lancets. I was so frustrated (and we were all hungry–it was 3:15 and hadn’t eaten since 8:30 that morning) we just left.

Friday was a lazy day for all of us. I don’t remember going anywhere other than to the Dollar General to pick up some Bar-b-q sauce since Mario was going to grill burgers. It rained for a total of 2 minutes on the way back home. John and Mario washed both cars and then we bar-b-q’d. Those were some GOOD burgers.

Saturday was spent cleaning in the morning then finding out that Mom screwed up her bank account royally. She’s so overdrafted it’s not even funny. I get so frustrated with the way she handles (or lacks handling) her finances. It’s going to be a tough month for them now.

That afternoon we went to a party for Noelia’s friend’s little boy. I didn’t want to go, since the last pair of jean capris that fit me were no longer fitting me so well and all my maternity clothes were in storage. I sucked it up (literally) and Mary, Noelia, Andy, the boys and I all went. It was a Woody/cowboy themed party and the boys had a lot of fun since they had a moonjump and games. It wasn’t as painful as I though it was going to be.

Later that night when Mario got home, we went to Jorge and Maggie’s for a bar-b-q Jorge was hosting for Maggie’s birthday. Eric, Jorge’s friend, was the one bar-b-q’ing. The food was all really good and after Eric left, we saw Hiram snap. Eric kept teasing him and picking on him so I guess it was only natural Hiram snapped the way he did. He says he was playing, but we all thought he was pretty serious.

Mario was off on Sunday. We woke up late, then around 1:30 we went to Monci’s birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza. It was really cute. She threw the party for herself (this is an older lady) and had Play-doh for the kids to play with and kept on bringing the pizzas and hot wings. We went out for the piñata (she had a Disney Princess one ^_^) and Jaylen had a blast. Eenan didn’t want to hit the piñata at first, but once we told him, “You can’t get the candy that fall out of it since you’re not hitting”, he quickly got in line. Jaylen had both pockets full and even made Mario carry some in his cargo shorts LOL. It was nice and overcast and cool outside–my favorite kind of weather. When we were done at the party, we stopped at H-E-B since Mary needed some stuff and then we went to her storage unit to get my maternity clothes out. The shirts are still way too big, but the capris fit wonderfully :).

Mario bar-b-q’d again that night, but this time we had ribs. He slathered them in bar-b-q sauce about 5 times on each side, so when they were done, they were gooey. Yum! We made avocado dip and it was delicious.

After Mario left to work on Monday, we all got ready so I could take Mom to get a loan from her loan company. At least she’ll have some cash to last the month, but she still has other payments that need to be withdrawn. Oy. I dropped some stuff off to Mario at work and then I took John to donate plasma at the plasma center. His idea. Sucky thing: the boy forgot his social security card. Hello?!

I stopped at H-E-B afterwards to pick up the sodas we were in charge of for the burger/hotdog bar-b-q we were having on the 4th. Then we stopped at the pharmacy to pick up Mom’s lancet prescription. I had John help me rearrange furniture later on during the day so that the space is clear for when my dad-in-law moves the door to our bedroom. That door’s going to be the entrance to the hallway and since he’s making the walk-in closet he needs to move the doorway about 2 feet to the right. I can’t wait to see how it all looks!

(Internet Explorer’s such a bastard. I’ve had this post as a draft for the past two days, since I’ve been slowly updating and I’ve been saving as I go along. As luck would have it, I didn’t save the last 3 paragraphs I’d typed up and IE got one of those stupid errors where it needs to shut down. Grr!)

Anyway, the rain that we’d been anticipating all week finally came crashing down Monday night. We were all excited. Mom, Mary, Big Mario, the boys and I were all sitting outside under the porch, enjoying the coolness the rain had brought. I even let the kids run around in the rain for a while (and then brought them in and gave them a shower and some Tylenol, just in case). Panic started to set in when the rain kept coming and the back of the house, which has our front door, the “laundry room” and Mary’s back door connected, started flooding–fast. I saw the news and in 30 minutes it had rained 5 inches–much more than our city gets in a year probably. It rained a total of 13 inches I think. My dad-in-law had to go around the house and dig trenches to let the water through. Thankfully, the water didn’t come into the houses. The lightning and thunder were crazy though. I started writing a post that night and it got wiped away when the electricity went out.

The 4th of July: Gramma’s and Natalie’s birthdays. We woke up late-ish, got ready (I looked really pregnant!) then all went to visit Gramma at the nursing home. We’re all broke, but we stopped by H-E-B to at least get her a little chocolate cake.

We sat with Gramma and talked for a while. Eenan kept her entertained while he made up stories and acted them out. Jaylen was too busy making his cinnamon gum “not hot” so he wet his shirt in the bathroom trying to drink water LOL. After we’d spent about 45 minutes with Gramma we left.

Mario had been talking about the house we want and the property his Godfather owns. The one that’s in the middle of nowhere–even more middle of nowhere then we live now. I can appreciate shrubs and cattle and hay bales–I love to see that actually, but I never wanted to live it.

We’d live down the same street Jorge and Maggie do, but much farther. I kept telling Mario I hated the idea of living all the way over there, but he told me about all the new stores they’re building (we’d at least be close to a Wal-Mart, but not H-E-B!) and how there wouldn’t be room to build everything we want on a regular lot in the city. To convince me, we went to see the property. 5 acres of empty goodness. There’s also a plus–we wouldn’t get charged taxes if we had some kind of livestock on the property, so we’re thinking of getting a few cute goats. No, really, I’m serious.

So he convinced me a little. We want a huge house, with a huge carport (not a garage, we’d rather use the square footage for another room or two), we want a screened in back porch that leads to a deck with a nice set of outdoor furniture and a chimney, sink, and counter for bar-b-q’ing. We passed by a house that had the type of backyard we want, so hopefully I can get a picture soon.

We stopped by H-E-B again for the light olive oil we didn’t find at the other one. When we got home, we chilled out outside with everyone and talked about houses again. Andy and Noelia might want to build on Jorge’s land also. While Mario started the fire I talked with Jorge, his Godfather for a while. When Mario got the phone, he spoke with Jorge about the property and I guess it’s all set. 1/2 to a whole acre is promised to us. We just need to get started on selling the other property and all that jazz.

Yadira and Tommy got here with the patties and Mario cooked them up. The food was great and everyone was here. The men were outside while the women were inside taking about babies and other women things. Annie did a necklace gender prediction thing and at first I believed it (it said I’d be having a boy this time–again!) but when it started acting funny and not working for the other women in the family I thought ‘nah’. I don’t know, and I don’t want to jinx it, but I really think I’m having a girl this time. I just feel it. Could be wishful thinking, but we’ll see in 2 1/2 more months. (It seems like forever!)

When it got dark the kids all popped their fireworks. Eenan was actually outside this year, enjoying himself. Previous years he’d be out, then go inside because he either got bored or the neighbor’s huge fireworks displays were really loud. He’s getting braver though :).

And now today, it starts again. Mom has a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. John’s vacation is over and started school again today so let’s hope his car behaves itself and I don’t need to go pick him up. Poor dude. I wish things would just be easier for him. That car doesn’t help.

Dogs and Curtains

We have a new member in the family. What happened was, Mario wanted a dog. Yazmin just so happened to get a puppy from a lady that works with Yadira. She didn’t want him anymore, and since Mario had asked if the lady had any more, she gave it to us. So now, I’m caring for a pee-happy puppy. This is what usually happens when Mario wants a dog–I end up doing all the work. Grr. Brings back memories of being 9 months pregnant with Jaylen and picking up Killer’s poop. He is cute though.

His name’s Louie by the way (Yazmin named him that after Louie Vouitton, or however the hell you spell his name), and he’s a Cocker Spaniel/Terrier mix. It sucks I had to roll up my pretty new rug just in case he’d pee/poop on it though.

Other than wasting rolls of toilet paper picking up pee and poop, I started on my sewing project before I never got it done. I’d already bought the fabric for that long curtain I wanted to make for the closet in the living room. Since they never finished the trim and doors for that closet and it was such an eyesore, I figured I’d make my own door. My dad-in-law came in today saying they’d work on it (and the rooms, yes!) next week. Woo hoo! Even if they don’t work on the closet, I’d love for them to do the trim of the walkway that separates the kitchen and living room. That’s more important to me.

So yeah, I started on it yesterday and it took a few hours to complete. When I went up on the ladder (Mom was having a fit–she was sure I’d fall), installed the curtain rod and put the curtain on the rod I realized it was about 9 inches too short. I had to go back and cut another 13 inches of fabric (4 extra to allow for the hem) and sew that piece to the curtain. It looks pretty awesome, except for the fact that the right side looks 3 inches shorter than the left, but oh well. It’ll give myself credit, especially since it’s about 9 feet of fabric I had to cut evenly with only a tiny table to work on. You can see a picture of it here.

I have two birthday parties to go to tomorrow. One of Paul’s daughter’s (I’m not sure which one since he wasn’t sure!), and Mrs. C-R’s little boy’s. I’m going to be out of the house from about 1-8pm! I need to leave early to pick up their gifts at Target. I hope I can contain myself from buying the adorable baby clothes Target always has!

Man, I wish I had extra, extra spending money. There’s so much decorating I’d love to do around here. I need a job, but I won’t settle for anything that’s super far away. It looks like that’s all I’ll be able to get though–something in McAllen. I’ve been scrounging around the internet and the paper looking for jobs close by, but there’s NOTHING. I just sent in another application to another bank. This one actually asked for a resume so we’ll see. I won’t hold my breath though *emo-ness*.

Ok, I’m 30 minutes late on starting dinner. God, I have no idea what to make anymore! I feel like I make the same things over and over again. Mmm…I could sure go for some of those tacos I made yesterday…avocado and sour cream…so bad, but oh so good :(.

I wish I could just make a casserole or something–something I don’t have to actually be standing over the stove for. I have a question for my visitors: what are some quick, easy meals you know? And if possible, could you direct me to some recipe’s or a website?