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Holy Mole-y

My mole removal went much better than I thought it would. I had visions of bleeding to death (as Mom would tell me when I was little when I’d be messing with any mole), the Doctor inserting the needle of anesthesia into my Jugular and I’d die, and many other morbid thoughts.

I even Googled “mole removal” and “mole removal complications” and was freaking myself out. While Googling I discovered my “mole” wasn’t really a mole…it was more of a skin tag, which is still gross. I guess Mario is right. I am a hypochondriac :(.

So I get to the doctor’s office and wait patiently while playing Solitaire on my phone. They call me in and I feel like I’m going to throw up from how nervous I am. They take my vitals (I’ve gained 2 lbs. already–eek!) then usher me into my room. The doctor comes in and greets me and asks what my visit’s for. I tell him I’m there to remove the mole. His eyes light up and he says, “So you’re going to do it? Great!”

He examines the mole and tugs and pulls at it. He asks if I had any other concerns so I show him the mole on my hip and he says that one’s not a problem at all. He says, “You know, I won’t even need anesthesia for it or anything. We’ll just cut it off.” I laugh and when I notice he’s not kidding I get nervous again.

He comes back in with a nurse (the nice nurse my Mom likes). As the doctor was writing something down we start talking about the mole. He asks how long I’ve had it and I said most of my life, but I noticed that in the past few years it started getting bigger. I told them about how Mario’s always teasing me about it and how he has a pet name for it.

The doctor laughs. “What does he call it?”

I look down and feel my face get red-hot. “Juliet.”

The doctor and the nurse both laugh and he says, “Well, at least it’s a pretty name. You poor thing!”

I was standing against the table as he approaches me with some sterile tweezers and scissors. All of this was happening in slow motion of course. When he gets near enough to where he’s actually going to grab the mole I jump foward and say, “Wait, wait, wait! Explain to me what you’re going to do. You’re just gonna cut it?” He tells me to sit on the table and says he’s just going to snip it. The nurse assures me that I’ll be fine. She says, “I had one removed just like that. Not as big, but it was hanging by a thread like yours. It didn’t hurt at all. You’ll just feel a little sting.”

I sit on the table and tell the nurse to hold my hand. The doctor cuts the mole off in about 2 seconds and all I felt was a tiny prick of pain. They were impressed that it didn’t bleed at all–it still hasn’t. The nurse put it away for me and said I should scare Mario with it. We joked around for a few minutes about how I should put it on my nose or my forehead. Dr. C. said I should put it on his plate when I serve him his dinner, buahaha.

When we stopped joking around I asked about their OB/GYN procedures: when do they see the patients, what do they usually do during the very first office visit and so on. They say they take vitals, draw blood and do a sonogram. The nurse told me I should start seeing them for the pregnancy and they won me over. It was totally different at the other office. They didn’t even do vitals, which I found really strange. I also didn’t like that a whole bunch of different doctors would be seeing me and whoever was on call the day I was ready to give birth would be the one to deliver. At this office, Dr. C. would be my sole doctor and would deliver when the time came. He also explains everything in detail, which I like.

They gave me a sonogram right then and there. I saw my 7 1/2 week old baby and I felt so relieved to see that little heart beating. I don’t know how it is for other pregnant women, but for me it just doesn’t feel totally real until you hear/see that heart. It’s a tiny speck of a baby right now and they assured me that it’s just one ;).

They drew blood right afterwards and I left the office feeling really good. I’m glad I’m going with them for my prenatal care.

I’ve got the rest of the day to relax and do chores, like finishing laundry. I also need to remember to ask Big Mario to measure the room so we can start buying the materials we’ll need. I hate being a bother though, he’s always so busy.

Hmm, I was thinking of posting before and after pics and a pic of the mole but I think that would be too gross :P. Yeah, I think I’ll pass. I changed my mind. Click only if you don’t feel like barfing or feeling nauseous!


Always on the Go

I’m going to love tomorrow. So far, I have absolutely nothing planned, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been out and about since Friday.

Mario accompanied me to my doctor’s appointment on Friday morning. Mom watched the boys for us. It took forever for them to call us, but I’d rather they take long calling us than having to spend all that time driving to another doctor. We found out I’m 7 weeks along (since Saturday) and my estimated due date is January 28th. Since Mom and Dad both have diabetes, my next appointment’s going to be the one where they give me that really sweet orange drink and check me for diabetes. They usually don’t do that till the 28th week or something like that, but I guess since both my parents have it they’re doing it the 12th week.

I won’t be getting a sonogram till 16 weeks and oh my gosh, I can’t wait! I can’t wait to just hear the heartbeat; I’ll hopefully get to hear it on the dopplar (sp?) during my 12th week appointment. Just like my other pregnancies, it won’t feel totally “real” till I hear that heartbeat.

It still catches me by surprise that I’m pregnant. I can’t believe it. And as the days pass, I’m getting more and more excited about meeting this little person. Mario’s super thrilled. I didn’t think he was going to be as excited as I am, but I find him talking about the baby whenever we’re having a quiet moment :).

We had Whataburger after my appointment on Friday, then went to watch Cars. I LOVED it! Mader was adorable :). Larry the Cable guy’s hilarious to begin with so he did a great job as Mader. The kids loved the movie, too. Jaylen ended up falling asleep at the end of the movie since it was sort of long, but he was all into the parts he got to see.

We went to Wal-Mart afterwards but I can’t really remember for what.

The next morning was Matthew’s Baptism. Jaylen was the only one who went with me, Eenan didn’t want to go. There were SO many Baptisms–I didn’t know they did mass Baptisms like that. I swear, there were like 20 babies/kids waiting to be Baptised.

I brought Jaylen home so that mom could watch him while I paid some bills. John went with me to the mall so I could pay my JC Penny personal plan payment and then we walked around. I tried looking for something for Mario for Father’s Day, but that boy doesn’t drop hints at all and he’s so picky I can’t just *pick* something for him.

We got hungry so I got a strawberry/banana smoothie from Frulatti Cafe and then we ate at McDonald’s. We came home and then I got the kids ready for a graduation dinner Mario’s aunt and uncle were having for their son, Oscar. I was sort of jittery about going, since I expected Mario’s grandma Ofelia to tease me about having a third child. (She had 14 herself–wow!) Everyone was really excited about the pregnancy, though! And we also found out two of Mario’s cousins are expecting as well and one of them’s having TWINS! Craziness. I start freaking out a little thinking, “Oh God, is it a possibility?! Maybe that’s why my pants already don’t fit!” But nah, I think twins are a zero to none possibility for us.

The food was great at the dinner, the presentation was sweet, and the kids behaved exceptionally well. Mary was a lifesaver and picked up crayons and coloring books at the Dollar General before we left for the party. Everyone was impressed with how well behaved they were.
If only the little boogers were like that all the time!

I went with Mary and Noelia to Cindy’s bridal shower the next day. It was at a really nice restaurant. The games were all entertaining and the whole atmosphere at the restaurant was just really nice. They had tangerine iced tea, the salad was sweet (it had raspberries and mandarin oranges in it), I had Mango Chicken with Alfredo pasta (both were SO good!), and then dessert was some flan-type stuff but it was raspberry flavored with some tart raspberry sauce on top. We talked with the cousins and everyone congratulated us on the pregnancy. We even had a conversation about Myspace! It was really nice seeing everyone. I thought the way the tea was presented was so pretty, and the centerpieces contained real flowers!

Mary and Noelia dropped me off with Mario. He still had an hour to get out of work, so I chatted on the phone with Mayra for about an hour (the usual time our conversations last LOL). When he got out, we went to eat at Chilli’s since he hadn’t eaten lunch at all. I had some strawberry lemonade and some nachos since I was stuffed from the bridal shower. Mario had a Philly Cheese Steak he was craving and some buffalo wings. We had a great time talking, then headed off to Circuit City, where we got the kids a new Xbox controller and Cars game and then to Target, just to look around. I ended up buying some brown throw pillows to match the rug. I want to go back for some teal-colored satin pillows with a brown butterfly appliqued on it. It would match the rug and tile perfectly. I still need to remember to buy my khaki futon cover. The room will almost look complete after I get the cover. I just hate that they’re so darn expensive!

As for today, I got the kids and myself ready and we, along with Mom, went to get the license plate stickers for the Sentra. It didn’t take long at all, so we went to visit Mario and I asked him if he wanted to go eat lunch. It was only 11:45, and he doesn’t eat till 1 so we went to Papa John’s to get some pizza. It took forever for them to make it but it gave us enough time to eat and then take a Medium pizza to Mario for his lunch. It was delicious. And they didn’t even ask me for the coupon I had LOL.

After dropping the pizza off to Mario, we went to Wal-Mart. I got some bread and fruits I was craving and Mom got what she needed and then we came home. I took a good 1 hour nap–I felt so exhausted. Lisa came over to Mary’s last night and I went over there after doing my chores. We talked about weddings and kids and all that jazz. It was cool.

Blah. I feel exhausted now and that’s because I just ate a while ago. You’d think I’d have more energy after eating Raviolli.

I just remembered: the kids need haircuts so I’ll have to end up leaving the house tomorrow. Darn. At least the salon’s down the street. Then Wednesday I have an appointment to get the mole on my neck removed (finally!) and I have to take Mom to her diabetes specialist on Thursday. It never ends!

WordPress Nightmare & Yesterday’s Happenings

Well, I’ve been at this WordPress thing all morning and I managed to add a new theme to it from a theme site I found. I made a new layout for last night, but have no idea how to go about making it a theme for WordPress. What I’d REALLY like to do is use my existing skins–to somehow incorporate them with WP. I’m not against making slight adjustments, but I don’t want to make the skins all over again, y’know what I mean? I know it’s doable–to have your regular skins mixed with WordPress, I just don’t know how to go about it. I’m not good at asking for help, but right now I’m begging you guys:

Can you help a girl out and direct her to a tutorial on how to do this?

I finally got an idea for a layout, after what? A year or so?! So, I’d really like to have it installed. I want to get this whole WordPress thing going, now that I have the time. I love the whole idea of WP and let’s face it, as good as Greymatter’s been to me, it’s sort of becoming obsolete :(.

I’m impatient though, so if I can’t figure out WP I’ll just stick with GM (hey, I’ve been with it this long LOL) and just use the new skin with this.

I can’t believe how dumb I feel. I’ve never had trouble understanding anything having to do with webdesign .

Anyway, I spent all of yesterday on the road. At around 10am I took a shower so that I could get ready to take Jaylen to his doctor so they could check his TB test. Right when I was about to leave, Mary calls and asks if I can scan some stuff and e-mail them to her, so I do. Running late. It takes half an hour to get to Jaylen’s doctor’s office (mental note: find a doctor that’s closer. Love the late hours and open weekends of Dr. Z’s office, but it’s way too far). It takes them a total of 2 minutes to check him and give us the okay, then half an hour to get back home. I’m praying we make it back on time for my next appointment, which is at one.

We have approximately 15 minutes to eat lunch, so I heat up some taquitos in the microwave and we eat. Mom has to be at Gramma’s nursing home by 2 so that they can leave together to Gramma’s doctor’s appointment. She’s having trouble swallowing so they need to get some X-rays done. Since my appointment’s at 1 I figure we won’t have time to make it, but we leave at 12:30, just in case. John was appointed my bodyguard since I got those phone calls the day before, so we were to go together to drop Mom off. My appointment didn’t take long at all and now I have insurance and have my first doctor’s appointment on Friday–yay! I can’t tell you what a weight off my shoulders this is. Once I knew I had insurance and didn’t have to worry anymore, I fell in love with this pregnancy even more. Now I can enjoy it without being scared about what’s going to happen, or not happen, next.

What sort of sucks is that I won’t be able to go to my old practioner. When I called to make my appointment the receptionist said they weren’t delivering babies anymore and that they only saw pregnant women till their 3rd month of pregnancy, then they’d be referred to someone else. I didn’t like that so I just made an appointment with a doctor that’s much closer to home and delivers at a good hospital anyway.

We leave for Gramma’s at 1:30 and make it there by 2. Sweet. We visit with Gramma for a little bit before her ambulance gets there. She and Mom leave and the boys, John and I stay in her room watching TV.

We all get antsy, and sleepy, in about an hour so we decide to go to the Wal-Mart nearby and buy some ice cream.

I’m backing out of my parking space and I notice this nurse is backing out of hers. She seems to stop, so I slowly reverse but then stop completely when I notice she’s moving again, too. John says, “Go, Yajaira. Why are you stopping?” I tell him, “I think that lady’s gonna hit us. Does she see us?” I start honking like mad only to feel a BUMP. She hit us. Luckily we’re in the Sentra (wastes less gas) and not the Equinox. I growl and get off the car and inspect the bumper. There’s so many scrapes on the bumper (I, myself, have never been responsible for them, thank you) I decide not to do anything about it. I go around to the lady’s passenger side and tell her (in Spanish), “You should be more careful!” I get into the Sentra and as I’m putting on my seat belt the lady appears at my window. She says, “Sorry. I didn’t see anything in the rear view mirror, but I didn’t look through my right one.” Um, duh?? How long have you had your license? I scowl at her and tell her, “Next time, be careful. I have my kids in the car. You could really hurt somebody.” And I drive off.

We get to Wal-mart. The plan was to buy a bucket of Breyer’s bubblegum ice cream and a pack of spoons, and we’d eat to our heart’s content back at Gramma’s. Get there and there’s no such ice cream. We head to the McDonald’s inside the store and find out they don’t sell ice cream at all. Dammit. We decide on milk for me, chocolate milk for the boys, Red Bull for John and donuts and Chips Ahoy to eat (and we can’t forget, some antibacterial Wet Ones). I surprisingly only ate two powdered donuts and downed the milk. Mom and Gramma there a while later and tells us how the appointment went. Apparently Gramma is having trouble swallowing. Her throat’s swollen, probably because of the terrible cough she’s had for almost a month straight. We let the nurse know she’s there, since she’s supposed to give her her medication. Then we come home. Thank God.

It’s amazing how I’m not going to school anymore or working and my day’s still filled with crap to do. I think today’s one of the only days I haven’t had to do anything. Well, that’s half true since I need to leave in a little bit, but I shouldn’t take long.

I should do what I need to do and then I shall come back online and visit everyone I need to visit. It feels kind of nice to just veg out in front of the computer. I’ve missed you, Interweb *hug*.