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One Photo An Hour; Or Close To It

I’d been wanting to do one of those One Photo an Hour/A Day in the Life posts, but I never remember or my phone dies or something else like that. I decided to try on this day, but only after already having made breakfast and showering, of course LOL.

So I drank my coffee and straightened my hair, all while Ruffles was knocking on the door, trying to get out.

Around 11:00am:

OPAH: Bothering Me While I Get Ready

Around 11:30am:

OPAH: Heading to Town

The birthday boys were on a mission to spend their birthday money. We stopped to pay John’s car at the bank and then went to Target:

OPAH: Birthday Shopping :)

But they didn’t find anything. Instead, I found some garden things and little garden stones for the girls to paint in the Dollar Spot :).

We went to Barnes & Noble next. We were at the light at Ware Road and a car stalled in front of us. It was the most heartwarming thing seeing people from across all 3 lanes of traffic stopping to help these people move their vehicle. You don’t see that very much anymore.

We got to Barnes and walked the isles and flipped through a few books but they didn’t find anything. It was 1:00pm so picked up some pizzas and we ate at home with the rest of the family:


The kiddos were all nice and full and all except Jaylen and Justin sat with Mom to watch their Disney shows. We went to Walmart next, where we walked for what seemed like forever until they decided on Nerf guns. I was pretty proud of them choosing something other than games; especially since they had more than enough to buy a video game each .

We got home and they all started putting the guns together. I went outside with the girls to paint their little butterfly “stepping stones” around 4:00pm:

OPAH: Painting Their Butterflies

I snapped this just as Emily dabbed her face with the paint LOL. She’s so cute ♥!

I watered my little flowers as they finished painting. These are some of the survivors of 1st hail storm. I’m so happy they made it!

Making a Comeback!

We went back inside and washed up. It was almost 5:00pm. I kept telling myself NOW I shall sit! But I passed by the girls’ room and saw this:


So we started cleaning. I use the term “we” lightly, heh. I didn’t get an “after” shot because…I forget why. But imagine the room with no toys on the floor and nicely organized in boxes in the closet, vacuumed, and beds made :).

It was almost 6pm and I told myself, OK, seriously now. SIT. And I did. And I totally had intentions of just kicking my feet up on the ottoman and blogging but the boys came running inside for some drinks since they’d been hunting each other with the Nerf guns. They left trails of dried mud, so I cleaned them up. Then the girls wanted snacks, so I made PB&J sandwiches. And then Jorge got home. We tried cuddling and just shutting our eyes for a few seconds, but someone was arguing with someone else so we got up to stop the commotion. We literally laid down about a minute :P.

I made dinner and then we had cake for the boys, finally! I think I was more excited than they were! I LOVE that cake!

The Boys' Cake :)


I can never get a pic when everyone is smiling LOL! We watched their shows on the TV the rest of the evening until it was time for bed. I’m pretty sure I ended up passing out whilst watching TV.

As you can see, I kind of forgot about the hourly photo thing. But this is my Saturdays in a nutshell when it’s my weekend with the kiddos. Some of the busiest, loveliest weekends ever :).

Hearts In Eyes

Mario and I were debating for a while whether we should fix up our old e-machines desktop computer and that day we finally decided to buy the hard drive it needed to work again. The moms stayed with the kiddos while we went to Office Max, where we saw a 500g ATA hard drive on sale for $99 in the ads. We got the hard drive and Norton. Turned out we got the wrong hard drive. We were starving, so we decided to exchange it after we ate. Mario asked where I wanted to go and I hinted Kumori, but I knew he wouldn’t want to go. But then he starts turning into the lane and he stops at Kumori! I was thrilled. It was turning out to be such a great day. The weather was nice and overcast and I just love days like that.

We ordered some spicy calamari and Mario got some Yakimeshi Beef (fried rice with beef and veggies). He loved it. I joked that I’d probably starve if I had to eat rice with chopsticks all the time; my rice kept falling all over the place.

I ordered my usual rolls, the Fiesta Rolls. Mario couldn’t decide what he wanted. He said he liked the rolls I took him a while back, the Earth Rolls, which consist of fried rice, spicy shrimp, veggies and cream cheese but he hates cream cheese. I told him he could just order without it. That’s what I do—order my Fiesta Rolls without the fried salmon skin, yuck. We had a really nice time, just us in the quiet, dark restaurant enjoying the rain that had just started pouring. I couldn’t stop grinning at him across the table. I was still in complete disbelief that we’d spent three whole days together (well, half of Friday since I was working). But still, it was fantastic!

We went back to exchange the hard drive but ended up returning altogether because they didn’t have the one we needed. It was quickly starting to flood; one thing I don’t miss about living in McAllen. Adan told us to go to Comp USA because they most likely carried the ATA hard drive we needed. I hadn’t been to Comp USA at all since they relocated. The store’s HUGE. We found a 400gig for $79! I was in love.

We went to Walmart to get another DVD shelf to match the nice one we bought a few months ago. The old one we had was rickety and I was terrified that it would fall on top of Alaethia, since she has this obsession with ruining my DVDs at the moment. We got a few more things we needed and then went to H-E-B for groceries. We got home, I cleaned up, did laundry, dishes, and all the other housework. Got the kids in the shower and didn’t even iron. I packed myself some Hot Pockets for work, which I was craving. They’re livesavers. Adan and Mario were chilling outside with Jorge and Jose by the time we went to bed. Aly wouldn’t go to sleep at all; Mom let her sleep while we were in town. We were up till 1am! Then she woke me up at 3:30 for a glass of milk. I couldn’t fall back to sleep and just tossed and turned. I hate that! Needless to say I was exhausted in the morning!

31 Week Apt. & Anxiousness

I didn’t take my morning nap again today because of the cold front we’re waiting for. Mom just came over and she’s wearing a jacket, so maybe it’s already here. It was nice and sunny at 7:30 when I was dropping John and the kids off and when I went out at 9:20 after Mario left to work it was getting dark and windy. Thank God I packed them all (Mario and the boys) with jackets and jeans. It’s snowing in the Panhandle. I want snow…darnit.

Anyway, I had my 31 week appointment yesterday morning. I was prepared to be completely bored since they take so long so I took my Parenting magazine with me. I didn’t even need it. I sat down after I signed in, then moved because the air conditioner was pointing right where I sat and it was freezing. I sat in the bench seats next to this older couple and the lady quickly asked how far along I was. I told her 8 months next week and we proceeded to have a conversation about my pregnancy, previous pregnancies, her family, her children and how twins run in her family. It’s always nice to meet a total stranger and just talk like you’ve been friends forever. This has happened at that same office with three other girls I’ve met.

I was called in pretty quickly, if you consider an hour quick. I weighed 133.6 which means I’ve put on 2 1/2 lbs. in the last three weeks. I asked my nurse if that was okay and she said yes. So, so far I’ve gained 12 1/2 lbs. this pregnancy. I think I’m doing pretty good, considering just how much I really eat LOL. I walk a lot, so that may be “helping”.

Dr. C. joked around with me while I whipped out my camera. I planned on recording my sonogram the last time I went — had my memory card empty and everything — and totally forgot to do it. Not this time; this time I remembered. Good thing, too! I got to see just how big her head is, her face (which resembles Eenan’s sono at 8 months A LOT), her arms, legs, how she almost pulled on the umbilical cord (which I learned is what she’s doing when I feel those hard tugs), and her little private part! I finally have a picture of her little peach. So this is the 4th confirmation I have that she’s a girl :). You can see a few pictures I screen capped from the video in my Pregnancy Timeline page. I can’t tell you just how excited I am to meet her. The boys are, too; they’re constantly asking “how much longer till she comes out”.

She was measuring at 30 weeks 5 days yesterday and I’m 31 weeks 2 days. I hope this doesn’t mean it’s going to take her even longer to come out!

I’ll have another sono to make sure she’s doing alright at my 34 week appointment. I wonder what they’ll tell me. It kind of makes me uneasy that they haven’t strapped me onto the fetal monitor at all yet, but then again this is a different doctor. I’m just glad everything’s going smoothly :).

As I was walking out, I ran into a girl I met there. She had her baby last week on the 21st. He was so adorable; so small and his hair was stick-straight and he looked so new :). I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait. I’m excited about everything: going into labor, where will I be when it happens, the delivery and finally holding her in my arms. I can’t wait to see the expression on Mario’s face and how the boys will take care of her and protect her. I know they’re going to be excellent big brothers. They’re so ready for her. We all are :).

I forgot to mention in my previous entry that on one of our many Target runs, I bought Alaethia her first outfit from me. She already has two from my mom and two from my mom-in-law. This was my first one. I *had* to get it since the blouse was on sale and the jeans were just too cute! There’s so many other things I want to get her, now that I know for *sure* she’s going to be a girl!

First Purchase

Close Up

I already asked Mario if we could start setting up the crib, so I can see how much clearance there is between the trundle and the bottom of the crib. I want to get baskets to organize her sheets, diapers and all that stuff. I have so much to dooo!

I shall start with boxing up the rest of the crap I have in a corner of my room. I have to get that done today, no question. I already told Mario we’re taking it to storage on Friday when he’s off, so it needs to be done.

I also have to clean the whole house! Dad, my half-brother, his wife and little boy will be coming over on Sunday. I have a nephew–it’s weird to say it! And a neice on the way who will be here around the same time Alaethia will :).

Gotta pick up Jaylen!

[edit] Just got back from picking Jaylen up. I stopped by at Family Dollar to buy some slippers (that they, of course, didn’t have) and found Megaman action figures for the kids! Stocking stuffers — although I already gave them one each since Eenan got straight A’s and was student of the week and Jaylen is the best-behaved in class, the teacher’s new helper and always behaves well. And they only cost $2 each! This is an awesome day :).