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The Silver Lining

We survived the hurricane. It wasn’t as bad as everyone assumed it would be. We did get a lot of rain, which lead to a bit of flooding in the yard but Mario suited up in a raincoat and boots and dug trenches here and there to help the water flow out. We ended up losing power at around 1pm and it was fixed around 5pm. There were tornado warnings and then watches till around 7pm, but nothing hit our area. So glad everyone and everything are okay .

While the lights were out and the kids were at Mary’s and then at Elda’s, John, Mario, and I lit candles all over the house. We sat around, listened to the radio and kept going outside to see what was going on. At one point, while feeling extremely claustrophobic and bat-shit-crazy, John said, “What if the electricity never comes back and we have to live like in the middle ages?! I DON’T HAVE A SWORD!! We must pillage!”

I just stared at him and said, “And what? Take the neighbor’s canned goods?”

Mr. I Want the Hurricane To Come. He didn’t know what to do with himself for those few hours.

Mario and John ended up falling asleep because they were that bored, the boys were still with Mary, so I found it the perfect, quiet time to start reading the Harry Potter series. It was so nice reading in the dark by candle & lantern light and hearing the rain tapping on the windows. I’m on Chapter 10 of book 1–slow reader . Mary, Yadira, Sonia and Noelia would have been done by now, but I’ve only read at night so I’m excused. I was going to start from book 4 since I’ve already seen the first 3 movies (cheater, I know), but decided I’d just read all of them. Hope to finish soon so I can read the last (most recent) book!

This morning, I got ready, ate a quick breakfast, woke Mario up and called to the high school I graduated from to ask about my transcript and if I could get a new, dated one or if they could date the one I already had. I called at 10, and the woman said she’d look for my file and she’d call me back. It was 11:40 and she still hadn’t called, so I called her. She said she couldn’t find my file, so I had to call Central. I told her about how they’d given me the run-around already (the receptionist, who I’d talked to twice already had gotten my info and said she’d tell someone to call me back but never did). The lady basically said there was nothing else she could do, so I called Central again and spoke to the lady I’d spoken to before. I told her I REALLY needed my transcript and a copy of my diploma (which they said they also needed) so if she could look for it we’d be on our way. Mario and I got into an argument about it–he didn’t want to drive over there if he didn’t have to. I couldn’t believe how he was acting knowing very well how important this was to me. After throwing a little crying fit, I finally composed myself and we left. It was a disaster. The transcript I had (which was a copy I’ve had since I got out of high school when I was going to start college back then) had two classes and credits that the one the lady had filed didn’t have. The one she had, had info from my 10th grade year that the one I had didn’t. The one she had also stated I only had 21.5 credits, when I needed 24 to graduate. She knew for sure I graduated since she had a copy of my diploma. She took the time to work out my GPA (which was 3.5), added all the grades in, signed it and stamped it. I was so grateful I couldn’t stop saying thank-you. She was super busy!

We took the transcript to my advisor and everything’s good to go, thank GOD. First day of school’s on Tuesday. What’s cool is that we have a very lenient dress code. I asked her what I should wear that day, since we don’t have our Polo’s yet, and she pointed to my black Strawberry Shortcake T, jeans and black flip-flops and said, “Something like what you’re wearing. Very casual. We’re not strict with the dress code.” Frijoles frescos! (Cool beans ROFL!)

The parts for Mario’s Prelude haven’t come in yet, but Noelia doesn’t start school till August so Mario can take her car to work and I can take the Sentra till we get the Prelude ready. *whew*

We stopped by Mary’s office afterwards, chatted for a while then went to eat at Jesse’s. Since we’re low on cash, we ordered from the “cheapie” part of the menu. Mario recommended the “Super Q”, which is a Super Quesadilla, which came with rice and beans. I figured 1 taco was good for me, and the rice and beans would definetly fill me up. I was in utter shock when they brought me a taco that was almost the size of a pizza when it’s folded in half! I only ate half, but man was it delicious.

We drove around for a while trying to kill time till Mom got out of work. We passed by a few houses we liked and took pictures. We’ve been really into homes lately since we’re just itching to buy a house in a few years. We want to be sure and confident with our ideas/plans for building our house.

We picked Mom up at 4:30, stopped to rent a movie, checked the post office (my driver’s license came in–my picture’s even more hideous than I had anticipated!), and then we came home. Mom’ll be staying with us for 3 days while Aunt Nora and Tio Arturo are on vacation in San Antonio.

Mom and I chilled out at Mary’s talking with Mary, Elda, and Elda’s mom and then I came back here and downloaded a few songs. Gotta make myself an MP3 disc to hear on my way to school on Tuesday .


Hurricane Emily and Other Worries

So I hear it made landfall around 6:30 this morning. At 5:34, I’d woken up due to some loud, whirring sounds, and I thought the worst (a tornado) so I got up to check. It was just a lot of wind and rain so I went back to sleep. Tried checking the weather channel but our satelite lost the signal (only thing I hate about digital).

Woke up this morning to iron Mario’s clothes in case he needed to go in to work and switched it to the WC. There was a tornado in Brownsville that tore the roof off of some apartments and another tornado in Rio Hondo. They’d just called a tornado warning for the McAllen area too, but it’s since vanished. Mario doesn’t have to go in to work today, thank God. We spent a lot of yesterday preparing, taking showers in case we couldn’t for like a week, getting food together and all that just in case and when Mario got home he helped Big Mario finish boarding up the house, getting the aluminum shingles screwed down on the tool shed, and other stuff like that. They did a fantastic job, mostly my father-in-law who was out there all day yesterday.

Mary, Noelia, Peanut, and Eenan are at Elda’s apartment. John, Mario, Jaylen and I stayed here at home. We had the cats in the bathroom all day and they did wonderfully, but at night they started getting a little stir-crazy so we let them out. They’re okay :).

We haven’t lost power, thank goodness. I don’t want to count my chickens though. South Padre just lost power they said. Hopefully it won’t get worse.

I spoke to my advisor again yesterday. She said they WERE going to need my diploma or transcript that has my grad year on it (can’t believe those jackasses didn’t add that in!!) and they need it before I start school. I’m guessing if they don’t have it, I won’t get to start, which sucks a big one. I called the place where I need to order my diploma from and the girl said it takes however long it takes them to send it, to receive it. Great. We’re going all over the place on Thursday to at least get my transcript dated. I still can’t believe this. Why can’t things ever just be easy???

Gonna check what Mario’s doing out there. I think it might flood outside where the deck is .


Random Thoughts of the Day

I woke up this morning and the first thing that popped into my head was, “Today’s Monday. That means tomorrow marks one week till school starts. OMG.” My eyes were wide open after that so I just got up and ironed Mario’s clothes and made breakfast. The parts for the Prelude haven’t come in yet. We don’t even want to think about what we’re gonna do if the Prelude isn’t ready on time. We’re going to have to face it and talk about it soon though .

Sally hasn’t called. As I stated in my previous entry, I didn’t think she would. I keep thinking, “What if her mom got my number wrong? I should really try calling one more time just in case”, but I’m pretty sure they have Caller ID and I’m pretty sure she just doesn’t want to bother talking to me. Never expected that from her–the others yes, but not her. Oh well.

While cleaning out Cookie’s cage yesterday, he bit me. In all the time I’ve had him, he’s never once bitten me before (unless you count nibbling, but that’s just playful nibbling). No, this time, I was pulling the newspaper out from under his cage, so I was lifting the cage with one hand and pulling out the paper with the other. And then I felt this horrible, shocking pain. Rabbits have HUGE teeth and his huge teeth pierced my ring finger on my right hand. I seriously had no feeling in it for about 4 hours. My pinkie lost feeling too for a while. It wouldn’t stop bleeding; I had to change my bandaids 3 times! Needless to say, he traumatized me and I couldn’t even change his food out without flinching every time he came near me .

Mario bought me a 30 pack case of DVD+R’s from Sam’s last week. They come with the case and everything. I borrowed some DVD’s from Mary and Noelia and have been on a recording frenzy. It makes the computer run really slow, like I’m on Dial-Up, but it’s worth it. Now I own Mary Poppins and Sleeping Beauty! I’d been meaning to get those forever, but never got the chance. I love my DVD Recorder . *pets it*

Hurricane Emily seems to be coming either straight for us, or we’ll be getting the outer bands of rain/wind. With that comes tornadoes and that’s what freaks me out. Mary and I were talking about it yesterday and got to talking about house insurance and all that. Big Mario said we should go to Elda and Jose’s apartment next door if it does come and wait it out there, since the building’s stronger. Mary’s house is wood and lifted up on these blocks. Ours is connected right to theirs, but ours has concrete floors. They’re afraid if a tornado comes that it’ll lift up their house (if it’s even that strong) and therefore it’ll lift up our roof. That sucks. I don’t want to be at Elda’s apartment for however long it takes to pass!

Oh, I just remembered. I drove something other than a compact car for once. Mario’s Tia Dora borrowed Mary’s van, so she left her her Grand Marquis. I had to drive that to Dollar General, where I was picking up cleaning supplies for Mary, and to the Post Office. I didn’t have a hard time driving it at all, and it’s a giganticly long car!

I’m bored. I need to clean the turtle’s tank out. Poor things…they still need their basking light and we forgot to get them one . I’m thinking of changing to WP soon, but the themes/skins is what scares me off. I’ve heard people’ve had problems with their skins on it. Worked too hard to skin the site to f*ck it all up .

That is all.

[edit] 2:41pm. Mario called and told me to call my advisor. She called the cellphone, which he has, and she needed to talk to me about orientation. I call her and she tells me orientation’s cancelled on Friday because of the hurricane. I thought that was really weird because everyone had told me orientation was on Tuesday, the 26th at 2pm on my first day of school. I even asked her, my advisor, and the financial aide clerk about my orientation and they both said it was on Tuesday. She tells me no, it was Friday, but just to go in on Tuesday at 8am. It would have sucked so bad had I missed orientation on Friday!! She’s so nice though. I’m so glad she’s my advisor .

Ack! I love this site:! Saw it on Attack of the Show a few days ago on G4…I hate that channel–it just irks me–even though I’m a big geek myself. John constantly has it on that channel, and I’ve actually seen a few cool sites while watching that one show.[/edit]

[edit 2] 4:31pm. Was transferring pics off my memory card and thought I’d share this picture. That’s Artemis, all laid out and comfortable on the cool, fallen bar-be-cue pit. Cobra T. Bubbles had been laying just like that, but we scared him and he moved LOL.