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Am I Really Enrolled In School??

Today started out…not so good. After the very sweet and touching entry I wrote about how loving my husband is, we got into a fight. I won’t go into details, but I ended up smacking him with a handful of the pretty flowers he got me. Yeah, it got that bad. A lot of the flowers survived though, heh. I still feel bad I took it out on the flowers .

Anyway, I was pissed at him most of the day and he kept trying to make peace, but I wasn’t having it. I was just that mad. Eventually, I eased up a bit and we started talking. We left around 1:30 to pick up money from Mom to pay for her storage unit. Then we got some drinks and drove to the school where I had my appointment at 2:30.

The appointment went well. Things happened so fast–I started thinking, “What did I get myself into??”. I officially start school on July 26th. I’ll be attending classes for 9 months from 8am to 12pm. I should graduate April 2006. I hope everything works out. Since it’s a private school and “basics” aren’t required, we’re going to be paying a lot out of our own pocket, but Mario assures me we can do it. I don’t think I would have gone through with it if he didn’t keep reassuring me that things would be okay. One of the perks is that I get a Blackberry LOL. It makes me nervous just *thinking* about having to drive through heavy traffic over there though. Tonight, Mario, John, Noelia, Jaylen and I (Eenan was with Mary, as always) went to the mall. I drove. I can now say that yes, I LOATHE getting off at that exit and quickly turning into the mall. People are so damn aggressive when they’re driving!

Tomorrow, I have so many calls to make. We have to figure out who’s going to be watching the kids for us while Mario’s at work and while I’m at school, which is most likely going to be Mom. We need to figure out how to pay her and all that. I also have to reschedule an appointment I missed and I have to call and check if my scholarship’s still good (it’s only $500, but hey, it’s something right?). John has a physical at 11am for his insurance, then at 12:30 we’re going to go pick up Mario’s paycheck at work and deposit for him. I’m nervous about that since it’s in a very busy part of town and it’s going to be during lunch…oy.

At 2, I have my appointment to sign the rest of the papers and all that junk at the school. I’m still in disbelief that I just jumped into this. I didn’t think I’d start this soon! I was really excited about it, but now I’m just really scared. What if we can’t do it financially?? We’ve got so many bills to pay this paycheck…it’s a bit overwhelming. Mario also needs to get the Prelude fixed so I can keep the Sentra for school. Ugh…I hope everything works out and falls into place. I’ve got such mixed feelings about this now!

*breathes* I can do this. We can do this.

As for Mario’s jaw…he’s got a strained ligament. He’s on meds for the swelling and pain and is only allowed to eat foods he can “slurp” basically. Poor dude.

Gonna go finish filling out my Financial Aide papers. I have a headache.


*taps nails*

What the heck did I just do? I called to the other school I wanted to go to (my first choice) and just wanted to get info from them on what I needed to enroll later on. I somehow ended up making an appointment to meet with an admissions person tomorrow at 3pm . I didn’t even ask, nor did they tell me, what I needed to take with me. I don’t know when their classes start either. I’m nervous!! And if I do go to that school…it’s in a really busy part of town. Good Lord, I haven’t even gone to Target on my own yet because I’m avoiding all that traffic!! I’d have to drive there every day . I hope Mario’s okay with it. He’s got the day off, but he only expected to go pick up money from Mom to pay her storage unit, then we were going to the mall real quick because John needs to pick something up. I found it strange that the lady asked, “How does your spouse feel about you starting school?”, to which I replied, “Um…he’s very enouraging!” LOL.

Mario got out of work early today so he could go to the doctor. He went with Mary. He was complaining about his jaw hurting him yesterday when he woke up, and this morning he could barely open his mouth to eat anything. I hope he’s okay and that they don’t make it any worse. I remember the shot they gave me when I had that horrible 4-week virus — I swear I felt much, much worse after that .

I need to figure out what to make for dinner and I gotta clean up a bit more. I’m so bored. But not as bored as I was when the internet was down LOL.


Thank Goodness for the Internet

Finally, we finally have our internet back. Turns out one of our lines was bad. One of the technicians commented about how I should leave my hair “down” because it looked nice. I felt kind of uncomfortable and said, “It’s too hot” LOL.

Our phone’s still not working and I’m wondering if it has anything to do with our AC going out a few times. I’m thinking they moved (or cut?) the lines up there. It’s kind of a coincidence everything just stopped working all of a sudden.

Not having internet is such an inconvenience. We needed the internet for so many things this weekend and it sucked not having it LOL. But yay, now I can update and I need to answer e-mails/return visits.

Anyway, we went to Mexico on Saturday since Yazmin had a dentist appointment and we needed to pick up the Yu-gi-oh centerpieces for Eenan’s birthday party. There’s 12 of them and we have to paint them all! These are a little more detailed than all the other ones we’ve ever painted too.

I don’t remember much from that night…I think we just went to Yadira’s.

Mario had Sunday off, so we just cuddled in bed for a few hours and were just being lazy. We went to Yadira’s for a while and then I took John to the store and we went back. We were almost broke so we didn’t go anywhere (had our credit card but we’re REALLY trying not to spend that anymore). We came home, Mario took a nap, the boys stayed with Mary and I took John driving on the expressway. He did really well; I was surprised at how calm he was. All he needs to do is pay a little more attention when he’s turning into other lanes.

That night Mario left to see his good ol’ buddies: Watson, Robby, Art, and Jorge. I was pretty pissed and thought the worst, since usually, when he hangs out with Watson, he starts to be an asshole with me. He tried cuddling with me that night but I smacked his hand and sternly said, “NO”. I was still upset .

Yesterday, July 4th, Mario and I had a *lovely* morning .I guess you can say he made up for leaving while I was making dinner the night before. We got ready and left to watch War of the Worlds. I don’t know if it was how loud the surround sound was, but damn, that movie startled me. I kept grabbing on to Mario’s arm and pressing my ear against it LOL. It was good, but the end was kind of…abrupt? I don’t know how to explain it, but I did like it.

We came home, I made lunch, we ate and then we went to see Gramma at the nursing home to wish her a happy birthday. I drove there. We chatted with Gramma for a while and I showed her how long my hair was. She’d never noticed it since I always have my hair up since it’s so darn hot out. She said, “It’s so pretty! But doesn’t your head hurt?” LOL She’s so cute .

We went to the mall after we left but they were closing right when we got there, so we went home. We sat around and watched TV for a while and then Andy and Noelia got here. They brought fireworks for the kids and we all had a really nice time. Poor Andy burnt poor Mario with a punk by accident, but all was well. We also saw firework-show-type fireworks that the neighbors usually buy, so that was pretty cool.

And that was our weekend. I need to visit dailies and see what’s going on with everyone. I feel so…behind!

And OMG…now that I have my license, do you know what that means?? That means I can now legally drive to school, finish school and then get a J-O-B!!! But wait, I need to either find or go to Edinburg and buy a new diploma before I can get INTO school. But it’s okay…I’m on a roll. I KNOW I can do everything I’ve wanted to do.