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Adventures in Mommy Land

I was the first in line yesterday when I went to pick Eenan up from school. I feared being first since I’d never been first before and I didn’t know where I was supposed to “stop” in the parking line. So, I just stopped where the canopy ended. The sun was hitting us (Jaylen and I) so we got off to wait outside. I noticed the “elite Spanish-speaking mothers” were all huddled together but I just stood near them anyway. On the way over, Jaylen points down to a sewer cover and tells me that’s where the Ninja Turtles live. I look to where he’s pointing and say, “Oh yeah Baby, they do!” and when I looked up–he walked right into a pole . I quickly picked him up, rubbed his forehead and tried to console him when I hear gasps coming from all over the place. The Spanish Elites just stared at me, whispered and made faces at eachother as if I was the most appalling, un-fit mother they’d ever seen. One of them pointed me towards a water faucet where I could put water on his forehead, but I didn’t find it. She probably just told me about it so they could talk about me . When I got back one of the younger ones (the one I was actually jealous of for being so stylish–she MUST get up at 5am to get herself all dressed up. Who DOES that?!) just scanned me up and down and had this really constipated look on her face. When I told Mario about this all he said was, “Fuck ’em”. How right he is…fuck them. I can’t believe, if I actually spoke Spanish correctly, that I would have talked to those women. Screw that.

Needless to say, Jaylen got a really huge chipote (bump) on his forehead. He called it his “extra brain” LMAO. After putting some popsicles on the bump (I had NO ice), the swelling went down and today it’s barely noticeable. He just told me his extra brain is gone LOL.

Anyway, Eenan’s class came out and I see him with his hoodie sweater pulled over his head. I found it kind of odd, then spot Ms. O. and she shakes her head at me. I automatically knew something was wrong. She tells me he got a GPAR? which is a refferral I guess, because he punched a little boy in the privates. She says she tried talking to him but he wouldn’t say why he did it. She looked almost sorry to have written him up. Neither of us expected that from him, ever. At home I spoke to him and after half an hour, he tells me that little boy picks on him and is mean to him. I ask him if he was mean to him that day and he said no, that he was just mad at him. I told Ms. O. about it this morning and we both think the little boy picked on him so long, Eenan held it in and finally just got tired of it that day. He knows better than to hit, especially in that area. He’s grounded for the next 2 weeks. I was nervous and didn’t know what to say exactly. I just told him he knows better than to hit, not to hit anymore, and if anyone picks on him repeatedly, to tell his teacher. Taking it upon himself to “punish” someone will only get him in trouble. Hopefully he learned his lesson . I could so see the little boy’s Mom coming up to me and asking why my kid beat up her kid and it progress to some huge cat fight like on TV LOL.

When I got the kids buckled in the car, I start driving out. This asshole almost hit me since he didn’t want to let me through, yet it was my right of way. He had the nerve to stare me down when he was passing me on the street. Idiot.

The boys and I went to Sam’s with Mary and Noelia in the evening. We REALLY have to get a Sam’s card. We used to have one and got rid of it. But we really need one. Buying in bulk is cool .

After that we went to Target. I bought another plastic tote for old clothes and things I need to put away, a hot pink Hello Kitty air freshener for the car, a hot pink squeegee for the car’s windows (I hate when it’s dewey in the mornings!), and some foamy soap for the kids since they ran out. God I love Target. I could live in there.

I need to start putting all those old clothes away in a minute. We need to put the car seat, one of the “big” strollers, and the playpen into storage soon. It’s amazing how much crap we have . Mario wants to put the lamps Aunt Nora gave us into storage too. While eating breakfast this morning he tells me, “You know how you are with purses? I’ve noticed that’s how you are with lamps, too”. That is SUCH a lie. I only have a Hello Kitty lamp Mary gave me a few Christmases ago that goes on my bed side table and a silver lava/glitter lamp Aunt Nora gave me and that’s on my desk. And that’s it! Now, if he would have compared the purse thing to the shoe thing, then I’d have to agree . But doesn’t every girl need 10 bags and 10 shoes? He just doesn’t understand.

Okay, going to start folding little toddler clothes now and put them away *tear*.


*Rips Eyes and Ears Out*

Why, oh why, are they showing Jennifer Lopez videos non-stop on MTV??? I could turn the channel…but I can’t find the remote . Yeah, I’m lazy like that.

I watched two My Super Sweet 16’s last night. Nothing else to watch. I can’t stand how arrogant and spoiled those little girls are. They kept talking about how beautiful they were *gag*. If they ever have to step into the real world (which I doubt with Daddy handing them a wad of cash) they’re in for a big disappointment. The only nice one in all those episodes was the brunette from the first episode. OK, I should stop…before I say something incredibly bitchy .

I’ve actually been watching American Idol . The four people that got booted last night sang so well, especially the first girl. I think it’s so screwed up how they tell them they’re out of the competition and then ask them to sing . The one girl who didn’t sing too well that I thought was going to get booted, didn’t. I almost feel like going out and buying the very first season of AI, just to see how they sounded since they keep talking about how this group’s “the best” out of all. But anyway. My favorite singer so far has got to be Carrie Underwood. I LOVE her voice. I also loved the Maynard triplets. I’m still quite upset that they didn’t make it. They sang better than people who are still on the darn show. I saw them on Good Day Live a few days ago and think they’re too cute. Stupid Simon…calling them fat. There were people bigger than them who made it in…but what does it matter anyway and what does that have to do with their singing?! I think they look just fine *hmph*. *edit again* I’m watching the guys’ performances on AI since I missed it Monday and I have to say my favorite boy is probably Bo Bice. He has a great voice! Wow…a lot of the guys sing VERY well.

I hate the way they say Mario Vasquez’s name. *stabs* It’s VAHZ-KEZZ not VAZ-KWEZ. Oh yes…and Mikaela Gordon — or however you spell her name –annoys me. I thought she would have gotten booted too.*/edit*

Thank you all for the comments on my previous post. I went to bed thinking about it last night, and woke up thinking about it. What I forgot to mention was: I haven’t even taken my TASP, or ACT’s. I’ll probably have to take those and I know I won’t pass the math part and God forbid I have to take remedial courses and crap like that. I don’t know if I want to be in school for 4+ years. I was talking with Mario about this last night and he said, “You just don’t worry about it. You go to school.”

I want a house. I want to go to school (for a little while) find a good job and then get a house. That’s all I want is my house. I know going to some course that takes 9 months won’t get me as good a job as if I went to school for 2+ years. That’s also what makes me worry. But I really want my house. If Mario and I were both working we could get a house. Yes, I have house issues. I’ve never lived in a nice house and I want one. I want my dream home. I have every single thing in my dream home planned out. But I can’t just be thinking about how I want to rush and get trained for “some job” because then I’ll be unhappy and that’s exactly what I don’t want. But we’ll see.

Gosh, Mario never called. They told him to go in at 9am this morning so he could finish up this car he was working on and then after that, he could come home or stay. It’s 11 and he hasn’t called yet. I really hope he can get at least part of the day off . God, that’s another thing. I want a job where I’ll get to see and spend time with my family. And have weekends off . That’s not asking too much, is it? Buahaha.

Allllright. I need to go through e-mails and return visits, comments and so on. The house is clean, Jaylen’s asleep and I have free time!


The Boys’ Dentist Apt. & Thinkin’ About the Future

In continuation to this morning’s post…the move went smoothly, thank God. I was smart this time and backed up every single thing (just downloaded everything on the server to my computer), saved all the CHMOD #’s for my CGI things (Megabook, Greymatter) and then just re-uploaded back to this server. I was worried for a bit since my old username wasn’t the same as the new one, and well, every single page uses relative paths since the site’s skinned, but I asked one of the TCH guys if he could help me out with changing my username (they only change it for you if they really have to) and he fixed it for me . It would have taken forever to change that teensy bit of code for the 200+ pages on this site. TCH’s already scored some referral points from me . So yay! I’m happy.

Yesterday morning Sonia picked the boys and I up (since I didn’t have a car) and took us to their dentist appointments. They did pretty good; better than I thought they would. Jaylen was the bravest one though, and walked proudly in front of us and was the first to jump on the chair. They put that new protective plastic-type stuff on his teeth to help prevent cavities. He did SO good. He only screamed twice: once because the light was in his eyes and the other time because he tasted the gel stuff. The first time he screamed Eenan freaked out and started crying in the corner. When it was Eenan’s turn, he was kind of scared and screamed everytime they’d spray water in his mouth and suction it out. But other than that, he did good too, and they put that protective stuff on the left side of his mouth. The first time he got it done he only gave them a chance to do it on the right side because he was freaking out.

They got a little baggy with a toy and pencils and toothbrushes, so they were happy . I got Eenan an excuse and we dropped him off. When Sonia dropped us off at home, I noticed I’d forgotten my keys. Great! So I had to climb in through a window. That’s always fun .

I spent the day cleaning. It smelled SO BAD in here because of all the pets. We hadn’t changed their sheddings in a week and a half or so. I hate cleaning the rats’ cage because they smell and nibble and darnit, they’re Mario’s pets! He’d never change my hamster’s, gerbil’s or rabbit’s sheddings . But I held my breath and cleaned their cages out. We went to Dollar General (one of the only “stores” in this city besides Family Dollar ) where I bought some Hawaiian Breeze plug-in things and other stuff we needed and got some notebooks, scissors and water colors for the boys since I promised them I’d get them something if they cooperated at the dentist. Now it smells so good :). I love Hawaiian Breeze!

OMG, I’m watching TV and they said in California it’s ok to own a “big cat” (i.e. a TIGER) if you have a permit. I WANT A TIGER!!!

Anyway, the house looks pretty decent now. I’ve still got the bedroom to go but ugh, I’m tired already. I wish these boys (husband included) would keep this place clean! I feel like a maid .

When I’m not cleaning/cooking or tending to the family or TRYING to surf the web I’m thinking about a year and a half from now. In approximately a year and a half Jaylen will be starting Pre-K, and I will have 4 hours to MYSELF. Wow, “myself”…what a concept. For the past 5 1/2 years I’ve had a child attatched to my hip. I can’t even fathom what it’ll be like to be here ALONE. And, I probably won’t want to be here alone which is why I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. What I want to do for a living. I think about this constantly and still can’t decide what I want to study for. When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher, then a vet. I can’t do either because 1–I don’t think I have the patience to be in the same room with that many kids and 2–I don’t think I could stand a little animal dying in my arms at least once a day. Everyone tells me to do something with computers but I don’t even know what. I wanted to go into the medical field, but ugh. I don’t know. I think what causes me to just come to a hault everytime I decide I want to do “this or that” is thinking, “What if in 5 years I totally hate this job?”. I don’t want to hate my job :(. When I worked in retail, I hated going to work. It was fun the first couple of months — shoot, even after I turned that guy in for stealing and his little friends TRIED making my life a living hell, I liked my job. But, when they started keeping us till 12am, it got old and I didn’t like it. That’s why I want to go to school–to get a good job where I won’t be working from dawn till dusk. I hope I can decide soon. I don’t want to just go into something at the last minute and end up miserable .

Anyway, last week I paid off Mario’s Pell Grant. We had to pay back since he stopped going to school. Well, I got a call today from another woman from another collection agency saying we still hadn’t paid. I told her we did and gave her all the info and she said there wasn’t a record of us paying. I call the company we made the payment to and she says she doesn’t know why anyone else would be billing us. Then I call the college and they say that since I’m his spouse they couldn’t give me too much info but that yes, we would have to pay both companies. WONDERFUL. Mario’s not going to be too happy to hear that. Another $400 !

Thinking about all that gave me a headache. Gonna go mess around with my Control Panel again. I might bring back the chat room. Well, maybe not. I’m not too sure many people used it last time. And what would the point be? Okay, scratch that idea LOL. I should go, I’m rambling.