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Another Busy Day

I’m taking a break from studying for my Computer Concepts final. I’m so sleepy and my cold is now in full-effect, so the words in my worksheets are all jumbling together and don’t make sense anymore. This sore throat is horrible and all I have is Chloraseptic that I seem to have become immune to .

Anyway, this class was pretty cool. It dealt with everything I like to talk about: computers, internet, web sites and graphics. A few days ago we were discussing domains and hosting and Mrs. C-R asked if I’d show the class my website and explain a little about where I purchased everything from and so on. It was a little…embarrassing. The first post that showed up was the one where I’m talking about my marriage problems. Sweet Jesus.

Today we were discussing graphics, video and sound. Mrs. C-R’d asked some of us who mess around with graphic programs to bring some in, so I took Paint Shop Pro. She asked me to go up to the podium and do some examples of stuff, so I showed them vectors and pixel art. I think I bored the class half to death, but I guess that’s why I didn’t go into teaching .

John and I got into a little fight at school. We started out jokingly smacking eachother then it became an all-out catfight. There was much scratching and kicking involved. Hey, I may be almost 24, but he is my sibling and I’m more than entitled to defend myself. I think he was pissed at me all afternoon because of it. He seems to be over it now, or so I hope he is.

Had so much crap to do today. I took my tower in to get Microsoft Office 2003 re-installed on it and Bubba and I ended up staying there for almost half an hour trying to get the program on a CD since my stupid computer uses wireless mouse and keyboard and needless to say it wasn’t picking up the regular ones. He got it on a CD for me and lo and behold, it worked smile.

Before I picked Eenan up from school I went to the post office to get a money order while Mom paid her water bill across the street. Jaylen had an appointment, where I ran into my old friend Jessica E. She’s 8 months pregnant already and looks tiny. And she’s having a girl this time! She’ll have her little pair–aww smile. We caught up a bit and I dropped her off at home. I promised I’d call her and we’d meet up sometime, and this time I have to do it. We’ve been running into eachother all year and I never just sat down and called her to make plans. I need to learn to stop being afraid of the phone. I don’t know when it happened, but the phone just stopped being a method of communication I like. I have to overcome that though, if I want to keep hold of the few great friends I’ve made through the years.

We went to see Gramma after that and spent a while with her. Mom was kind enough to treat us to dinner (McDonald’s and Stars) so that I wouldn’t have to make dinner and just study. That woman’s a saint . I still had to finish with laundry and clean up a bit so I’m barely getting a chance to study. I still have to take a shower. Bleh.

I called Mike this afternoon to confirm our appointment tomorrow at the dealership. If all goes well, we’ll be there by 1p.m. I asked John to do me the favor of picking Eenan up for me. Eenan’s doing just fine. His chin seems to be healing well. I still plan to take him to his doctor on Wednesday for a follow-up, just in case.

Well, enough of my rambling. My eyes are heavy with sleep so I better study before I fall asleep on the keyboard. Looks like I won’t be washing dishes again. God, I suck.

Goodnight smile.

Working on a Webpage

Since we’re working on a website for our class (Computer Concepts) and I already have mine done I’m updating. The darn internet at home is still all wonky due to signal failure (according to the Level 3 Technician I spoke to yesterday). They’re supposed to stop by the house on Sunday morning to fix it. Grr.

Anyway, we attended Arturo’s funeral on Wednesday afternoon. I picked Eenan up from school and arrived just in time to help Mario find his clothes (what would he do without me?) and then Mom, Big Mario, Mary, Mario and I left to Rio Grande. Thankfully, John stayed with the kids.

The priest said nice things, although I noticed he kept talking about things that weren’t really relevant to Arturo. It was so sad. My father-in-law cried–it was probably a mixture of that and that it hadn’t really hit him yet that made Mario cry. I kept swallowing down the lump in my throat and blinking back the tears. When we got to the burial in El Sauz, however, I lost all control when we put a handful of pretty flowers on his tiny casket. His casket was about a foot wide, a foot long, and about 8 inches deep. All that was left of him was enough to fill that little box, so that’s why they got that size casket. We went to their ranch for one last Rosario and then went home.

So far, all we’ve heard is that his death was related to the time he testified in court against drug traffikers. They didn’t do anything back then because it would be obvious so I’m assuming that’s why they did it now. I just hope they find those people and that they pay well for it.

John started school on Wednesday and so far he likes it. He keeps whispering “Vish” to me and constantly makes me laugh at the most inappropriate times, but it’s cool having him there. It would have been awesome if he’d gotten the chance to start at the same time that I did so that we could graduate together but oh well. It just wasn’t possible.

I’ve got so much to do today. Gotta go to Mr. Gatti’s to leave a deposit for Jaylen’s birthday party. I’m going to have to set the date foward two weeks (due to Easter) but that gives us more time to save money and buy more party favors and candies. I have to stop for Mario’s check, stop to buy tickets to Ice Age 2 before they’re sold out, get home and pack up more stuff to take to storage, go pick up Mary’s rentors’ check, and then pick up Eenan and go to the movies. Whew.

I should start coming up with a new layout for this place since it’s for a grade, I think? Yep, I think that’s what I’ll do. Too bad there’s no PSP or PS on here .


Farewell, CBS 06-20

Today, the other class officially finished school. It was actually really sad; it hadn’t really hit me that we were never going to see these people again. Everyone sat around talking in their nice regular clothes, not our uniforms or professional attire, which was a nice change.

At 10:00, they had The Pinning, where Mrs. C-R and another instructor have a little ceremony, give a little speech, and give each student a pin.

Everyone decided to go to the Olive Garden to celebrate so we met there. While we were waiting for everyone to get there I made a decision: although I wasn’t the only one at fault, I appologized to Crystal for the argument we had back in December. We parted on good terms and I’m glad for that.

When everyone got there (and they finally opened) we were 3rd to get our 16 seats. Of course Kimberly & Romeo didn’t go and Joe didn’t go either. We had a great time–I sat next to Mayra and Lucy and across from Pepe, Brenda, and Mrs. C-R. We discussed the delicious food (I had the Tour of Italy, a soda, and of course 3 breadsticks and salad) and laughed at Pepe’s usually ridiculous (and sometime’s inappropriate) jokes. He’s funny though. I’m going to actually miss him. And Fernando and Miguel. And Brenda and Rolando. And hell, everyone else, too!

I was so stuffed from eating so much bread I left most of my food so I packed it up. We said our good-byes and goodlucks and all went our separate ways.

Mario needed a multi-meter for work so I picked one up from Radio Shack for him (and got the wrong one) and asked if he wanted my left overs. He happily took them and I’m glad–hopefully it’ll convince him that Olive Garden is wonderful and serves other food other than pasta and seafood.

Ricci didn’t talk to us at all yesterday or today, but so be it. It really got to me that last Thursday’s situation became this huge production, so in a way I’m glad to be withdrawn from all that drama. All the attention whores finished school today (well, except two of them) but we’re still better off.

Oh! We got our interview evaluations back from our final yesterday and I got a hundred! That totally made my day. Mr. Ibanez’s exact written words were, ‘Very confident. Would hire NOW!’ Now, if only I can do that well during a REAL interview!

I’m currently waiting for John in my car (updating from PDA) while he finishes with his orientation. He starts class tomorrow with me. It’s gonna be a distracting month!