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Caught Up!!

Thurs., Feb. 12th –Since we went to sleep late I didn’t even get up to make Mario breakfast or anything. How he managed to wake up at all is beyond me.

I spent most of the morning tidying up and then updating my blog and uploading pictures—FINALLY! Before I knew it, it was lunch time and then time to pick up the boys after school. We got home, they did homework and survived their first day of not playing games. I took Mom to Dollar General and I stayed in the Equinox, reading of course. Jaylen went with us and got down with Mom to spend some of his $24 that he’s saved on his own. He saves every dollar that anyone gives him. He’s so much better at saving than I am LOL.

We got home and worked on the boys’ Valentine cards for school. Mario got home and went on his jog and then we chilled out the rest of the evening. Alaethia fell asleep early for once, about 9:40pm. Mario and I watched Superbad on TV and messed with our computers at the same time. Then we spent some much-needed along time together. Alaethia did manage to wake up around 1am and then didn’t want to go back to sleep at all after that. She was up every few hours, just tossing and turning for no reason.

Fri., Feb 13th – I stayed asleep again after the alarm went off for Mario to get up. When I woke up about an hour later I’d had a dream that I had triplets : 1 girl and two boys! The girl and one boy were born first and they were tiny! The doctor was completely shocked because they only ever saw one fetus throughout my pregnancy. I felt like the 3rd baby was taking too long so I got up and had lunch with Sally and Carmen. Dr. C. was looking for me everywhere. I went back to the room and nonchalantly called Mario to tell him I was having the babies. Dr. C. was concerned about the last baby. But then it was born and then I woke up. It was SO WEIRD.

I did the morning routine and then Mario called and told me about having to pay his bosses back some money that they overpaid us during the whole overdrafting fiasco since two of the NSF fees didn’t go through after all (though they had been showing up the morning I made the deposit). So I was having to redo the math and was not happy about it. Grr. I’ll say it again: had that whole thing not happened we wouldn’t have to hassle. But whatever.

Aww…Emily has hiccups again at 2:50pm. She gets them often now :). I’m going to miss that *tear*.

Anyway, I’ve spent a lot of the day catching up on entries and doing the rest of the laundry. I still need to get the bassinet, car seat and bags in order, but I’ll be doing those tomorrow (or Sunday) for sure. Still don’t know what we’re doing for Valentine’s Day since we’re kind of on a budget.

I picked up the boys from school; they were so excited about Valentine’s Day and were actually being really civil with each other. I allowed them to eat some of their Valentine’s candy.

Mario got home early and deposited at the bank. We chilled out the rest of the day. We watched TV and even changed his layout on his Myspace. Stupid Myspace. I haven’t been able to upload pictures since last week! It freezes my computer every time I try.

Noelia was getting a procedure done so Mary wasn’t here and was going to spend the night with Noelia. The boys are dealing with it pretty well. Eenan, too, surprisingly, although he did have one breakdown about missing his Nana and how he was going to try and stay awake until she got home.

I made dinner (chili and guacamole) and went outside with Mario, Jose, Elda and later, Adan.

The boys fell asleep in the living room watching TV. I was surprised that they actually stayed asleep! We chilled out all evening outside under the party porch. Alaethia was outside with us for a good while but fell asleep as Mario rocked her around 9:40 again, amazingly. We tried out the new baby monitors and they’re really good and clear, but not crackly like our old ones.

I finished uploading all my pictures to Flickr, yay! Now I just need to finish with my blogs and I’m done!

My stomach felt weird for a while, but it must be the darn antibiotics screwing with me. We once again went to bed late. We decided we’d go watch Confessions of a Shopaholic at 11am tomorrow, but I guess we’re catching the 1:00 showing instead.

Emily’s Baby Shower & The Superbowl

The day of Emily’s baby shower!

I woke up around 10am and went over to Mary’s to help with potato peeling and whatever else they needed help with. Mona, Elda and Mom were already there helping. We started putting everything into the trucks so Mary, Mona and Elda could take everything to the hall.

Once I was done helping out I came to shower and straighten my hair. I thought I was going to have enough time to do everything, but as always, I ended up having to rush. Noelia got here around that time. I bathed Alaethia and got her dressed in the cute yellow bumblebee outfit Sonia bought her from Gymboree for her birthday. She threw such a fit while I was trying to do her hair—she hates for anyone to mess with her hair—so it took around 20 minutes to do her hair alone.

So I’m getting all her stuff together and finally start getting dressed myself when Noelia and Mary come in to see what I need help with. They were both dressed in cute dresses and cardigans…and I looked at my clothes and I was in a (really cute, but still) blouse and jeans. I decided to completely scrap the jeans and put on my black and white giraffe print dress and black cardigan. But then I looked down at my legs and realized I didn’t shave during my shower. Great. I hiked up my dress, used a washcloth to wet and lather up my legs with soap and started shaving. I cut myself in 3 different places, which is really weird because I have that Lady Shick razor and never cut myself, but I guess I was in that much of a hurry. I re-rinsed my legs with a clean washcloth, slapped on my makeup and Mom, Jaylen and I were out the door. Eenan went with us to Alaethia’s baby shower two years ago but decided he’d rather go with Mario to Jorge’s (Mario’s Nino) to start prepping for the Superbowl Party.

We arrived about 8 minutes late. Mona, Elda, Noelia, Mary of course, Sonia, Yadira and kids were already there. I walked around saying hello and aunts of co-workers of Mary’s started showing up. The aunts that said they weren’t going to make it because basically, the Superbowl was more important, really didn’t show up. Sally and Carmen had already told me they couldn’t; Sally had prior plans and Carmen’s little girl was sick, plus she had to get ready to ship out for the Army (!), so they didn’t make it. But all my other friends…they didn’t show up either. It was pretty disappointing. They didn’t even have to bring a gift…it would have been nice just to see them.

Aunt Nora at least got to go, and that’s because I let her know at the last minute because I’d sent the invite to Justin and he forgot to tell her about it, heh. The games were fun. Mary had them make a baby out of Bubble Yum bubble gum. It was between Norma D. and Venessa’s baby, so they both got a prize.

They also played a word scramble and then The Price Is Right. That one was a little difficult, but around 4 people ended up tied with 1 right each LOL.

We had bingo and the food that Mary made herself (chicken in celery sauce, corn, mashed potatoes and a roll). It was delicious. Everyone kept asking if she’d gotten the event catered!

Jaylen took his DS so he was entertained for the most part. He did get a little teary-eyed when bingo was over and he hadn’t won anything LOL. Alaethia was running around with all the other babies, especially Belle. And when she’d get bored there was always someone who wanted to hold her, so she was happy.

They had a few more games and then Elda, Yadira, Mary and I served dessert, while Natalie, Yazmin and . The cake was great, even though, as always, the lady messed up on the colors. The grapefruit pie and everything else was awesome. Everyone started leaving around this time, except for close family. They waited patiently for my slow butt to finish my dessert and then they made a huge circle of chairs around the gift table to watch me open gifts

There were so many cute, tiny things! Emily has tons of new clothes, plus her hand-me-downs for Alaethia and Vicky—this girl will NEVER run out of clothes!

I was amazed at everyone’s generosity! I had to really cram everything into the back of the Equinox to make everything fit! Aide was a doll and helped so much with putting everything up. She said I shouldn’t be doing anything because I’m pregnant. As she was walking away with a ton of bags I’m thinking, “Hello?! You’re pregnant, too!”

Yes, she is! They’d told us the day before. We’d just been talking about how they’d been trying for months now and still nothing at Jorge and Mona’s housewarming party the week before. Annie said that pregnancies usually come in 3’s, so she was surprised that no one else was pregnant along with me. She said it’ll either be Aide, Noelia, Elda, or Mona along with me. Aide had texted me, “Guess I’m one of the three!” LOL Let’s see who else is next!

We drove over to Jorge and Mona’s and met up with all the guys, who were already bar-b-q’ing and drinking. Mario and I went to Dollar General a few blocks away after a while to get dip, cheese and some of those 3-d glasses for the half-time show, or whatever it was. I ran into one of my students, Eric, when we were walking out the door. Once we got back we watched the game and ate and then the 3-d show started. It sucked. We couldn’t see a damn thing with those glasses LOL.

Most of the girls got bored and went inside to chat around the table. Then we moved our congregation to the living room where I copied the pictures Mona took at the baby shower to my SD card. Technology’s lovely.

As I was copying the pictures, Mario goes over to the sofa I was at and sits next to me. He tells me he’s tired and he wants to go home. I tell him okay, I’m almost done transferring the pictures. I’m into my conversation with Mona and Annie so I don’t notice that he leaves. I mean, really leaves. He doesn’t tell anyone anything, just stealthily disappears like a ninja. He calls me like 15 minutes later and tells me that yup, he didn’t want anyone to stop him from leaving so he just left. When we got home the old man was already asleep! Oh, but when I was working he was up every night till 2am!

I looked around and decided that I’d wait till the next day to put everything away. I had a long day!

Tid Bits

I’ve got to start off with these stories I heard on CNN when I woke up this morning.

First, there’s one where a mother was driving recklessly and was way over the alcohol limit. When they stopped her they discovered that her children were surrounded by crap…and cockroaches!

Police said more than 100 roaches were crawling all over Nava’s Ford Mustang and that amid the trash, open food containers and alcohol bottles was a 1-year-old child and a 3-year-old child.

“They were soaked and covered in urine and their own feces, and there were cockroaches all over the car. The officer says when he reached in to unbuckle the child, three roaches ran across his hand — they were just everywhere,” said Jacksonville Beach police Sgt. Thomas Bingham.

Full story here.

I don’t understand how a CAR can become infested with roaches. And to have the children in that filth?! Ugh!

Another one was one John brought to my attention two days ago, before it even came out on CNN. He found it on one of the gaming websites he frequents. I thought it was a joke when he told me. A mom and dad neglected their 11 month and 22 month old babies because they were addicted to video games, namely Dungeons and Dragons. I didn’t even know people could be so…stupid, for lack of a better word.

Michael Straw, 25, and Iana Straw, 23, pleaded guilty Friday to two counts each of child neglect. Each faces a maximum 12-year prison sentence.

Viloria said the Reno couple was too distracted by online video games, mainly the fantasy role-playing “Dungeons & Dragons” series, to give their children proper care.

Police said hospital staff had to shave the head of the girl because her hair was matted with cat urine. The 10-pound girl also had a mouth infection, dry skin and severe dehydration.

Her brother had to be treated for starvation and a genital infection. His lack of muscle development caused him difficulty in walking, investigators said.

Full story here.

I can’t believe that. The little girl weighed 10 pounds and is 11 months old! Some babies are born at that weight! God I can’t even believe it. I hope they serve the full 12 year sentence. And that they’re never allowed to play video games or reproduce again!

And the last one…I still don’t know if it’s true or not, but linked two websites that supposedly have Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows spoilers. One of them was shut down, but the other is alive and kicking and looks to be legit. My curiosity overcame me and I clicked on the link…and regretted it instantly! I only read the first line, but if it’s true then I figured that was going to happen. I hate it though :(. I scrolled down and supposedly the person’s scanned the chapter titles and chapter art. I browsed through a few of those because it was too tempting. I saved the link and AFTER I’m done with the book I’ll check out the site and see if this person was for real. It looks real, but you never know. John is dying to scream out all the “spoilers” he’s seen so far, but I threatened his life so he’s keeping his mouth shut.

[EDIT @ 12:07pm] I’d linked the wrong site…I only linked the CNN one, instead of the “ZOMG SPOILERS” one. Again, BE CAREFUL! I’m not posting this to ruin the book for any one, by any means. I’m posting it, so that, like me, you can check the “facts” of this site AFTER you read the book! [/EDIT]

If you’d like to view the site or save it for later like I did, here’s the link. I’m warning you though, BE CAREFUL WHEN OPENING THE PAGE! The very first line (okay, the whole thing) contains a major spoiler, so watch out!

I really can’t wait till Saturday! I won’t be waiting in line with everyone else in my family at 12:01am at Walmart, since I reserved mine from Target and I’m sure they’re not going to be open at that time. Poo. I wouldn’t want to be driving around at that time anyway (I keep repeating this to myself as consolation, kthx).

I had planned to spend at least two straight days reading. I was even going to have meals cooked and ready for microwaving so I wouldn’t waste any time and Mom had agreed to babysit since she’s here all day anyway, but all that went out the window when I remembered I’d agreed a few weeks ago to go with Mary to her company picnic at the lake. Damn! And on Sunday Noelia and I have to go to the Baptism class for Alaethia (which lasts for 3 hours). Double damn!

As for my little Alaethia…she’s the same. Her fever went only as low as 100 last night but at least she got to rest. I’ve been alternating Tylenol and Motrin to keep her comfortable but this has gone on too long. I’m taking her back tomorrow morning. I bathed her around 8pm tonight and when I was drying her up noticed a bumpy rash on her back. Now I’m thinking she’s got Strep Throat, or Scarletina, or both. She hasn’t thrown up or had diarrhea at all since yesterday and she’s been eating very well, thank goodness. But the darn fever won’t break. She hasn’t gone below 100 today either. My poor girl :(.

I’ve been alright. I guess it was just nerves making me feel that way yesterday. I didn’t want to have Aly around town feeling the way she did so Mom watched her while John and I went to Walmart (where John returned some stuff and bought a game) and then to Target. I’d been planning to go and get the boys a few more school supplies — since they’re really inexpensive right now — and some T-shirts they liked (which were $5) on Friday, but we went today instead before they ran out. They were in love with their shirts. John owed me $5 so he paid me back with FOOD! Some chocolate chip cookie dough Pop Tarts and Dreyer’s brownie chunk ice cream. I know I said I was going to start a diet…but I’m going to start PMS’ing soon and I’m not a happy camper during that awful time without chocolate…

It was another rainy afternoon today and it was cool, so we took full advantage and everyone was outside enjoying the breeze. Alaethia especially loved it. Later on we went over to Mary’s since Big Mario bar-b-q’d. Then Jorge, Mario, Mary and I discussed Harry Potter LOL.

Well, my Aly’s asleep and is feeling really cool (!) so I’m going to take her temperature and hopefully we’ll have a few good hours of sleep. I haven’t slept more than 4 hours the past two nights, and last night was even worse because I kept getting up to check on her. Tonight, she’s sleeping in my bed. I love it…last time I tried having her sleep in my bed she clawed at and kicked me, so I couldn’t cuddle her. But now that she’s already asleep she has no choice!