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A Summary

Got ready for school.

Woke Mario up since his uncle was here early with another truck to have something installed in it.

Ricci got here and we left to school.

Had a quiz on Chapter 3 first period (currently taking Records and Information Management), free time, Key Terms for Chapter 4, reading for Chapter 4, Review Questions for Chapter 4.

Had interesting conversations during breaks.

Rushed the papers they needed from John and Mom to the financial aid office after school.

Rushed home, chilled out and watched Transamerica (which was a shocking but excellent movie. LOVE Felicity Huffman.) while Mario slept and the kids played quietly in the bedroom. Watched part of Desperate Housewives Season 2 Episode 16, I think, and then left to town with Mario.

Picked up his paycheck, Mary picked up the boys so that we could check cars out at the Chevy place. Checked out the Cobalts and decided on either white or blue granite metallic. Not our first choice, but we’re first-time buyers so we wouldn’t be able to get the Nissan Titans we had our little hearts set on.

We discuss how we’re going to have to start pinching pennies and stop making inpulse buys like last week if we get this car. It was fun while it lasted–to spend like it didn’t matter–but we really do need this car.

Waited for Jorge to call about having the $2,000 ready for us that he owes Mario for the Prelude. He kept begging Mario to sell it to him and now we’re just waiting for the payment that should have been available today. This makes me very unhappy.

Another thing that makes me unhappy is that Lack’s keeps calling about the late payment again. Apparently Jorge and Maggie are a week late on the payment. I’m REALLY regretting letting them borrow our account. To my understanding, they were supposed to pay it off when they received their income tax.

Met with Mary again and got the kids back. Took them to Peter Piper Pizza for some kids meals and to play games. We’d promised them last week and neither of us remembered so we had to comply when they did. Since Mario wanted to bar-be-cue later we shared some cheesy garlic bread with marinara sauce which was just EXCELLENT. Kids played, got prizes, we left.

Mario stopped at the corner store down Tom Gill and bought some fajitas, chicken and sausage to bar-be-cue.

John drives me to the store to pick up ice, chips, dip and other miscellaneous junk foods. (John also drove Mom to her doctor’s appointment and to pick up her prescriptions all by himself!)

Mario invites Chris and Nancy who bring Angela and Yazmin over. Mom joins us then we’re later joined by Mary. We eat, great food, have a good time. Start nodding off at 10:30. Finally come in at 11 since I can’t take it anymore and neither could Nancy. I’m becoming such an old lady. Falling asleep by 7 p.m…What a shame…

Yadira is scheduled for a C-section tomorrow morning. Yay! Gotta figure out when I should be ready to visit and I have to go to the bank, too. I need to remember to get the kids’ bank account numbers.

So sleepy. Jaylen’s waiting for me since he wants to play with my hair to fall asleep. My initial intentions for updating were to rant and rave about how pissed I am about the car’s down payment and Lack’s, but I’ll make calls and throw my fits tomorrow. I don’t have the strength to be angry right now.



I’m so…bored. Usually I love weekends and not having to do anything but I’ve felt so crappy all day. I really need to get some new books to read.

What book are you reading, or have you read, that just blew your mind? I need suggestions!

We went to Peter Piper Pizza for Brandon’s party. I actually had fun. The kids were actually quite delightful and had a blast playing games. Jaylen had 156 tickets. When we turned them in, the guy in charge of giving out the prizes gave us 2 150 point stuffed dogs. He saved me…had Eenan seen Jaylen get a dog and not him, he would have had a fit for sure!

Other than that, I’ve been here at home, cleaning and watching a marathon of America’s Next Top Model. Usually, I’d be laying on the couch, loving this show. Everything seems like such a rerun and a bore lately though.

As for the baby thing…I brought it up to Mario because of a horoscope I’d seen. I read the horoscope and that’s all I could think of. I became really in love with the idea of having another baby soon, since I don’t want all the kids to be super far apart in age. Well, he said no and I felt bad. But after making a mental list of pros and cons, the cons won out and I realized we are indeed not ready. (Especially since the night I brought it up, Jaylen was extra clingy and I realized that wouldn’t be a good thing with a newborn.) Well, last night, after, uh, doing the deed without protection (I was out of birth control and Mary barely went to Mexico this morning) I started freaking out thinking, “WHAT IF I GET PREGNANT!?”

It’s safe to say I probably am not, since the last two times I got knocked up it took 6 and then 3 months to get pregnant. Needless to say, it’s going to be a stressful month until I get my period again .

Well, this entry’s just all over the place, isn’t it?


Confessions of a Drama Queen

After getting my computer fixed my internet died for 2 days so I never got a chance to update. My cold only lasted 3 days–shortest cold I’ve ever had, ever. I felt absolutely horrible on Monday but went to school anyway just in case Mrs. C-R decided to surprise us with our exam on that day. All we did was spend the day studying. I studied that night, then at breakfast and then for an hour before our exam. Needless to say, I aced the biatch with a 100. *pops collar* We got to leave at 9:30–earliest we’ve ever left!

Wednesday we started our new course: Power Point. Mrs. C-R gave us a brief overview, showed us the do’s and don’t’s of presenting and tossed us in front of a presentation and we had to present it to the class–just like that. I did alright.

That same day we were put into groups for a group presentation. I was grouped with Romeo and Miguel and our presentation was based on weather and natural disasters. I researched and made the slides for Global Warming and Earthquakes.

I picked Mom up from the SS office on Wednesday after school. Good news: they’re going to help her! Someone is finally going to help my mother and I couldn’t be happier . I’m praying and crossing my fingers that things work out.

Mario got home early that night (for once!) and we started watching the first season of Desperate Housewives. Since we watched the show and then, uh, rendevouzed in the shower (it was the only place we could be alone!) I didn’t get to bed till almost 12. At 1 a.m., I woke up with the worst stomach cramps and then got the chills. I couldn’t sleep. It was the strangest–I felt fine the next day, but all night I was thinking, “Please don’t let me be sick. I have my presentation tomorrow and I’d hate to disappoint my group.” I felt really tired when I woke up that morning and even debated staying home, but I made myself go.

On Thursday, we finished up our slides and went first. We did pretty darn good. I didn’t even get nervous .

I had an appointment to donate blood after school, and Ricci was going to donate too, so we grabbed a quick lunch at Taco Bell and went to the United Blood Services office. My iron was really good, so the nurse kept trying to convince me to get the Plasma/Red Blood Cell thing done, so I did. It took forever. I did really good even though the needle hurt my arm like crazy, but when I was done I started feeling really light headed and sleepy. The nurse asked me to keep my eyes open just in case I passed out. Ricci had to stop half-way through hers–she was definitely passing out.’

We didn’t get out till 2:20 and Mary had asked me to stuff the turkey we were having for Tommy’s birthday dinner. I was also freaking out since I had to rush to drop Ricci off and then get in line to wait for Eenan at school (it takes 30 minutes to get here and I have to be in line for Eenan at 2:45). I made it a little late to pick Eenan up and called Mary to let her know I wasn’t going to be able to put the turkey in till at least 3:30.

The turkey cooked with enough time, thank goodness, and dinner was awesome. It was like an early Thanksgiving ! Mario didn’t make it, of course.

Speaking of, it’s becoming really hard for me to keep from either moping around or being pissed off about Mario never being home. Before, I knew it was because he *had* to work and was doing everything to provide for us, but lately I know he’s been getting out of work earlier and he just doesn’t bother coming home. He’s too busy with his friends . I’m just…getting sick of it, I guess.

Today, for example, he had the day off. We started on our individual presentations at school (I’m making mine on Care Bears–I really want to change my idea, but the girls convinced me to keep it). I didn’t get to finish so I was going to take my computer in to get Microsoft Office re-installed on my computer (since it got wiped out with everything else…my pictures… *clutches heart*). I didn’t want to go on my own, so I asked him to go with me when he called me after school. He couldn’t because don’t you see he had to take Magda to bail Jorge out of jail (long story). I know I shouldn’t be that way, but my God, wasn’t there anyone ELSE who could take her?? It’s almost 4:30 and he’s STILL there…waiting. And, knowing him, when they finally let Jorge out he’s going to go straight to their house and stay there till 2am.

I was going to make myself feel better by watching Desperate Housewives (ha, the irony), but lo-and-behold, my DVD is scratched or something because it doesn’t want to go passed the 3rd episode on disk 1. Grr.

I found Mary’s copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, so I think I’ll go drown my sorrows on the couch with my face in the book. Yeah, that sounds good.