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Bad Karma, or Just Bad Luck?

Well, after watching My Name is Earl, or whatever the correct name of the show is, on NBC last night (which I think is hilarious) I started thinking about Karma and all the people I’ve been evil to in my life. Although I do think the good I’ve done has out-weighed the bad, I’m starting to feel paranoid.

This morning was total chaos. Woke up a little late. I thought since I woke up at 6:20 yesterday morning and had more than enough extra time that if I woke up at 6:30 today I’d be okay. For some reason, I was in a hurry. Packed Mario’s lunch since he got home late and I didn’t have his lunch bag, Jaylen woke up early so I got his breakfast ready, got Eenan ready, and I don’t even know what else.

Ricci and I left the house and everything was going smoothly till we reached Mission. We saw people going off the road, into the grass median and into the Frontage road. There were TONS of people so I started to panic. Sure enough, about 100 feet in front of us there was a traffic jam due to a car accident up ahead. Ricci told me to go ahead and cut through the grass, and I had a really bad feeling about it so I sort of stalled, then went for it. All was fine until I had to pass over the huge curb…the bottom of the car made a huge screeching then booming sound–I thought for sure I’d broken something, but we went on since traffic was mad.

The Frontage road was no different from the Expressway. It was congested and moving at a snail’s pace. While we were slowly trudging along we notice we’re already in McAllen, and above on the Expressway there was yet another car accident. It felt like forever by the time we got back on the Expressway and got to school. We had to call Mrs. C-R. to let her know we’d be tardy.

We got to the school and I checked the car for any damage. Good news: I only dented the undercarriage (or whatever it’s called; I’m a girl, sue me!) on the left side a little. Bad news: my tires REALLY need to be aligned now. I swear that poor car’s going to fall apart because of my retarded driving .

I hope Mario got to work ok. I didn’t call him during my first break to warn him about the traffic jam. I know he’ll probably be pissed because for the 2nd day in a row I didn’t set the alarm correctly. It would really suck to get into some petty argument over something like the alarm. I don’t need it today !

I have to pick Mom up after we’re done here, then go see Gramma and then drop her off. I have a bad feeling because of all the madness from this morning that I’m PRAYING nothing odd/horrible happens the rest of the day. .

Mayra didn’t come to school today. What happened Mayra!?! Hope you’re okay.

Oh, and Rita’s now a Category 4…lovely!

[edit] It’s now a Catergory 5. A Category 5!!![/edit]


Daily Adventures & Three Little Kittens

This is why I stopped watching CMT.

I’m watching the top 20 Count Down and holy moly, I’ve got a lump in my throat. All the songs are so touching, but extremely depressing . Watch the video for “Somebody’s Hero” by Jamie O’neil and you’ll be crying like a baby. *sobs*

I’ve done a lot the past few days, aside from going to school. Mostly having to do with me driving around like a maniac after school (with poor Ricci in tow) since I have thousands of errands to run every day.

On Wednesday, I had to pick Mom up from the Social Security office, take her to pick up some stuff at Wal-mart, we stopped by to see Gramma for a few minutes, and then I had to drop her off allll the way to her house. Then I had to drop Ricci off and pick up Eenan.

Thursday, we were relieved I didn’t have anything to do. On the way home, when we were driving through Mission, I get a call from Mary saying her van died on her and if I could turn back and pick her up. Went back (in the pouring rain), Ricci and I laughing, blushing, and joking about things a husband and wife do together. Since I was on the phone, Mary took over driving and drove to make a payment (she was on her way over there during her lunch hour when the van died), bought some transmission oil, went to the bank and she filled my gas tank. (Since the rise in gas prices, my tank now fills with about $27, and this is a compact car!)

Ricci drove on the way to Mary’s van, where she was going to add the transmission fluid and we were going to follow her to her office and made sure she made it there. I didn’t want to drive because it was flooding and was about to storm heavily, and I’m still a bit traumatized from the time Sonia and Noelia got into that car accident about 6 years ago when it was raining. On the way over to Mary’s office, we saw at least 3 car accidents—craziness.

After school yesterday, Ricci and I went grocery shopping and didn’t realize how late it was when we were done so I had to rush to drop her and her groceries off, then go straight to Eenan’s school and pick him up.

Today, I am taking it easy. Mario took the car, so I’m chilling out at home wearing my “I’m not doing shit today” shirt, as John calls it. (My “I’m not doing shit today shirt” is usually a shirt about 3 sizes too big for me accompanied by boxers that I wear to sloth around the house.) I had bills to pay, but I guess it’ll wait till Tuesday. 3-day weekend baby!

I’ll probably take some time to study for my Certification Exam. I did the 2002 practice Expert Exam and got an 89, which I guess is good since some of the questions were totally different from how we’d do something in the 2003. The two girls who took the exam a few days ago didn’t pass. I think I heard the teacher say they were about 45 points away from passing. I’m hoping and praying that, even if I can’t pass with a 1000 like I’d like to, that I at least pass with the least amount of points required to pass, which is 630. I really want my Masters in Microsoft!

The whole situation with Eenan and school is basically the same. Elda volunteered to drop him off in the mornings with Sammy and Brandon. It’s a great idea since he’ll be there later, and there’ll be more kids there and hopefully he won’t feel as inclined to cry with Sammy and Brandon around. I still need to talk with someone about maybe switching him to a different class. I felt so miserable on Friday when he told me while climbing into the car after school that he only had one friend. And that one friend is the one who swung him from his sweatshirt and made him fall on his back . I hope his year gets better very soon.

We went to visit Jorge and Maggie last night. They’re holding up okay. They’re making plans on what to do and Jorge may already have a new job lined up with a relative. I’m so glad. Jorge doesn’t ever want to go back to doing audio/video auto work again .

On a lighter note, we have 3 more additions to the family. Well, for now anyway. Brushka went into labor on Wednesday afternoon, right after I’d come home from dropping Mom and Ricci off. I didn’t even think she was ready to deliver yet, she still looked small!

John said she was walking around, very apprehensively all day and when I got home, she immediately lay down on her side and her stomach started contracting. I barely had time to sit down (and turn on the camera!), when she started pushing the first baby out. His name is Dewey Enchilirido (John’s name choice, not mine!). He looks almost exactly like Brushka, except he doesn’t have a cream-colored belly. The second one born is a girl, and her name’s Tippy, since the tip of her tail (and paws!) are white. The third one’s a girl too, looks almost exactly like Tippy, but we haven’t come up with a name for her yet. John’s keeping Dewey, Sonia might take one of the kittens and I’m not sure who the third’s going to yet. As much as I’d LOVE to keep them ALL, we can’t. We already have too many cats *sniff*.

Brushka did a fabulous job for being a first-time mom. I had to frantically search online for what to do, since she didn’t know what to do about the umbilical cord. I read on several sites to tightly knot some floss or thread about an inch away from the belly, and cut with scissors, so I did, and they’re ok! She loves her babies; she’s so dedicated! She’ll eat, drink water, go to the bathroom in her litter box and then immediately goes back to her children. I’m so happy !

I’m going to finish this coffee and then, I shall watch TV. Or read. Or surf the ‘net. Oh the possibilities! I never thought I’d be happy to just be home!


Busy Bee

Feels like I never get a chance to update. Thank you so much to all who wished my little man a Happy Birthday :). I promise I’ll get back to everyone soon. One of these days this week, I’m just going to spend all my free time online so I can catch up .

I’m so incredibly tired right now, but I’m waiting for The Real World to finish so I can jump in the shower. Then I gotta straighten my hair. I hate having to straighten it. I love how it looks when it’s straight, but it takes sooo long. If only I could find something to help my waves look nice.

Oh my gosh. That’s so sad ! I won’t mention it, just in case some of you haven’t seen the episode, but what happened’s just so sad.

Anyway, we went to Mexico on Sunday after all. Searched high and low for a Yu-gi-oh piñata and finally found one for only $7 after walking 7 blocks after we walked to El Parian (which is this huge marketplace with little shops and restaurants).

I bought some birth control pills, since that’s where I get them, and damn did they shoot the price up on them. I used to get them for $2-3 and now they cost almost $6! I know that’s still cheap for BC, but when I only had $15, and had to save $10 of that for the piñata, it caught me by surprise LOL. We had some tortas and the best milkshake ever, and then we came home.

It took an hour to get back and just today I saw on the news that the reason it takes so much longer now is because they installed radiation detectors. I think it’s great, but damn does it take long and it was SO incredibly hot.

School’s been going great. I love working with Word — I’m a geek, I know. I finished all my assignments early today so I just helped out whoever needed help during the last period. It’s pretty nice knowing people actually appreciate my help .

I’m going to start carpooling with Ricci. Her ride bailed on her so her grandma will drop her off here in the morning and we’ll leave together and then after school I’ll drop her off. We chilled out here for a while — she even helped me paint some of those darn Yu-gi-oh’s, which was so nice of her :). (I didn’t make her help me, I swear!) I went to drop her off after that and I met her grandma, cousins and her little girls who are too cute.

I think there was more I was going to write about, but Lordy I’m so tired. I shall go and bathe now.