Found this link at Renay’s site. I can’t believe people still support that man when he lies to our damn faces. Granted, I wasn’t thrilled with some of the things Kerry’s promising to accomplish in this last and final debate, but I’ll be damned if I’ll be voting for Bush. *cough* But anyway…

I woke up this morning and checked the weather outside like I usually do, but didn’t watch the news. I wake Eenan up, feed him, and get him ready. John gets here and I wake Mario up. I didn’t want to go with Mario to drop Eenan off, but thought ‘eh, whatever’ and got dressed. It was 7:40am…he needs to be in class by 7:45. It’s not even a minute drive to the school so we weren’t worried. I call Mom over to watch Jaylen while we drop the boys off and we pile into the car. And it doesn’t start. Great. We’re completely out of gas. Kept telling the husband yesterday we needed to stop desperately, but did he listen? No.

So we walked. I still had my coffee cup in my hand and left that way…you can tell I don’t walk much in the mornings LOL. It was a nice, overcast morning, so the weather was perfect. Jennifer and Tia Alma saw us so they went around the block and picked John up. We were a block away from the school so we kept going. We joked the 9 blocks to the school. Eenan enjoyed it I think. We decided, if we get a dog, we’ll take Eenan to school waking, if the weather permits, more often. I hadn’t taken a walk with Mario since…back in ’98 when I was pregnant with Eenan LOL. He kept joking that he was gonna pass out :p. Eenan was late to class of course, but we explained what happened to Miss Ortiz and she was understanding.

Later on, it actually started getting chilly and it rained! It hadn’t rained in forever and I did not believe the “cold front” they kept talking about was ever going to come. It’ll probably only last till tomorrow, but it’s been nice. Tommy came over and drove Mario to get some gas in a tank (LOL) and then we filled up the car. And it started. I’d never heard a more beautiful sound. We went and got a few things we needed (paper plates, paper towels, trash bags, milk) at Dollar General and then went around looking for boxes for Mom to start packing her stuff. When we got back, the new neighbor was outside and we chatted for a while. He gave me the devastating news that McDonald’s ran out of the Hello Kitty Happy Meal toys . No wonder I kept getting the darn Beanie Baby ones instead. Oh well. It’s…not really weird, but surprising that we’re talking to a neighbor. We don’t really talk to anyone over here…we wave hello, but that’s about it. We’ve never engaged in a conversation with anyone here…well, except for during our garage sale the last time. It’s nice being all neighborly :p.

I made cookies for Mario and the boys this afternoon, then family came over and they all left to Yadira’s since they thought Big Mario had gone to sleep but he was really just laying in his room. The boys went with Mary so Mario and I stayed here alone. He’d already started a fire for a bar-be-cue so we decided to stay behind. It was nice. Mom came over and then later Big Mario joined us. He brought out some liquor…forgot the name…and Mario tried some LOL. I don’t know how he can drink that stuff. Big Mario brought another bottle out and told me to taste it with just my finger and my tongue got numb where I tasted it . He brought some Sprite out mixed with the stuff and I took a sip and OMG–I got heartburn! I’m so not a liquor person . It was nice and fresh out…it finally feels Autumn-y! I wish we lived where the leaves actually changed colors and it was cool the whole fall, then COLD in winter. It feels like summer all the time over here with the occassional “cool fronts”. I don’t even remember it being cold for long last year :(. But then again, I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and I don’t know if I could survive and actual “winter” somewhere else LOL.

The food was great…Fajita tacos with queso fresco and salsa verde…the heartburn was so worth it . We went to pick Mary and the boys up at Yadira’s, I put Eenan to bed and now here I am. We found out Cookie is indeed a boy…so his name is now Mr. Cookie? We’ve been letting him out of his cage and he’s been running around the house. He loves it. He gets all psycho and starts jumping really high too LOL. He’s too cute. I can’t believe he’s a boy though!

Ok…eyelids feeling heavy. ‘Nite.

on Monday, October 18th,“>Stephanie said:

No Yajaira, you do not wish you lived where there’s a cold winter! πŸ˜€ I can tell you, it SUCKS! Just going outside is uncomfortable, you have to wear so much clothes, & you have to shovel before you can leave.. it’s all just one big pain in the butt! Although I like when it’s snowy outside at Christmastime.
It’s so weird when you think a pet is one sex, & it turns out to be another. The only time that’s happend to me though was when I was three & I found out that all dogs werent boys & all cats weren’t girls lol I remember arguing that my dog couldnt be a girl cuz she was a dog..

on Saturday, October 16th, Kayla said:

hmm..well you know the whole bush and kerry thing…well on the video clip they didnt let bush finish his whole sentence..not that I like him..I actually don’t like either of them…they both kinda “hit me” the wrong way if you know what i mean..anyways i just thought id get that out in the air..hehe :gasp:

on Friday, October 15th, Diana said:

Weird to find out Cookie’s a boy! We thought our cat was a girl originally, but it turned out to be a boy, we kept the name anyway lol.

Hey the smilies didn’t seem to show on the first part of your post but did show on the second! :confused:

on Friday, October 15th, laurie said:

hey the same thing happened to us once, we had this cat and we named her moms, but when we took *her* to the vet, moms was actually a pops! it was funny.

and mmmm salsa verde sounds delish!

did u enjoy the front? it only lasted 1 day πŸ™ lol

oh well, hope all is well in south tx!

on Friday, October 15th, Rachel said:

πŸ˜› Cookie is an ok name for a boy…rabbit!

Mmm…food sounds good, as usual. Our family had some real Mexican food the other night at my parent’s friend’s place (she was born in Mexico). It was sooo good.