Day 9 – Feelin’ Blah

I totally messed up my meals today. Slept with the fan on (on medium setting even) and woke up with a sore throat . Mario did too. After getting the boys ready in the morning and dropping Eenan off at school, I laid down to take a nap. Mom called at 9 and we spoke till almost 10. Mario woke up then and came to lay with Jaylen an I on the futon in the living room. He got up a while later and Jaylen and I stayed there, sleeping. Mario came in at around 11:40 and said he’d made breaded fish filets and if I wanted a sandwich. I said yeah and groggily made my way to the mom-in-law’s, since that’s where he’d been preparing the food so he wouldn’t wake us…. So I ate the fish sandwich and then my throat felt worse. I stayed up and cleaned a bit after that while Mario was at work trying to get the extra TV we have installed in the car. It didn’t end up fitting, so he came home. I went to pick Eenan up from school with Jaylen and felt like total crap the whole time we were parked. We got off to get Eenan when his class came out and I asked Ms. Ortiz how he did today. She said fine and told me how he was flirting in class, as always and was all happy when the little girls would button up his shirt. He got all dressed up for his picture day . I completely forgot to take a picture of him before he left to school this morning .

After helping Eenan with his homework and all of us having banana muffins Mario stole brought from work, I cuddled with Mario on the couch and we all watched the Ninja Turtles . I started dozing off, again, so I went to sleep in the bedroom. Jaylen followed me and fell asleep with me. Mario ended up falling asleep on the couch. When I woke up, I had an even worse headache and my throat felt worse too. And that’s because we’re taking Amoxicillin (sp?).

I felt really crappy, but made a simple dinner of Chalupas anyway. They were the best I’ve had in a long time, I’ve got to admit . I went inside to leave a chalupa for Mary and when I opened the fridge, a soda was just staring at me, begging me to take it with me. So I did . I hadn’t had a soda in over a week, but this headache’s just killing me so I thought I’d have just a little bit. God, I make it sound like I’m on crack. But really, I’ve had a headache EVERY SINGLE DAY since I haven’t had a soda. Or my morning coffee. I also read another e-mail foward about Aspertame and how it can make people sick, so I’m having second thoughts about drinking my Raspberry and Iced Tea Crystal Light on the go’s. I hate how everything can make you sick these days. (Hence the reason these headache’s have made me feel miserable–all I have is ALEVE!)

After dinner, we just chilled out and watched TV, read a few stories to the kids and Eenan went to bed, and then Mario and I (and Jaylen) watched the episodes we’d missed of Committed. I love that show!

Welp, gonna go before it gets any later. That, and I can feel Mario’s eyes burning holes in the back of my head. He’s waiting to get online buahahaha .

• Nothing. Slept right through…

• Lemon fish sandwich (wheat bread, fish, lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo)
• water

• Banana muffin
• water

• Chalupa (toasted corn tortilla with beans, ground beef, lettuce, tomato, avocado, & cheese)
• water and 1/2 a can of Coke
• 1 sugar free Reese’s peanut butter cup

• None! My wrist hurts, my shoulders are sore and I think I pulled something

on Tuesday, January 25th, Diana said:

I don’t know wether to believe those email about aspartame. I remember when my mum got that one she asked some friends of her that are doctors and it’s apparently not true.

I googled it and found this:

on Friday, January 21st, amber said:

i’m sorry u felt so bad. caffine withdrawls are the worst! btw, caffine headaches usually last about 3 weeks so just hang in there! 🙂

on Friday, January 21st, Melissa said:

Aww you poor thing *gives you a hug* sick is no fun 🙁 um for water with a hint of flavour (no asper.) I recommend Aquafina. Their flavored waters are great, especially the Berry Essence and they have vitamins in them too. As for my brother.. *shakes her head* he’ll never learn. Just like his father lol Get well soon girlie!! Oh yeah, the headaches.. I almost forgot it happens when you’re addicted to caffeine. It should clear out in about a week or so 😉

on Friday, January 21st, Jessica said:

Poor Yaya! I’m sorry you had a crappy day! 🙁 🙁 Hope tomorrow’s better for you!