Friday Night & The Dentist

I finished with the Lil’ Mama code checks today and out of 91, I only have 35 (34 not counting me) members left, just as I’d suspected. How disappointing. The drama-queen in me wanted to just close down the darn thing but I thought about how long I’ve had it, and how it really was the first clique for moms and I decided I’d keep it. I’m happy that the members I do have, have stuck with the clique so long .

Anyway, Friday night we all got ready and headed over to Jorge and Maggie’s when Mario got home. Eenan didn’t go, as usual, since he was sleeping over at Mary’s. Mario wanted something to eat, so we stopped at Star’s. I was driving and absolutely hate driving when Mario’s in the car because he makes me 10,000x more nervous than I already am. After getting his and John’s food, and Jaylen & my milkshakes, we went to drop off some movies we’d rented. Then we finally got to Jorge’s. Hiram was there, too. We all just laughed and a had a good time. We kept trying to convince John to do the “Riverdance”, but he was being a poophead and didn’t want to. The guys (well, except Jorge LOL) said they’d Riverdance if John would. They even had this whole syncronized dance planned out, but John refused . It would have been fun. Even more fun had they done it and I had my camera .

There was also this poor, old little chihuahua running around the neighborhood looking for a warm place to sleep. His owners just left him out there in the cold (and trust me, it was cold). We were all sitting in the garage, and he happily pranced on in and found a bed in the corner. He had this huge bump on his side…looked like someone either beat him or he got run over and his ribs were broken . Mario and Jorge kept trying to run him out, because they thought he was looking for a place to die (rudeness!), but the rest of us begged/yelled for them to let him be and they did. Jorge and Maggie let him stay over night and in the morning, when they opened the garage door, he ran out LOL. Poor little guy.

On Saturday we just chilled out here, then in the afternoon Mary and I left to pick up Yadira and the girls and we left to Nuevo Progresso, Mexico. Mary needed a root canal, and getting it fixed over here would cost about $400, not including what her insurance covered. So we went to Mexico, where it would cost about $150. I had a holey tooth since the filling had fallen out and decided I’d brave the needle and get it redone. Mary said it would cost about $15 per tooth, which was great. The dentist was really nice and was making small talk. He kept saying he couldn’t believe I was 22 and that I had kids. We talked about how young I got married/had kids/etc. and about where in Texas we were from. I ended up getting 4 teeth done, and it came out to $35. Later on, after talking with Mary and Yadira about what the dentist and I talked about, Yadira said he was flirting and that he gave me a good price because he liked me . Whether that’s true or not is beyond me, but I’m thrilled I got a bargain LOL. I didn’t know I had so many darn cavities . I brush my teeth twice a day (should maybe start brushing 3 times considering how much crap I eat) but I don’t think it helps that I eat so much candy. I hadn’t flossed in forever, too . Last night when we went to Wal-Mart though, you can believe I bought some spearmint flavored floss. I don’t want my teeth to fall out !

I want to go back next week when Mary gets her root canal done. (She couldn’t get it done that day because her tooth/gums were too infected and they wouldn’t go numb. They gave her medication and she’ll hopefully get it done this weekend.) They highlight your hair at this one salaon for $15! I so want to get highlights and now that Mario actually agreed of course I’m getting them done. I haven’t dyed my hair since before Jaylen was born…or since before I was pregnant with him even! I need to get my hair cut first…I never frickin’ went to get it done! Yadira said she wanted to get them done too. I just hope they don’t ruin my hair .

Mario got a flat tire on his way home from work last night. He bought a new tire, replaced it and now our car isn’t making that horrible side-to-side jerking it was doing. The old tire was all shredded and might of had a “ball”, so Mario thinks it was probably just that and not the suspension. Yay!

Tomorrow’s Monday…which means another week of waking up early. Gosh I hate it . I try to take a nap during the day but I can’t. The times I do take a nap I wake up with a headache and feel shittier than I did before. Blah. I should get to those dishes (been putting them off, as always!) and take a shower and head to bed before it gets too late. Er, late-er.

on Monday, February 7th, laurie said:

I lurve this layout! sooo purty! And man, I need to go down to mexico and get my teeth fixed and my hair done! wow. that’s cheap!

on Monday, February 7th, Johanna said:

Hey, that is pretty cheap! I have tons of hair and it cost me 50! I am so afraid of going to mexico cuz of everything we hear but i like the food and i want contacts:(

on Monday, February 7th, Rachel said:

<3 the layout... :) I just remembered I forgot to return an email you sent!! Sorry, I will do that now…