*grr* *hiss*

I’m in a bad mood. I was fine, until Mario called and told me he’s going to have a “few beers with the guys” again. That boy’s a beer away from becoming a damn alcoholic. Okay, maybe not, but it’s starting to bother me that they drink all the damn time. And hey, I’d like to go over there too, dammit. Eenan’s even sleeping over at Mary’s again and he (Mario) doesn’t even bother to invite me or anything…he just said he’s going over there. I told him to move in to Jorge’s buahahaha. It’s true…he may as well.

It’s also pissing me off that I can’t see any of the local channels clearly at all! We have cable, dammit. I’m trying to watch the darn news and all I see is little fuzzies and I can vaguely hear what they’re saying…I mostly hear static . The Dish Network guy’s supposed to come over on Thursday. We ordered it like 2 weeks ago. Lazy assholes.

Went to Muffins For Mama day at Eenan’s school this morning. It was kinda humid and overcast outside so it was a really nice day for a walk. Jaylen enjoyed it. We got to the school, I signed in and picked Eenan up from his classroom and then we went to the library to check out some books. They had tables set up in the courtyard with muffins, orange juice and coffee and had chairs all along the walls. The boys had muffins and juice while I read to them. It was nice. They started becoming a bit antsy about 20 minutes into it, so I finished reading the books and I took Eenan back to class. It was actually more pleasant than I had anticipated.

I also started with the crunches again. That’s the main thing I need to work on: my belleh. I need to make it a point to work out.

It started raining out of no where today so I had to run my ass outside in the POURING cold rain and cover up Mario’s Chevelle. It was horrible and I got soaked but it had to be done. I just hope water didn’t get into the darn car.

Ugh…I’m feeling nauseous for some reason. I should go since I need to take a shower, too. I’m stinky.

on Thursday, March 17th, Ami said:

Cute hello kitty laylay! ^__^ Yikes! πŸ™ The news don’t seem good >.< Hope everything gets better!! xoxo πŸ˜€

on Wednesday, March 16th, Julio said:

Hello! Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve stopped by. How have you been? I like the layout with the changing skins, very nifty =)

+ I added you to my myspace list =)

on Wednesday, March 16th, Jorden said:

Men and there booze, you cant drag them away from it. The best thing to do is let him have is little nights, then get the girls together and go out on the time and leave him with the kids.
If he moans, all you have to do is remind him of his nights out!
Thats the way to do it!

on Wednesday, March 16th, Jill said:

Yup, men are notorious for that. They don’t seem to ever learn either. Buncha fools. lol Hope you feel better, hun. And I’d take rain over snow any day. πŸ˜‰

on Wednesday, March 16th, Lauren said:

god i hate it when guys do that. they like, blow you off to go get a ‘beer’ with their friends. its like, hey im alive too!

on Wednesday, March 16th, Jessica said:

I know what you mean by being upset w/ Mario. Jeremy used to do that (not drink, but go out) and I’d be stuck at the house. I do blame it on not having many friends of my own to hang out w/, but still. Sorry about that though. πŸ™ Glad you had a good day w/ your kids. I guess our storm front headed your way, because it snowed about a foot today in Amarillo. Take care. πŸ™‚