I Admit It, I’m a Drama Queen :(

I fell asleep on the couch watching Food Network with Jaylen the last night I posted. When Mario finally got home, it was 1am and I was woken up by a kiss on the forehead. I sarcastically told him how I loved how he got home early . He told me how the guys were bitching for him to go and that he really wanted to come home, but yeah. (As if he couldn’t just say no .) But I got over it and we cuddled after putting Jaylen in his bed.

I resumed my bitchiness today after the Dish Network guy (who was really nice and he and Mario instantly became friends…aww!) installed our equipment and I realized we had to pay for local channels. Fine, I thought, we’ll pay a little extra, but at least I can see and hear them clearly, unlike with our cable (still don’t know why it looked so shitty). THEN, I realize that there’s no FOX or UPN ! Who cares if you can pause live TV for up to 2 hours or that you can record all your favorite shows…there’s no FOX! I’d have to download all the damn episodes of American Idol!! So I was in a mood all day because of that (I swear I’m not PMS’ing either).

We went to dump some trash at the dumpster for Big Mario during lunch (with Jaylen–Eenan was at school), came home while Mario and Jaylen napped, then I picked Eenan up from school. Jaylen was being a TERROR…he woke up a little too soon and was moody and was driving me INSANE. We got back home and then Mario finally woke up and we left to see Gramma at the nursing home. She’s doing really well, and I’m so glad. She could have also been in a terriffic mood because Mom was there and they’d been playing Bingo. She’s looking really good too; she’s definetly gained some weight and is looking much healthier. We all talked with her and she played with the boys. She was so happy she could actually hug them since she doesn’t have her catheter anymore or any other tubes they can pull on accidentally. She did mention that yes, she does feel “something” in her chest sometimes, but she thinks it may just be ancias, or anxiousness. I hope they (the nurses) listen and give her oxygen once in a while. I’d be so pissed and will raise hell if something happens to her due to their negligence .

We ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut (again) and came home and ate with the in-laws outside. Then Big Mario told us Andy was going to come visit Noelia. This is the first time Big Mario’s met him and it went well. Like Mario said, he’s still breathing, so it went well LOL.

After sulking around complaining about how I had no FOX or UPN (I think I even said, “Those are the ONLY two channels I wanted, and I don’t have them!”, which is just a slight exaggeration LOL), Mario called the place and ordered them for me. I’m such a pain in the ass . He says I owe him $2 a month LOL.

Then later, I got into one of my moods again because there were thousands of dishes in the sink and because Mario didn’t get his work clothes together so I could throw them in the washer and I had to stay up to put them in the dryer. I need to take a chill pill . Every little thing’s been bothering me lately!

Ooh…before I forget. Eenan didn’t make it into the Gifted and Talented program, but it’s okay. He’s super smart anyway . He has, however, been acting up in class. Got time-out 3 times just yesterday. I don’t know what to do anymore to make him want to behave at school . Mary took a few hours off of work to go to Goodies for Grandparents day with him. Come to find out, he’s lost two library books. I hope we can find them. He says he just stuck one of them back into the shelf at the library. Let’s hope *crosses fingers*.

*yawn* Welp, that’s it for tonight. Hopefully I can catch up with online things tomorrow. I’m so behind it’s not even funny .

on Monday, March 21st, Jolene said:

I would die without fox, thank god your getting it. I haven’t been here in so long.

on Sunday, March 20th, Jorden said:

God i wished we had fox in the UK! Brand new simpsons!
Thank you for your comment on my blog, i think you are one of the very few readers that i have, but it is still fun anyway. You get a well deserved plug in my most recent entry.
mwah x

on Sunday, March 20th, Caleb said:

Aww im sorry to hear about him not making it in, keep trying he will eventually :)…Gurl dont worry we are all drama queens LOL i know i am SHYT! LOL…

on Saturday, March 19th, Sue said:

I have Dish Network and I still get American Idol and I didn’t have FOX either. 😎

on Saturday, March 19th, Johanna said:

Sorry for not visiting you for such a long time, I’ve just been so way busy with my offline line and I just don’t have so much time online as I wanted. I’ve been focusing too much on my fanlists now 😛
I hope you can catch those American Idol episodes.. I’m addicted to them too 😀

on Saturday, March 19th, Anneke said:

I cannot and I mean I CANNOT miss an episode of American Idol–I’ll go ballistic! Hehe. Too bad Mario Vasquez dropped out. Do you have any idea why? BTW, I like your HK skin. Have a great day! xoxo

on Friday, March 18th, guest 😛 said:

aww.. you sound frustrated 🙁 o about american idol though.. it also starts on CTV and you should have that channel because even those who don’t have cable have it…?

by the way, great site 😀