Idle Hands

For the first time since…almost a whole month I’m writing an entry in “real time” LOL. I’m just so bored. I wouldn’t be bored if I actually had something to do. That, and when I’m bored, I tweet like crazy. I think I’m finally going to start blogging and stop tweeting so much (although I’m completely in love with the fact that I can be ANYWHERE and share what I’m thinking or show you a picture of something!).

I feel so tired and lazy. I took Mom grocery shopping yesterday and of course, Mario asked me to bring some beer. We have a bottle of Clamato in the fridge that expires on the 14th and since it was Friday and Maggie and Jorge were out of town and we wouldn’t be hanging out with them that night I thought Awesome! Micheladas and movie night!

Well Isaac F. recently got out of a relationship and he was coming over. It’s nice to see him finally come out after all these years LOL. I got some pizzas and totally thought we were going to watch movies and drink here, but they abandoned me and left to chill with Jose. Javi recently hooked me up with Weeds seasons 1 and 2 and I stayed halfway on the 1st season. The boys and Alaethia were sleeping at Mary’s (but Alaethia was brought to me about an hour later because she gets scared LOL). I stole Mario’s Michelada and snuggled up with Emily on the sofa to watch the shows. It’s actually really good! I’m surprised I never heard of it before, but it could be because we stopped ordering Showtime on cable a few years ago.

I forced myself to stay awake till the whole 1st season finished (around 2:30am) and then when the girls and I were getting ready for bed, I turned on the TV and got hooked to a show on HGTV. I must have passed out because next thing I remember Emily squirming and cooing for a bottle around 5am and Mario was in bed. My neck was all crooked from being propped up on the pillows I fell asleep on watching TV LOL.

Of course I didn’t wake up when Mario’s alarm went off to go to work. Thank God he woke up on his own. I told him where to find his lunch in the fridge and that’s all I remember. I didn’t wake up till 11:30am and I felt horrible; my head hurt, my darn cracked tooth was hurting and I felt lethargic. I hate feeling like that.

So now it’s 5pm and I’m still in my PJs LOL. All I’ve done is normal stuff like taking care of the kids, feeding them, and all that jazz. I wanted to paint my kitchen cabinets white, but I need a new paint brush and don’t feel like going to Dollar General or Walmart. I wanted to put all the random stuff we’ve got in the dining room away (two boxes, the old surround sound stuff and a whole bunch of crap from my room, too) but the storage closet’s already full of junk and I can’t even reach up to pile anything up there. That little problem would all be resolved if I could take the boxes of my collections out and put them on shelves surrounding the perimeter of my room like I used to have, but hanging the shelves is a two-person job and I know Mario won’t help me with that :(. I even tried hanging pictures up but I need a drill and I don’t know where the one Mario was borrowing from Jason is.

I want to jog, but I have to tidy up (vacuum, clean up the kitchen table and counters) before everyone gets here and I have a living room full of boys right now. And to top it off it’s super hot outside; I don’t feel like having a bar-b-q today!

Alright, alright. I’ll go clean. And then I’ll at least do some crunches and shower and then I’ll go outside. And sweat all over again.

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