John’s Teeth, Nannys, & Driving

John had a dentist appointment yesterday, so I took him. The boys were actually very well behaved while we waited. An hour later, John comes out and looks half-embarrassed, half-about-to-crack-up. When we get to the car, I ask him, “WHAT?”

Basically, he said the dentist took one look at his teeth and muttered, under his breath, “Oh shit.” He said the nurse that was assisting the dentist looked into his mouth, turned away and gagged a little. I told him he should be ashamed of himself and should brush his teeth more often .

I wanted to complain write about shows such as Supernanny and Nanny 911 last night, but my freaking cable kept going out. I LOVE to watch those shows–mainly because the kids are so wild, destructive and rude that it makes my two little devils look like complete angels –and who couldn’t use a few tips on better parenting? Mario and I record it on DVR every chance we get. What I don’t like about it is how some parents (who obviously applied to be on the show themselves) are rude to the nanny and become offended when she’s talking to them about what’s causing the problem and what they should do to remedy the problem. Hello people, YOU wanted her to come into your house and help you out because obviously, what you’re doing isn’t working. I’ve highly considered applying for one of the shows myself, because OHMYGOSH I could go insane sometimes due to the boys’ tantrums. But I’m afraid they’ll see all the toys and all MY shelves of stuffed animals and call Clean Sweep on me or something .

I gotta check the Sentra in a few minutes. We have not one, but two darn flat tires. I need to check that it’s not completely flat and put air in the tire at Aziz, then take it to Mario’s uncle’s shop and pray that they can fix them. If not, new tires for us and who knows when that’ll happen since Mario doesn’t have much time off due to a busy weekend at work.

Going to try and visit a few of my dailies then I need to study, study, study. If all goes well, I take my written and driving tests next week . I can taste the freedom!

Two funny convos from yesterday:

Convo 1:
Me: Babe, do you want these? They’re your old berets. If not, I’m putting them in with the garage sale stuff.
Mario: Mmm. Nah.
Me: Here John. Want them? So you can look like a pimp.
John: *reaches his hand out to grab the bag*
Mario: *thinks maybe he should keep them, so he can look like a pimp* Wait. Give here!

Convo 2:
John and I were talking about cops stopping us and what they’d say if they did. After a few:
Me: *pretending to be cop* Do you know why I’m stopping you today Ma’am?
Me: *being me* No, sir.
Me: *pretending to be cop* Because you’re so damn fine.
John: *after laughing his butt off* Please don’t ever say that again.

Buahahaha. Okay. I should visit dailies/clean/study my driving book…in that order.

on Friday, June 24th, Rachel said:

=D I laughed a lot!

on Thursday, June 23rd, Sam said:

Driving! Woot! I just got my learner’s permit today.. yes! 🙂 I love your smilies, by the way 🙂

on Thursday, June 23rd, becca said:

What is it with men and dentists? Jason is an awesome brusher, but he will totally let cavities get to the point where anyone who looks inside his mouth would faint.

::laughs:: Man, I would LOVE if I got stopped– even ticketed– for looking hot. 😉 Good luck on all the tests!

on Thursday, June 23rd, Vic said:

LMFAO @ your convos! I love the Nanny shows too, and hate how they act like it’s all their kids’ faults for being crazy. Reow!

on Thursday, June 23rd,“>Jen said:

Hi. I took my driver’s test in ’03, and passed.

I don’t know about Texas *I’m from PA*, but what I’ve learned is that almost always you’ll have a question like ‘a child under what age should be an a rear facing car seat?’ Or ‘At what distance should you be from a fire station, bus, etc.’

What I’m saying is when studying, even if something seems so out of the way, study and know it anyhow. Because even if it’s something so small, it may be one of your questions.

Another thing that helps is going through the driving book, and writing down certain things ‘distances for high beams, buses, etc.’, and also drawing some of the signs that you have problems with.

Good luck! =)