July So Far

I swear, this website will be the death of me (that, or bacon–one of those).

I’ve spent the last hour or so trying to fix this darn layout. Apparently, I didn’t have an uploads folder anymore O_o. I’m still at a loss on how to keep my header image from shrinking, but this will have to do for now. I hate this layout already -_-. In some weird way it keeps me from updating, ’cause I’m weird like that.

Anyhoot. A lot has gone on since the last time I updated (doesn’t it always?), and I’m still trying to compile a post about our trip to San Antonio/Austin at the beginning of June. Some of you may have seen the unfinished entry; my stupid Bluetooth keyboard uploaded the post without my consent >_<. Stupid technology! So. Fourth of July was such a great day. It was Mario's week with the kids but he was nice enough to let me go for them that day and keep them overnight till he picked them up the next day. I'd asked for them because he just so happened to have them the previous 2 years. So that was great. We picked them up, picked up fireworks on the way back, chilled out, and visited Gramma for her birthday. Aunt Sylvia was already there. Gramma ate her tamales that Tia brought her and we took a bunch of photos. She's 84 :*).


We got home and started bar-b-quing for lunch.


I for some reason don’t have a picture of the sides O_o. This may have been the day my 32 gig SD card took a dump and started deleting photos so I panicked and removed it and the rest of the July 4th photos may be on it.

We ate and quickly got ready to go watch the fireworks. When I was little, Dad would bring us almost every 4th of July. When Mario and I got married, we only went one year, when Eenan was 1, and Mario HATED the crowds and waiting and we never went back. Jorge isn’t big on crowds and doesn’t like waiting most of the time either, so I never brought it up. I did this year, and he was all for it. I was excited and so were the kiddos. We packed some blankets, waters, and some glow-necklaces and parked on 23rd street.


People go ALL OUT!! Some were there super early, and fenced off spaces with their lawn chairs, tables, BBQ pits and trucks. It was great :). Now we know, heh.

The show started and I think the kids really enjoyed it. Alaethia was a little scared at first and covered her head with a blanket until Jorge asked her how she was going to see LOL.


I hope this is something we can turn into a tradition ♥.

It took us about 45 minutes to get out of that parking lot so by the time we got home it was almost 10pm. We had promised the kids s’mores so we sprayed everyone completely with Off spray and brought out the packs of fireworks we bought.





It was just such a great night. We all crashed out fast that night :).

When the kiddos are here we try and watch a movie with them every night, Emily helps me cook most nights, the girls and I will do little projects–it’s great just being around them ♥. We need to start planning Eenan’s 14th (FOURTEENTH!!! FML!!) birthday soon; he wants to go to the beach, so that’ll be fun :).

Always Mama's helper :) ?

Making sidewalk chalk paint :)

It worked!!

Alaethia had 2 fillings done on the 9th and she did wonderfully!! I was seriously more nervous about it than she was; she’s a trooper :).

Patiently waiting. Wish us luck!!

She lost a tooth the next day, so now her two bottom ones are gone, awww LOL.

As for when it’s not our week with the kids, well, the majority of the time we stay home. For the most part, we’re hermits, heh. We have to force ourselves to go out. We’re comfortable and happy to have a drink on the porch, by ourselves, or watch our movies/shows (we recently got into “Mistresses” on ABC. Love it!).

In the past month, however, we have gotten out a few times. We went to Beef ‘O’ Brady’s for the commercial shooting (invited by the owner) and Jorge had a mini reunion with Rolie, Junior, Jesus, Sean and even Robert and Esmer :). It was a great night.

Then we went to Beef’s again for the UFC fight, where we won free tickets to see Genuwine LOL. That was pretty unexpected, and although we haven’t heard his music since our high school years (FML), it’ll be fun.

Carmen and her hubby and Dayse were in town so Kary and I planned an impromptu get-together. Dayse is…PREGNANT!! So we wanted to get together to celebrate before they left. Sally didn’t make it and I haven’t seen her in a while :(, but hopefully we can get together soon. It was a great night though, filled with carbs and laughs and great conversation. I love those girls!!

Mini Travis/McHi Reunion

And speaking of carbs, we’ve been eating horribly since 4th of July. For example, this was our dinner on Tuesday night:

Misbehaving :p

I decided today that I was getting back on the wagon and eating well again. Until Jorge invited the guys over and I drank 2 pineapple Margaritas. FML. And Jessica (from work) and her hubby are coming over tomorrow night, which reminds me: I must clean!! Jorge and I are getting some breakfast before I go to my dentist appointment in the morning. That should be interesting!

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