Mother’s Day Weekend

I hope all the Mommys out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Mine was nice and eventful. We woke up on Sunday morning and John, Mom, Mario, the boys and I headed to McDonald’s for breakfast. We went to visit Gramma afterwards. I was pretty disappointed by the nurse’s/CNA’s/supervisor’s service that day. Gramma had ants on the table beside her bed. I pressed the call button to have a nurse come over and help and nobody ever came. When I peeked out the door I could see all the nurses circled around the nurse’s station, chatting. The alarm sounds at the station; it doesn’t stop until you come to the room to turn it off. I started getting really frustrated thinking, “What if there was an emergency and these bitches never came to check on her?” I took a deep breath and calmly walked over to the station to let them know what was going on. I let them know how I was disappointed that they’d take so long, or rather not go check on her at all. The nurse that was in charge of her that day said (in Spanish, because she didn’t understand English), “I already checked on her. What does she need?” I told her, “So since you already checked on her you’re not checking on her again? What if there was an emergency?” She goes into the room and tells Gramma, “Sorry, Love, there’s nothing I can do about the ants.” And leaves.

We visit with Gramma a little longer and then I tell everyone I was going to put in a complaint. Mario and John scurry off as fast as they can to the truck, because it embarrasses them, how I “make a scene”. Well, I talk to their sorry excuse for a supervisor, who’s just as incompetent as the nurses, and basically tells me that I’m wrong, the nurse is right. So much for customer service.

We had time to kill before our movie, so we went to the mall. We got some iced coffees at Gloria Jean’s and walked around. We went to Circuit City afterwards, where Mario got himself some CDs. He kept telling me to buy myself something but it never fails that when I actually have money nothing appeals to me. All the cute shirts I liked at 5-7-9 before looked drab and boring. We went to Ross after Circuit City, where I always find something I like, but no such luck this time.

We met Mary and Noelia at the movies to watch The Wild–not my first choice. The kids had been wanting to watch that cartoon since it first came out and we kept promising to go but we never did. It was actually a cute movie–I thought I was going to hate it.

Mary had something to do after the movie, so she and Noelia left. Since Mario had promised Gramma dinner, something other than the bland, goopy stuff they serve her there, we bought her some barbacoa tacos and took them to her. After Mom fed her we left to have dinner ourselves. Mario gave me the choice, so I chose Johnny Carino’s. Mario was certain he’d hate it, because he’s not a fan of Italian like I am.

We ordered Calamari, which was great–even the kids were grabbing handfuls. I ordered Spicy Shrimp and Chicken, which wasn’t supposed to be “that spicy” according to the waiter. Mario ordered Lasagna, which he said would base his decision on whether we’d ever go there again or not. The kids ordered pizzas, which were actually whole medium-sized pizzas. Our meals came with soup, so we got the potato soup and it was delicious. Mario said it was the best he’s ever eaten. I’d never tasted it before at all, but I loved it. When our food came we were highly disappointed, although I was really trying to hide it since I was adamant on going there regardless of Mario’s warnings.

My “not that spicy” dish was the spiciest damn thing I’ve ever eaten. And it had a total of two measly shrimps in it. Mario didn’t like his lasagna at all, so he told me to have some of his since he didn’t want it anymore. It had this weird taste–an insane amount of oregano or anise, I couldn’t tell, but it was gross. It was less expensive there than it would have been at Red Lobster, my 2nd choice, though. Needless to say, first and last time at Johnny Carino’s.

We went to Wal-Mart to get house-cleaning supplies and groceries and then came home. It was 8:30 when we got here–we were literally in town all day.

I put everything away when we got here and sat down on the rug in front of the TV for some scrapbooking. Mario left to Chris’ so it was just me and Jaylen; I’d already put Eenan in bed for school the next day.

Mary had come by earlier and said to keep candles and flashlights out since we were under a thunderstorm warning. I thought nothing of it since just a few nights before we’d been under a warning, but nothing ever happened. Well this time, it did. The lights went out at around 11:30 or 12. Jaylen stayed near me while he lit the way with his Gameboy so I could light candles. I couldn’t find my lighter anywhere since Mario had taken it. Mario got here before I started panicking and we lit as many candles as we could. He gets a call from his Mom to move the van out of the carport and move the Equinox in. He went out there and I lost sight of him as soon as he walked out the door. The wind and dirt were flying around so fast and hard it stung when it hit you. And the noises! I thought it was a tornado for sure. We layed out the futon in the living room and brought Eenan over from the bedroom. We dragged Eenan’s twin into the living room and Mario and I layed there (just like when we first started living together!). We shut the door to the bedroom just in case the windows broke apart–it sounded like they were going to, they were rattling so bad. We went to sleep around 1:30 or 2, and the lights came back on at 3:15, according to John who was awake all night. When we woke up the next day we saw branches all over the yard, part of the wooden fence had fallen down. When I watched the news later they talked about a mobile home that had been thrown on it’s side and another home that had the roof torn off and was left tilted. They said it was only a thunderstorm with 60mph winds. I’d HATE to know what a tornado feels like. This was really scary.

As for today, I’m going to watch some movies I rented and finish with laundry. I feel so bored and I don’t know why :(.

on Thursday, May 18th, Erin said:

Yay! I’m glad to hear you had a nice Mother’s Day celebration! πŸ™‚ And excuse me while I, like, punch those nurses in the face. The first rule of customer service is “The customer is always right.” And, seriously, I cannot even imagine how the NURSE could be right in that situation. Because, you know, they’re job isn’t to take care of their charges.

Thank you so, so much for your comment! It made me feel a lot bette. πŸ™‚

Oh, wow! That sounds like a pretty powerful storm! We barely ever have anything harder than a downpour in California or in England. I’d be scared to death, too! Take care! <3 P.S. The next time I’m going to London you are so coming with me. We will have, like, the greatest time EVER. And then blog about it. Everyone wins! πŸ˜€

on Tuesday, May 16th, Kerry said:

wow it sounds like you had a great mothers day weekend! your site is super cute, as always. i miss playing around on the computer making cute layouts and stuff πŸ™ at least i still have myspace lol that place is so addicting! well i <3 you and i hope you have a great week!! x0x0x

on Tuesday, May 16th, Johanna Rios said:

I am so glad that you had a great Mother’s Day! You deserve it! Johnny Carinos is my absolute fave, but we went to Outback Steakhouse on Sat. for my early Mom’s day celebration. Take care!