My 24th & Easter ’06 – Photos

I had the best birthday, ever. My 21st birthday comes close, where Mom went all out since I hadn’t had a proper birthday party since I was 2. She got me a Hello Kitty centerpiece, a Hello Kitty piñata, candy bags for the kids, a Hello Kitty cake and Mary made a great dinner. While other 21 year olds get plastered, I had a piñata .

I hadn’t really been “into” my birthday this year. I started going through the whole “I’m getting OLD” thing and then Mario had to switch his Friday off (my birthday) for Tuesday so that we could go finish up the paperwork for the Equinox in Harlingen.

(We got home extra early on Tuesday after school due to our Final, which I got a 104 on . Mario and I went straight over there after we ate lunch. We got there, got in the Equinox with Mike and went to the bank. Our paperwork wasn’t ready. Either one of the guys at the dealership hadn’t confirmed the paperwork or the guy who was in charge of it at the bank hadn’t worked on it at all. It was supposed to be ready since Monday morning. Anyway, took them about 4 hours to get everything ready. Mario and I were becoming delirious with boredom in the waiting room, so it was a relief when Mike came over and asked if we were ready to go to the bank. (Uh, yeah!) It took a total of 5 minutes to go through everything and sign everything. Our payments will be a little more than they’d told us on Saturday. They’d estimated $380 but we’ll be paying $428, which is still really good. So, yay, the truck is officially ours!)

I bought two pairs of capris at Melrose afterschool on Thursday (which John hated every minute of) and I thought shopping would make me feel a little better but it didn’t. In fact, it made me feel just a tad bit worse since I couldn’t find one blouse to match my pants. Either they didn’t have my size in the shirt I liked or the sizes they did have didn’t fit around my boobs. Grr.

I kept praying Mario would pull some strings and get out early but he called about an hour before everyone arrived for my get-together and said he didn’t think he’d be able to leave early because they had a lot of work to do. That bummed me out, and he could tell so he started talking about when I’d want to buy the Doony & Bourke bag I wanted. I told him I changed my mind and we said our good-byes and hung up. He calls about half an hour later, when I was at Mary’s with her, Mom, Noelia, and Andy. He said he called to ask me something but he forgot what and asked if everyone was there yet. I told him no, and we hung up. And then he comes through the door with these in his arms:

The most gorgeous roses he’s ever gotten me, two cards (one made me cry), Fun With Dick and Jane, and Crash. I thought it was so adorable that he actually stood there and picked out the perfect cards . (Don’t mind the mess next to the stuff. They’re candy bags for Jaylen’s birthday party.)

That was the best surprise I could have gotten–Mario being there of course, not just the presents LOL. I was so thrilled he’d get to be there with all of us. Everyone was here (except for my dad-in-law) and we had the best shrimp cocktail. I had two bowls . Mom had already told me about the ice cream cake from Dairy Queen she’d bought me, but I thought it was incredibly cute how Mary and Mario were trying to surprise me. Mom’s so not good at keeping secrets! She tells me what she buys me for holidays and birthdays all the time!

After eating the delicious cake I opened my gifts. Everyone got me such nice things:

Andy gave me that adorable compact mirror he made himself at work. I thought that was the sweetest thing :). How’d he know I needed a new mirror?

A Hello Kitty plush and a beautiful silver bracelet from the boys . Elda told me later that Eenan had called her and asked if she had money he could have to buy me a present–aww!!

A jewelry box (always wanted one like that!) and two of those straight, jeweled clips I love from Elda, Jose, and their boys. She also got me the crown and beads I wore all night–those are her trademark. She gives them to all the girls on their birthday.

An address book, a beautiful gold ring with a pink heart-shaped CZ that matches the necklace and earrings I already have, and crimpers for scrapbooking from Mary, Noelia and Big Mario. I really have to get my zillions of pictures printed out so I can use all the fabulous scrapbooking stuff I have!

A set of black cherry bath stuff from Cat, Annie, and the kids. They smell great and the basket was the cutest thing!

It was such a great night. We all talked and laughed as we usually do when we have get-togethers like that. We spent a lot of the night reminiscing about our pasts, like memories of choking for example. When everyone left, Mario and I watched Crash. That movie was just awesome.

Since I spent most of the day cleaning Friday (yes, on my birthday, but I hadn’t thoroughly cleaned the house so it had to be done), I only did minimal cleaning on Saturday morning and then John, Mom, the boys and I headed to town. We ate at McDonald’s, then I deposited at the bank, put gas in the truck and we left to town. Mario gave me $100 to spend (I couldn’t stand the thought of getting only one item–the Dooney bag–when I could get so much more for a hundred less). I’d seen some cute tops and purse at Ross so I wanted to check the store out. I don’t care what anyone says–that store rocks. The amount of people there was ridiculous (Mexico is having it’s “spring break”, great!) and there’s crap strewn everywhere but I found a whole bunch of stuff I like. And to my surprise, most of it fit!! I got 8 blouses, a pair of sleep shorts and a Full/Queen sized quilt for $99. I’d originally gotten another shirt and some shorts but took those two back and got the quilt. It’s just too pretty.

I had a great birthday :).

Took Eenan to the doctor on Wednesday and his chin’s fine. Jaylen also asked me to take him in since his leg has this dry patch of hairless skin that hasn’t gone away. He very seriously said, “I think I’m turning into a lizard…”

We’d gone to Jorge and Maggie’s on Thursday night (after eating at that taqueria we go to, mmm!) and we had the displeasure of meeting their psycho neighbor. That dude freaked me out. He kept saying, “I’m the coolest motherfucker you’ll ever meet“, while also talking about how he’ll kill somebody. And it all started because Mario and Hiram walked through the center of his and Jorge’s yard.

As for Easter, we had a great time. We had such good food, the kids had a blast opening their baskets and breaking the piñata and then we had dessert. We didn’t do one of the things that makes Easter, Easter: cracking the eggs! It was too hot, but we plan to do that this Saturday.

K. I’ve spent a whole hour updating, thanks to Mario’s interruptions. I’ve had to lunge at him and kick his ass a few times. He thinks it’s hilarious to spin my chair, kick my chair, and fart in my face while I’m on the computer. He’s worse than the kids!

P.S. Thank you for the birthday wishes! On here and on Myspace .

on Thursday, April 20th, Rachel said:

Happy late Easter & Birthday. Your b-day sounds wonderful. ^_^

on Tuesday, April 18th, Sammi said:

Happy (late) Birthday and Easter, hun! ^^ You’re so cute! XD

on Tuesday, April 18th, Johanna Rios said:

Hey, I am so glad you had such a great b-day and Easter. Happy belated B-day! I finally got the internet, even if its just dial-up. We don’t have cable here yet:( This part of the city is developing too fast according to them. You all look great. Take care! I hate math as well. Poor kids are taking their real TAKS test and it is the Mathematics portion. Ahhh…

on Monday, April 17th, Bex said:

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Lots of belated happy birthday wishes to you! I’ll be even older in a couple of weeks….26yrs old! Crikey :gasp:

on Monday, April 17th, Tara said:

I’m glad you had a great birthday and Easter too! 🙂

LOL @ Mario’s interruptions!