Care Bears Collection

This is the largest collection I have, by far! Hoping to eventually collect the UK bears and expensive hard-to-find cousins. Below the list is a photo slideshow of some of my collection. Many of the photos are old since most of my collection is unfortunately boxed up :(.

Things with an asterix next to them are the most recently added since the last update.
Last update: August 29, 2015

Vintage 13″ Care Bears (incl. Hugs & Tugs)
Bedtime (2)
Wish (2)
Tenderheart (3, 2nd has crooked heart)
Hugs (Minty)
Maverick Birthday/I Love You Bear
Talking Secret Bear

Vintage 6″ Care Bears
Love-a-lot (finally!)

Vintage 18″ Care Bears
Love A Lot
Grams Bear (with shawl!)
Bedtime Bear (super mint)

Vintage 36″ Care Bears

Vintage 13″ Care Bear Cousins
Lotsa Heart Elephant
Cozy Heart Penguin
Bright Heart Racoon (2, 2nd is smaller)
Gentle Heart Lamb
Swift Heart Rabbit
Brave Heart Lion (minty)

Vintage Care Bears and Cousin Cubs
Bedtime Cub

Vintage UK Bears
6″ Sea Friend Bear
6″ Harmony Bear
6″ True Heart Bear* (yayy!!)

1991 13″ Environmental Care Bears
Proud Heart
Proud Heart NRFB
Love A Lot (2)

2002-2003 13″ Classic Care Bears in Box
Cheer Bear /w video
Funshine /w video & Bedtime attatchable
Baby Tugs w/ Book

2002-2003 13″ Classic Care Bears Removed From Box
Baby Hugs

2004 20th Anniversary 13″ Bears
Mom’s Love a Lot Bear (thank you Playful Plush Toys & The Memories Board!)

2002-2003 7″ Classic Care Bears in Box
Cheer Bear

2002-2003 8″ Beanies
Proud Heart Cat
Swift Heart Rabbit
Share Bear (milkshake belly)
Playful Heart Monkey
True Heart Bear
Brave Heart Lion
Day Dream Bear
Secret Bear
Cozy Heart Penguin (2nd Edition)
Cozy Heart Penguin*
Loyal Heart Dog (2nd Edition)
Blue Proud Heart Cat (2nd Edition)
America Cares Bear! (red feet, 1st Edition)
Harmony Bear (three hearts)
Lotsa Heart Elephant (1st Edition, no tag)
Playful Heart Monkey (2nd Edition)
Bedtime Bear (no tags)
Baby Tugs w/ blankie
Special Edition (hot pink) Secret Bear
Polite Panda
Perfect Panda
Bashful Heart Bear
Best Friend Bear
2nd Edition Gentle Heart Lamb
Bright Heart Racoon (no tags)
Tenderheart Bear (with tags)
Friend Bear (no tags)*

2002-2004 10″ Plush
Share (lollipop belly)
Special Edition Daydream

Nanco Plush
6″ Bedtime Bear
12″ Share Bear

2003 Cuddle Pairs
Harmony & Do-your-best
Champ & Laugh-a-lot

2004 10″ 2nd Edition Cousins
Loyal Heart Dog
Lotsa Heart Elephant
Cozy Heart Penguin
Brave Heart Lion (2)

2004 Easter Beanies
8″ Cheer Bear

2002-2004 20″-26″ Jumbo Plush
28″ Cheer Bear
26″ Fleece Share Bear
26″ Fleece Bedtime Bear
20″ Playful Heart Monkey
26″ True Heart Bear

2004 Carlton Cards Plush
13″ Loyal Heart Dog
13″ Playful Heart Monkey
13″ Bright Heart Racoon (no tags)

2007 25th Anniversary Swarovski Bears
Silver Tenderheart, MIB
Love-a-lot, MIB
Silver Tenderheart, OOB

New Cubs
Bedtime Bear
Cheer Bear
Good Luck Bear

UK McDonald’s Bears
Friend Bear (2)
Cheer Bear
Wish Bear
Tenderheart Bear

2008 Care Bears
Cheer Bear*

2014 Bears
Cheer Bear *

Burger King Keychain Bears
Wish Bear
Funshine Bear (2)
Cheer Bear (2)

Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine (HC)
The Trouble with Timothy (HC)
Care Bear’s Book of Bedtime Poems (PB)
The Care Bears and the New Baby (PB)
Care Bear Cousins Keep On Caring (HC)
New Release Sweet Dreams Bedtime Plush Book
A Sister for Sam (HC)
Care Bear Cousins Favorite Things (PB, 2, 2nd one’s written)
Meet the Care Bears (PB)
Play It Safe – A Care Bear Sticker Book (colored, PB)
Care Bear Cousins A Day in the Forest of Feelings (PB)
Caring and Sharing – A Care Bear Sticker Book (colored, PB)

VintagePoseables, PVCs and their Accessories
Cheer Bear (nose is sort of sliced off :(.)
Cheer Bear (minty!)
Vintage Rainbow Roller, with stickers intact
Vintage Good Luck (color rubbed off)
Vintage Cloud Car, minty
Vintage Mini PVC Funshine w/ bird
Vintage Mini PVC Love-a-lot w/ bag of hearts
Vintage Mini PVC Baby Hugs with orange ball
Vintage Tenderheart, still in box
Vintage Tugs Poseable
Vintage Love-a-Lot Poseable
Vintage Grumpy Poseable
Vintage Funshine Poseable (#2)
Vintage Friend Bear Poseable
Vintage Wish Bear Poseable
Vintage Cozy Heart Penguin Poseable
Vintage Lotsa Heart Elephant
Vintage Tenderheart, out of box*
Vintage Bright Heart Racoon’s lamp accessory*

Vintage Ceramic/Glass Items
Glass Cheer Bear mug
Playful Heart Monkey ceramic bank with stopper, minty!
Funshine Bear face mug
Swift Heart Rabbit ceramic figure
Tenderheart Holding Balloons ceramic figure
Treat Heart Pig ceramic (2)
Birthday Bear ceramic
Friend Bear ceramic
Bright Heart Racoon ceramic
Proud Heart Cat ceramic
Birthday Bear 1st Birthday ceramic (2)
Gentle Heart Lamb ceramic
Cozy Heart Penguin ceramic
Brave Heart Lion ceramic
Cheer Bear Porcelain Plate with Hanger

Miscellaneous Vintage Items
1983 Suitcase (aqua canvas)
1983 Suitcase (yellow pleather?)
1983 Aladdin Thermos and Soup Thermos?
Care Bear Cousins Vintage baby comforter
Twin flat sheet and pillow cases
Loyal Heart Dog pillow doll
Brave Heart Lion Clippit
Bright Heart Racoon Clippit
MIP Playful Heart Monkey attatchable
MIP Care Bears Mobile
VHS – 3 Tales from The Care Bears
Care Bears Bedtime Story Tape
Care Bears A World Made of Love Tape
Brave Heart Lion pillow doll
Love-a-lot hand-sewn pillow doll (x2)*
Treat Heart Pig hand-sewn pillow doll
Yellow, small, minty sleeping bag with Cheer, Bedtime, Funshine printed on it
Large sleeping bag with Tenderheart and Love-a-lot on it
Complete set of light blue twin sheets (shams, flat sheet, curtains)
Birthday Bear Bank
Love-a-lot Attachable (paint is fading)
True Heart Stickle, MOC

Miscellaneous Re-released Items
Avon Bath Bucket (bucket, foam wall hangings, plastic bears–the girls use these :))
2002 Cheer Bear’s Care-A-Lot House
2002-2003? 50 pc. puzzle
2003 Love-a-lot backpack (in package)
2003 Plush blanket with Share, Funshine and Love-a-lot on it.
Several DVD’s and VHS
2 1/2 in. Funshine plastic figure
Funshine fan pull
Huge coloring sheets
Wipe-off calendar
Grumpy, Goodluck, Love-a-lot charms (gift from Rejeana)
Funshine Bear ring watch
Snowglobe ft. Funshine & Cheer, plays “You are my Sunshine”
Grumpy Bear denim wallet
Switchplate cover ft. Wish & Share Bear
Cheer Bear Bubble Necklace
Love-a-lot Cuddle Plush
Cheer Cuddle Plush out of box
PVC bathtoy with Funshine and Cheer (water included LOL)
Tiny Love-a-lot plush (could possibly have been a keychain?)
Cheer Bear Cuddle Pillow
Poseable Funshine
Poseable Love-a-lot
Cheer Bear Italian Charm
Funshine Bear Italian Charm
America Cares Bear Italian Charm
Checkers Set
Dominoes Set
Cheer Bear ornament
All My Heart Bear (2006) Valentine’s Target Exclusive
Care Bear Russian stacking dolls*

2015 Blind Bag Care Bears
Funshine Bear*
Harmony Bear *
Cheer Bear*
Glitter Cheer Bear*
Glitter Love-a-lot*
Glitter Friend Bear*
Glitter Good Luck Bear*
Glitter Wish Bear*
Glitter Bedtime Bear*
Glitter Grumpy Bear*
Glitter Sweet Dreams Bear*
Glitter Share Bear*

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