Popples Collection

This is my collection of Popples things. I have the 9 “original” Popples, a few of the rare overseas Popples and miscellaneous items. Below the item list you can view a photo slideshow of most of the items. Images automatically change, or you can press the arrows to view at your own pace.

There’ll be an asterix next to the ones added since the last update.
Previous updates: April 24, 2015

Original Popples
Party (pink)
Puzzle (orange)
Prize (magenta)
Puffball (white)
Potato Chip (yellow, 2, one’s Eenan’s)
Putter (green)
Pretty Bit (lilac, 2, one’s Jaylen’s)
Pancake (purple)
P.C. (blue)

Sport Popples
Big Kick Soccer Popple
Touchdown Football Popple
Net Set Tennis Popple (released in UK/Europe only)

French Popples
Blue Popple (rare)

Flower Popples
Buttercup Flower Popple

Costume / Carnival Popples (Rare, From UK/Europe)
Red Indian Popple
Chef Popple
Clown Popple (woohoo!)*

Cheerleader Popples
Party Popple Cheerleader

Other Popples
Cribsy Baby Popple (missing 1 bootie)
Cribsy Baby Popple (complete with bonnet, bib, booties & bottle!)
Bibsy Baby Popple (complete with bonnet, bib, booties & bottle!)
Punkity Popple
Punkster Popple
Spot the Dog (rare!)
Red puffling (newer version)

Pajama/Slumber Popples

Pocket Popples

Hot pink puffling
Yellow puffling w/ original rubber tag

New 2001 Popples
Pitter Patty – Glow Charm Popple (pink, lights up)

The Popples’ Pajama Party
The Popples and Summer Camp

Party MIP!

Want List
Puffball Pajama Popple
All the episodes on DVD
Pocket Popples (plush w/ plastic arms and legs)
Pink, bright pink, green, light blue & white French Popples
(French) Bunny Popple
Spot the Dog
(French) Blue Dog
Ballerina (Carnaval) Costume Popple
Chef Costume Popple
Clown Costume Popple
Pink/blue and yellow/lime green bottles for Baby Popples
1 bootie for extra Cribsy (Emily’s)
Potato Chip Cheerleader Popple (yellow with light pink hair)
Puffball Cheerleader Popple (white with yellow hair)
Pitcher (baseball) Popple
Touchdown (football) Popple
Dunker (basketball) Popple
Net Set (non-US, Tennis) Popple
Popple Quilts
Pancake Backpack
Erasers with fuzzy pouch
Remote control Popples
Green/yellow tote bag with attatched Putter plush coin purse

Popples Links
Disco’s Popples Information Page

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