Strawberry Shortcake Collection

This is my collection of Strawberry Shortcake things. I only had a handful of 4″ dolls and Ragdolls in the early 2000’s, but I’ve recently become obsessed smitten with collecting them again. Below the pictures are a list of what I own so far. Below that is my wish list :).

Items with an asterix next to them are the most recently added since the last update.
Last update: May 9, 2016

Rag Dolls
Strawberry Shortcake
Raspberry Tart
Apple Dumpling
Lemon Meringue
Orange Blossom, missing dress

4 1/2 in. Dolls
Strawberry Shortcake (flat hands) with Custard
Souffle Skunk
Buttercookie (flat hands), complete with Jelly Bear (has VDS)
Lemon Meringue #1, complete with Frappe Frog and comb
Lemon Meringue #2, missing pet (for sale!)
Angel Cake #2, complete with Souffle Skunk!
Lime Chiffon, complete with Parfait Parrot
Cafe Ole, complete with Burrito and comb
Cherry Cuddler, stockings have a tear, has Gooseberry, missing booties 🙁
Mint Tulip with Marsh Mallard, now complete with hat/shoes!
Huckleberry Pie, missing pet (leg has VDS)
Orange Blossom, with Marmalade Butterfly!*
Raspberry Tart, complete with Rhubarb
Almond Tea with shoes, wearing striped leggings-need original socks, missing pet
Crepe Suzette with hat and pet, and has Strawberry Shortcake’s shoes (curled hair)
Crepe Suzette, in box, missing pet (straight hair)
Strawberry Shortcake in Berry Wear nightgown and slippers
Blueberry Muffin, with Cheesecake Mouse (has VDS), missing ribbon
Huckleberry Pie wearing Berry Wear outfit (Has VDS on arm =/)
Cafe Ole Party Pleaser, now with pet Burrito!
Almond Tea Party Pleaser (missing pet)
Lem (complete!) & Ada (missing bow and socks), with Sugarwoofer

Cut-and-sew Pillow Dolls
Strawberry Shortcake
Apple Dumpling
Huckleberry Pie

Miscellaneous Vintage Items
Painted glass picture in white frame: Lemon Meringue, SBSC, & Custard
Painted glass picture in white frame: Raspberry Tart & SBSC
Picture of all characters on cardboard
Glass canister with Custard on it
Strawberry Shortcake Stove (rarish)
Beautiful SBSC character fleece blanket w/ pink satin trim (rarish)
Twin sized flat sheet
10″ Custard plush
Lot of shoes and Berry Wear clothing
Berry-Go-Round Game in box
Strawberry Shortcake herself tray
Custard 5″ plush
Mellonie Belle 12″ Plush (missing collar)
Strawberry Shortcake’s house, complete, with Strawberry Shortcake & Custard mini
Bake Shoppe oven

Miscellaneous Re-released Items
Tin & watch
Berry Happy Home (Was mint, girls played with and lost things -_-)
Plush Strawberry Shortcake in a denim jumper (Alaethia’s)
Berry Happy Easter Mini Ginger Snap (girls have her)
Berry Best Friends Sparkling SBSC
Lip Gloss & Nail Polish set with glitter globe
Berry Sweet Wearables Jumpin’ Fun SBSC
Little pink square purse
Strawberry Shortcake Italian Charm
Tea set from quarter machine (need both plates w/ stand)
Russian stacking dolls
2015 35th Anniversary Strawberry Shortcake doll

Wish List
Vintage Berry Happy Home & Accesories (a girl can dream!)
Vintage Garden House and Gazebo (a girl can dream!)
Vintage Carousel (a girl can dream!)
Vintage Berry-cycle
Vintage Berry Patch Carry Case (for miniatures)
Vintage Raspberry Tart’s shoes, hat & Rhubarb
Vintage Cherry Cuddler & Gooseberry
Vintage Cherry Cuddler’s new stockings and booties
Vintage Mint Tulip’s hat/shoes/Marsh Mallard
Vintage pet Custard
Vintage Strawberry Shortcake’s shoes
Vintage pet Souffle Skunk
Vintage pet Jelly Bear
Vintage Apple Dumpling & Tea Time Turtle
Apple Dumplin’s socks
Vintage Apricot & Hopsalot
Vintage Cherry Cuddler Rag Doll
Vintage Apricot Rag Doll
Vintage Mint Tulip Rag Doll
Vintage Lime Chiffon Rag Doll
Vintage Custard plush
Vintage Blueberry Muffin
Blueberry Muffin’s shoes
Blueberry Muffin’s pet, Cheesecake
Blueberry Muffin’s ribbons
Vintage Almond Tea’s socks and shoes
Vintage Pupcake plush
Vintage Pupcake Pet
Vintage Hopsalot Plush
Vintage Porcelain vase
Vintage Crepe Suzette’s shoes
Vintage Orange Blossom Rag Doll’s dress
Vintage Jelly Bear Plush
Vintage Mellonie Belle Plush (need her collar)
Vintage Peach Blush
Vintage Marza Panda Party Pleaser pet
Cafe Olé’s Party Pleaser shoes and pet Burrito
Ada’s bow and socks

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