My Poor Baby!

My poor computer’s infected with a virus called Trojan.Vundo. It’s a hijacker/trojan and it’s been making my life miserable. First, it would redirect certain sites (or just pop up at random) to download sites for things like WinFixer and crap like that. Norton never detected it before, but the past few days, every time the computer would boot up, it gave us a warning. We’d just have to click on “Ok” and it would delete it, though. (Or so, we thought it was deleting it.)

Last night, however, Norton kept popping up and just wouldn’t stop. I was actually going to update on time for once and lo-and-behold, something had to come along and screw it up for me. I went to Symantec, downloaded the fix for it, ran it and it’s STILL there! My Norton trial’s about to run out in 4 days–all I know is, after bills we BETTER have enough money to buy a new copy. I’ve been looking up tutorials and stuff to help me get rid of it, but most of the ones I’ve seen ask you to remove lines from the Registry and that looks incredibly scary. I’m afraid to mess something up. I need to back up my computer–at least my pictures and website stuff. You know, I had a feeling last week I should back up my stuff since I hadn’t done so in a while, but never had the time. Why don’t I ever listen to myself?? I should have MADE the time!

I guess I’ll update a little since I’m at school and might not get the chance to update again from home *swallows down the lump in her throat*.

Ricky was going to take the three kittens yesterday . Eenan and Jaylen started crying and making a huge fuss about it, so we felt guilty and decided to give them a few more days with the kittens. I wanted to keep all three myself, but Mario wouldn’t let me and well, I guess we do have enough pets . I just hope Brushka won’t be too depressed when she finds out they’re not there anymore.

I also made a very hard decision: I gave Cookie to Ricky. I felt so bad for him, cooped up in his cage all the time. We didn’t let him out anymore because he was becoming really aggressive, he’d pee everywhere and we couldn’t use his leash on him because he’d bite if we’d try and get him into it. I think it’s for the best. He was too big for his cage and had no room to run around. Ricky lives out in the ranch and they already have a rabbit cage so I think he’ll be just fine. Ricky and Big Mario both reassured me that he’d be well taken care of, and I know he will be. They’re even planning on getting him a girlfriend .

As for the teeth dream, nothing bad happened and nobody I know is um, deceased. Ricci and I did almost get hit by a car who ran a stop sign on the way to Target, but other than that nothing bad happened. I kept reading the type of tooth dream I had had to do with receiving money though. I was thinking I was about to win the lottery, or maybe the contest on Wild 104, but then I remembered Mary had given me $15 and Mom had let me keep her $10 .

As for school, we got to disconnect the wires from the hard drive, floppy drive and CD-ROM drive and them put them back together. Lucy and I were paired and of course we got it right . It’s pretty cool; I’m really liking this course (PC Hardware).

Something’s up with a certain friend of ours and we really don’t know what to do about it. I don’t know what to say, what to think. I keep feeling like we did something wrong. I dunno. I don’t really want to say much about this situation in case anyone reads this.

I guess I should wrap this up. I think we’ll be starting the new chapter soon. Wish me luck with the Trojan thing ! If anyone’s got any advice on things like that, PLEASE, give me suggestions!

on Friday, October 14th, Diana said:

Geez I had that same virus. I’ve been getting the WinFixer crap for a while, didn’t know it was related to that. Then 2 days ago we started getting that Norton notice that wouldn’t go away. I ran the fix program and it seems to have worked… I reckon Norton is crappy, it lets me know when there’s virus but never gets rid of it!

on Friday, October 14th,“>Stephanie said:

I just had.. *ahem* over 1000 viruses on my computer (the second most they’d ever seen at the computer store!) and had to just wip everything off it. I saved what I could on my camera memory stick, and just started all over. It cost $50 to do i teh store ($80 if you wanted anythign saved), but my friend knew how to do it and she did it for free. =) I have no idea how any of it was done though, you probably know a lot more than I do. Anyway good luck, hopefully you can get it off!

on Friday, October 14th, Johanna said:

Norton is evil!! Get AVG or F-secure.. or for the first aid try Ad-aware –> , it’s free for personal use and works like magic :]

on Thursday, October 13th, tara said:

I used Norton and it never fixed anything it seemed. With my internet they provide McAfee for free and I’m running a scan right now… it’s picking up so much stuff that norton didn’t. good luck and I hope you get it fixed!

on Thursday, October 13th, Jessica Hatley said:

Yes, backup your stuff or you’ll end up like me – with nothing.. *sigh* Hope you get it cleared up soon. And as long as you follow legitimate instructions, go ahead and change the registry keys – you’ll be okay. 🙂

on Thursday, October 13th, Johanna Rios said:

Nothing else seems to work for anybody! Only this site was able to help me! Tell me how it goes!

on Thursday, October 13th, Johanna said:

Oh my! Quick comment: I got it too and I wanted to literally DIE!!!!!!! I mean it was bad! My computer is brand new and I owe it ALL! I got saved from this horrible virus by going to the forum. THey were so helpful! I gave the guy who helped me 10 bucks by Amazon because he literally saved me from going insane!!!!!!! Email me if you have any questions. His name was greyknight17. Lots of luck!

on Thursday, October 13th,“>Stefanie said:

I had norton and it didnt do anything for my computer. I found another program softward called Spyware Doctor, and the first time i ran it i found out i had over 1,000 infections on my computer. I run it everday and it clears them by itself when i set the timer. It was about $30 i think…which is a lot for me, but its better to be safe than sorry. My computer was really screwed up. Whenever i would try to open something from my main screen, it would reset everything! I couldnt even get to my settings to change my background! They had disappeared. And it was one of those stupid Trojan viruses im sure. Hope everything gets better.