Nostalgia…and Other Ramblings

I’m doing my searches for my Netbux account and searched for hits of 1997. When I went to pick Eenan up today I was listening to a CD Noelia had in the CD player and a bunch of the songs on it remind me of when Mario and I met and when we were first together. It was so nice, overcast and fresh today (wish it was always like this!) and I was sitting in the driver’s seat, with a sleeping Jaylen in the passenger seat (I was parked) and I was running my fingers through his hair and just reminiscing. It’s funny how songs can just take you back. We’ve been through a lot *wipes tear*. 1996 songs remind me of my friends. I miss everyone. Damn bitches ! I think I saw Jessica (or it could have been her mom) when we passed by her Grandma’s house on Saturday. I almost wanted to call but pfft. What for? Anyway, I plan on downloading every single “Top 40” from 1994-1999. Man, I feel…old!

As for the homefront…Mom’s sick again. She isn’t taking her diabetes medication because she ran out (yet Aunt Nora called me and told me Mom DID have a refil for her meds from FEBRUARY!) and her eye either has a boil or whatever it is that she gets when her diabetes is out of control and is basically swollen shut. I’m so scared for her. I wish her and John didn’t have to have it so…hard. I wish we could just win the lottery and buy all this land and just all (my in-laws, Mom, Gramma and John, and us) just live near eachother. I wish Mom didn’t have to work anymore . I just feel so bad for her all the time.

Eenan got yet another G.P.A.R. for not doing his work at school. Took him almost an hour to do 1-digit addition, when he can zoom through 3-digit addition in no time. He was distracted. I wish it wasn’t so hard for him to concentrate. I’m afraid to even say it but, I think he may have signs of ADD . He’s so incredibly smart…but he’s a chatterbox and loves to play around and it gets him in trouble. Just like his father LOL.

Jorge gets here tomorrow evening and I didn’t even come close to “cleaning up”. I spent most of MY “chore time” cleaning up the bedroom since the boys had toys strewn everywhere. I re-arranged their toy boxes but who am I kidding…it’s still a disaster in there!

Going to go and listen to my songs before I go to bed. I actually found the songs that Eenan sang at his graduation! I’ll be uploading them for your listening pleasure sometime tomorrow (if I get time *crosses fingers*) . Goodnight!

on Friday, May 6th, kitty said:

you got that right about the songs. yeah, whenever me and hubby just come across a song on the radio or cd.. man! it just feels so good to hear it again and reminisce the past. sigh… šŸ™‚ brings back wonderful times. ^_^ take care!!!